Thursday 13 February 2014


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Hi lovelies! A lot of people don't like Valentines Day and in some ways, I can totally understand that, but I've actually always loved it. Despite spending my last 4 or 5 Valentine's Day's in a relationship, I even loved it when I was single. It seems like a day just for people who are all loved up and sickening for single people, but I think a day to celebrate love should be for everyone! So, with this in mind I thought I'd share a few ideas I had for celebrating Valentines day...

If you're in a Relationship...
The obvious (and what Darren and I are doing!!) is going out for a nice romantic meal. I know that a lot of people don't like the idea of a big expensive night out for Valentines, as it's often seen as quite a commercialised day and we should 'show our love every day', so another nice idea would be to have a nice quiet movie night in, perhaps with a bottle of wine (if you're of age, of course!) and lots of popcorn, compulsory, obviously. Perhaps cooking your partner their favourite meal and simply spending quality time together. I think despite what people say, it's not always easy to show just how much you care every single day, as we lead busy lives! So, Valentines day is the perfect excuse to set aside some couple time and really appreciate one another.

If you're spending it with Friends...
As Valentines is a Friday, it's the perfect day to gather up some girlfriends and go on a boy free night out and have a few cocktails - pink and red ones if you fancy sticking to the theme. Or even have an anti Valentine's evening and have a girls night in, complete with scary movies. At least you don't have to shave your legs!!

If you're spending it Alone...
If you're having a night in for one this Valentines day, show yourself how much you care and have some serious you time. Get out all your most luxurious bath and body bits and properly pamper yourself. A hot bubble bath (lush bath bomb optional, but recommended), all over body scrub, body butter, face mask, hair mask, freshly painted nails and toenails... Make yourself feel (and smell!) gorgeous, then cuddle up with a good book, movie, or your bloglovin' feed! And definitely don't forget the hot chocolate.

It was actually recently bought to my attention that Ladbrokes Bingo has created a fun tool for Valentine’s Day. It's 'The Science behind the perfect Valentines date'. You put in your date's gender, gender preference, hair and eye colour and it tells you what kind of date you should go on! It's actually really funny as you could put in your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even just a friend and it tells you what you should do, what meal you should have - and even what you can expect at the end of the night! It's just a silly little thing, but I wanted to share it in this post, as it gave me a laugh and thought it might for some of you guys too! I also did a post here on Valentines gift ideas, so if your boyfriend is a bit slow, or you just fancy treating yourself, why not drop some hints now, you deserve it!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day this year?



  1. I love this post - this is my first Valentine's single in about three years and I'm all alone in Paris so I thought it was going to be really tough, but I have weekend plans with some lovely friends and will probably spend the actual evening in with a pamper session and The Notebook!!! This post definitely reminded me that while the day is about love, it doesn't have to mean stereotypical romance but can be about all the people I love and care for :)

    Hope you and your boyfriend have an incredible Valentine's Day :)
    Keep in touch!

    Andrea xxx

  2. Those pjs are great any time of year :)

    Chloe x

  3. Love this post as per usual! I completely agree on the serious 'you' time - I personally snuggled up watching Leap Year with a bar of bournville and a huge cup of tea - there's nothing quite like it! I hope you and Darren had a wonderful Valentine's and a lovely meal! Lots of love, Lauryn xxx xo


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