Wednesday 6 November 2013


grumpy cat book - urban outfitters
tube map phone case - paperchase
moustache socks - river island
catapult toy - dot com gift shop
gillette travel kit - boots

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing bonfire night and saw lots of lovely fireworks. I spent my afternoon making bonfire collages with the children at work and the evening with Darren babysitting his very frightened dog! I wish there were more firework displays where I live, there were no public ones at all yesterday evening - boo! Although a night of puppy cuddles was just as good. Anyway, it's another Christmas post for you all today, I hope you don't mind. I'm feeling very festive at the moment as I've officially started Christmas shopping. When it comes to Christmas shopping, a lot of people really hate shopping for the men in their life, be it a boyfriend, bother, friend, dad, grandad etc, but I personally love it! I think if you get a bit creative and a bit clever, you can find some really great things for the boys.

The thing with men is there's nothing too 'obvious' to get them, as the majority of you guys reading are females, you probably find it easier to shop for women as you can often go by what you like and use your own judgement. Men, however take some serious brain power, as makeup, jewellery and general girly things are generally off the table, it can be tricky to find something you just know they'll love! So, today, I've put together a few bits and bobs for male stocking stuffers. These are just little presents that aren't too expensive that are great for putting together a stocking or gift basket, or if you just need a little extra something for somebody.

The first thing and my personal favourite, is this 'Grumpy Cat' book. It's pretty much the exact opposite of a motivational book, with one page reading 'Now that you have this book, things are going to start looking down for you right away.' I think this would make a funny joke present for any man, particularly those who can be a bit on the grumpy side (or just those who think self help books are a load of crap!!). I also found this cute tube map phone case on Paperchase, phone cases in general are a great gift as it's often something they may not buy for themselves (boys don't have a purse or handbag to match theirs to!), I think this one in particular would be fab for a city boy, or just someone who loves London! Of course, Christmas isn't Christmas without a pair of socks, is it? I don't know about anyone else but my Boyfriend is terrible at buying himself new socks, so they actually make a really useful gift. The little catapult from dot com gift shop is a cute, fun gift for guys with a bit of a playful side. Be warned that gifts like this will come back to haunt you, but at least he'll have fun! Finally, I found this great little gift set on Boots, it's a Gillette travel kit including a shave gel, razor, moisturiser, deodorant and shampoo. This is fab for guys who like to travel as they can use the little wash bag again and agin.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you found it useful and would like me to do some more 'Boy' Christmas posts, definitely let me know and I love doing them!

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  1. Definitely a useful post, always love gift guides :) Those moustache socks are so cute x

  2. Thanks for this useful as I always struggle with stocking fillers :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  3. Perfect for boyfriends!


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