Friday 24 January 2014


Hi lovelies! Today I thought I'd show you all a few of my favourite things I've bought/ received lately. I love seeing posts like this on other peoples blogs and I think it's often nice to share some of the slightly different things that you wouldn't generally see on my blog.

Something that popped through the post recently was this gorgeous Catseye London* Washbag from their new 2014 collection. Catseye London have sent me items in past and I was just as pleased with this one, fab quality and cute dogs? Perfection.

I absolutely adore this jumper* that was sent to me c/o, I have this in white with orange/yellow flowers, but I much prefer this one. It's a gorgeous blush pink/ peach with pink flowers and the ripped/ distressed effect on the sleeves and hem. I'll definitely try to feature it in a (long overdue) OOTD very soon!

On the topic of cute, how precious are these Bambi slippers? I picked these up in Primark lately for just £4, which was an absolute steal! I love these kind of sock slippers as I'm not really one for full on slippers or feeling like I'm wearing shoes in the house. These are super comfy and soft inside and they have Bambi on them, need I say more?

My sister bought me this gorgeous list book from Paperchase recently, it's nothing too exciting to most people, but I really do love a good list. It's pretty, it's pink, it's made specifically for lists and it has stickers at the back, which pleases me slightly too much. I'm 19, not 9, honest.

Finally, I decided my phone needed a New Years makeover as I've needed a new case for quite a while. As I have a Samsung Galaxy and not an iPhone, it's not quite so easy to find pretty cases, so when I fancy a new one, I always head over to eBay as they have the best selection! The one I got is here, the seller has loads of designs for several types of phone, which is fab. I loved the pretty shoe design of this one, definitely the prettiest case I've had so far!

What little random things have you been loving lately?

*Marked items were gifted to me. All opinions are my own, not a sponsored post.



  1. You have the most cutest things! <3 I particularly love the jumper! so nice for lazy days <3

    zara xx

  2. The jumper is really cute. I can imagine it being lovely for summer evenings as well.

  3. I really love the list book! I think I need one for my desk! :)

    Jenifer xx

  4. I love list books! I am a little obsessed with stationery - my boyfriend just laughs at me. Lovely post doll!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  5. I NEED THAT WASH BAG, I am obsessed with french bulldogs :D

  6. cute, girly, fresh! the three words to define them :)

  7. Ooh the wash bag and list book are too pretty :) x

  8. The wash bag is gorgeous! I need to pick one up, I'm travelling so much & I'm sick of dividing everything between 3 or 4 make up bags!

  9. I bought the washbag yeah! I have a chihuahua pup so love anything with toy dog breeds on! I've got my eye on that jumper too!


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