Monday 9 December 2013


coursework, blogging and pjs - dinner at a thai restaurant - reindeer cupcakes
my grandad's 75th birthday - decking the halls - first esquires hot chocolate of the season
christmas tree - present wrapping - decorating my bedroom

I don't know about you guys, but I really do love this time of year. By that, I don't just mean Christmas, I mean Autumn/ Winter in general, particularly November/ December. October 31st kicks it all off by being mine and Darren's anniversary, then November has a few family birthdays meaning lots of parties and meals out. It's also (obviously!!) the start of the Christmas period, so this time of year means lots of time with friends and family, which I absolutely love. It's also a fab time for me at work, as a lot of you will know, I now work with Children and there's honestly nothing more magical than Christmas time with kids. They're all so lovely and excited and hearing them talk about Santa Claus, Christmas lists and what they're going to be in the Nativity play melts my heart a little. I think it might be due to being around kids day in day out that I'm in such a festive mood this year. I've had a fab time decorating the house, going on several shopping trips,
wrapping presents (blog post on this coming soon) and driving Darren mad with Christmas songs.
This week, I also watched my first Christmas film of the year (Four Christmas's), next up will be Home Alone, followed by Elf and then The Holiday is always saved for Christmas Eve. I'm also determined to make a gingerbread house this year, me and Darren tried two Christmasses ago and it was just all kinds of failure. Hidden question for those who actually read all of my random rambles, have you ever made a Gingerbread House? Comment and let me know! I've finally finished my Christmas shopping this year too, which is very exciting for me. I love shopping for gifts, but I do panic a bit when it gets to December, particularly if (like this year), I'm not too prepared. I felt really disorganised this year for some reason, so finishing my shopping has been a relief. This might sound really early to some people, but I wanted to be finished before the Christmas Holidays (ahh, the perks of working in a School), so I've now got the last two weeks of term to concentrate on seeing friends, parties and family time (and wrapping up of course!!).

How's your November and December been? Are you feeling super festive this year too?


  1. I would love to make a gingerbread house but I wouldn't llet anyone touch it then haha my masterpiece maybe?!
    Love your present wrapping. So cute :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. Love all your christmas pictures! :)


  3. The christmas photographs are lovely!


  4. Ahh so Christmassy I love it!! My festive spirit has been slightly ruined by being ill recently, however it's been a great excuse to crack out the christmas films! :) Happy festivities! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  5. I come from a military family, so it's always been so hard for me to get physically festive (as in setting up trees and lots of decorations), because we just move so much! But I'm always in the Christmas mentality as it's really such a lovely time of year!
    I do vow though that once I finally get my own place and stop moving so much my apartment will be my own personal Winter Wonderland! ;)
    The photos you put in this post are great-and that's a neat way of wrapping presents (with the brown paper and string)!
    Also, those socks look cozy! :D

    Shree |

  6. awe i love all of your pictures! your christmas pj's and socks look so cozy and comfy! not to mention super festive! :)

    -ariel* xoxo

  7. Love all these pictures. So cute. xo

  8. I've made a gingerbread house in the past, it was quite tricky and didn't look as dainty as I'd hoped as I had to use a tonne of icing. It sat in the corner of the dining room for the whole of the Xmas period and was quite dusty by the end of it; I don't think anyone ate it as it was too pretty to take apart!

  9. Loved reading this post! :)
    I finally got round to making a gingerbread house last year. I got the kit that John Lewis do and it was really easy to put together - it stayed together & then we ate it all after Christmas!

  10. Lovely post, I don't feel Christmassy at all yet :( Your tree looks lovely <3

    Aysha x

  11. Great post. I have just come across your blog and I have to say it is so beautifully designed! Love the colours and fonts.
    I am not yet feeling christmassy :( I think when get home from Uni and start wrapping christmas presents and decorating my room then I will!

    Kelsie xo

  12. great this christmas pictures...:-)


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