Monday, 10 March 2014


Hi lovelies! During the last #bbloggers chat on twitter, I mentioned that I'd been thinking about doing a few fitness posts, but wasn't sure whether or not you guys would like to see them. I've done a few fitness posts in the past, but I had a fair few less followers then and for some reason now there are more of you reading, I sometimes get a bit nervous to do posts like this, silly I know! But after many of you tweeting me saying you'd love to see some fitness posts on my blog, I decided to just go for it! So, for today's post, I'm going to share with you a few tips that help me stay motivated to work out and keep fit.

Go Shopping!
Being a beauty and fashion obsessive, filling my wardrobe with pretty gym gear, really makes me want to put it on and work out! Obviously lots of us are on a budget at the moment and can't afford to fork out hundreds of pounds on expensive trainers, sports bras and fitness clothing, but there are loads of places that you can buy cute workout clothing for a really reasonable price. A few of my favourites include Sports Direct, which has loads of heavily discounted top brands, this is where I get all my trainers from, Primark, which has recently started stocking a few fitness bits (which are very qood quality for the price might I add!) and is amazing for cheap trainer socks (boring but essential!), Matalan, which again, has just a few bits, but some fab colours and styles for cheap, TK Maxx, which is always great for a bargain and Forever 21, which is my personal favourite for pretty coloured, patterned gym gear - some of my favourite pieces are from Forever 21, and pretty much everything in their Activewear range is under £20!

If you have the time and money, join a gym
Yes, you can do work outs at home, you can buy fitness dvds, you can go running and all sorts of other things for free or cheaper than the gym, but honestly, I don't find anything more effective than actually being a gym member to motivate me to work out. If you can afford it (some gyms are only around £20 a month now - and cheaper if you're a student, cut out your daily chocolate bar habit and you've pretty much got it covered!), then I'd say go for it. For me, knowing I'm paying for a gym membership literally makes me go, as I don't want to waste my money! Also, for me, I really enjoy going to the gym, having lots of people around working out really motivates me. I enjoy workouts at home, but get easily distracted by other things, whereas at the gym, you are there to work out and do nothing else. If you're thinking of joining a gym, it's important to find the right gym for you, for me, I love my gym as its very local (walking distance) and fairly small and friendly, you may prefer one like this to the bigger chain gyms, as they can be a little intimidating, particularly if you are a beginner.

I know, it's really irritating when someone constantly posts photos of 'gym selfies', or 'Just did a 2 hour workout at the gym, feeling pumped!' facebook statuses, but I do think there is a science to it. Every now and again, if you have had a particularly good workout, or you're wearing your cutest pink gym top and neon nike trainers (ahem), why not share it? Sharing the fact that you're getting fit with the world (or your twitter followers at least), will help to keep you on track, because when you scroll through instagram and see that photo of you at the gym, or read a tweet about a great workout, you'll remember how good it made you feel and want to do it again! I find that looking back on a status or photo about the gym or a workout really makes me want to go again. Just don't feel the need to share it on facebook every time you visit the gym, or take daily photos of yourself on the treadmill, you don't want to be that guy!

Tell people and get others involved!
One of my biggest motivators is actually my Mum. We go to the same gym and often go together, meaning we always have someone to kick us up the bum if we aren't really feeling it. Sometimes, I'll text her saying 'Gym tonight!', while she's at work, or before I go to work in the morning, because that way, I won't make an excuse not to go, as I've actually made plans with someone, not just me on my own. I'm working on getting a few of my friends to join me too! If you can't get someone to actually go to the gym with you, or work out with you, then at least tell someone what it is you're doing, whether it's a weight loss goal, or just keeping fit and trying to go to the gym a few times a week. Then, ask them to ask you about it every now and then, it sounds silly, but if people know what you're trying to do, you'll feel pretty bad if you have to tell them you gave up, or have been slacking for the past few weeks! So, when they ask you how you're doing and you can tell them you're on track, you'll feel pretty damn proud.

So, those are just a few ways that I stay motivated to keep up workouts and general fitness. If I think of any more, I'll definitely do another post in the future if you'd like to see that.

Let me know if you liked this post, and if you like to see more health and fitness style posts, I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so let me know in the comments!



  1. I love fitness posts - I always find them really inspiring! I'm more than happy to eat healthily (it's one of my favourite things to do!), but I don't enjoy exercise at all. I'm actually planning to start running again on Wednesday - oh how I wish I hadn't taken that three year break - and this was just what I needed to see! Thank you!

  2. how old are you dear :) come back here in 30 :))))


  3. Good tips - I really like reading fitness posts at the moment as I'm trying to get back into it myself. I bought my workout gear from Asda. It was really good stuff and not very expensive at all xx

  4. Great tips! I plan on getting some cute gear this weekend :)

    Brie at

  5. I really enjoyed this post, Thanks! Totally agree with cute gym kit!

  6. This is a great post, glad you ended up doing it :) Having a gym buddy always motivates me to go to the gym...
    Vicki x

    What A Little Pickle

  7. Hello. I really love your posts which is why I would like to nominate you for a Liebster Award. You can find the rules and the 11 questions for you on my blog. xx

  8. I do regular fitness posts and they help me stay motivated. Love this post too x

  9. Man, I've really fallen off the fitness thing, think I'll try some of the things you've said. Especially getting others involved.


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