Friday 14 March 2014


Hi lovelies! Recently, I was browsing online for new trainers and came across countless discount sites, some fab, others that looked a little bit suspicious! Deals and offers popping up and unnecessary card details asked for, not good! Other times, shops will lure you in with offers and deals, making you spend more money than you actually need to - we've all been there, let's face it! This inspired me to do yet another advice post with a few tips and safety advice for online shopping.

Pay Safe
Where possible, I like to use paypal when shopping online, as it's the safest and quickest way to pay. Remember, if you set up a paypal account, always keep your password safe and secure and never written down anywhere anyone can find it. Also, remember that paypal emails always have the little green shield of authenticity by them - don't get caught out by scams!
When Paypal isn't an option, remember to only enter card details on websites you completely trust - if you're not sure, always google the site for reviews and background checks. Remember, no legit website will ever ask for you PIN number, so never give this out online! As a general rule of thumb, if you have even a slight bad feeling, don't bother!

Amazon and eBay are some of my favourite sites for discounted brands, as you can often find second hand gems for bargain prices, but don't forget, sometimes things may not be what they seem! If you are unsure of something, always contact the seller and ask if they can provide some sort of proof of authenticity. This is particularly essential with makeup and other beauty products, as some rip off versions of bigger brands can contain chemical nasties that are just plain bad for you! Always read the small print, as sometimes sellers with sneak in words like 'dupe' or 'reproduction' in the fine print, catching you out when you try to return a rip off item.

Don't Get Sucked In!
If you're anything like me, you'll constantly get sucked in by 'Free Delivery Ends Midnight! minimum spend £75' and '50% off Selected items TODAY ONLY!!!' emails, which create a sense of urgency and make you think, 'Good deal! Must buy!' but wait, do you really another black dress for £50? Yes, it's down from £100, but if it was full price at £50, would you have bought it? Often the answer is no. You have £30 in your basket, but wait! If you spend £70, you'll get free delivery! So another £40 worth of products goes in. However, if you paid the £3.95 delivery charge, your order would still have been over £35 cheaper than it is now! It's madness, but we all fall for it. My advice if this keeps happening to you, is unsubscribe from all the email newsletters, then only visit the sites when you need something specific!

Hidden Charges
Often, subscription sites will suck you in with 'First month 75% off!' deals, which is fab, particularly if you just fancy a one off bargain, but uh oh! One month later, you forgot to unsubscribe and your card's been charged full price for something you didn't really want - annoying!! Remember, when signing up for any subscription, always read the fine print, it's long and it's boring, but often they'll hide little notes about hidden charges, or prices 'subject to change' that you just won't see, meaning when you call ranting about the huge charge to your card, they get away with it by saying they're 'very sorry, but did you not read the terms and conditions?'. Always check it out!

For more advice (much more technical than mine!!) visit Cyber Street Wise, which has some great tips for ensuring you're super safe online.



  1. Such a great post Chloe. It is definitely good to be aware of the risks and things that can happen.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. lovely Post Chole :) I always check on amazon for my beauty buys! :) x

  3. This is such a great post! It's quite scary how many people fall for scams when online shopping :(
    xxElise -

  4. Love this post and really love your whole blog too! :) xx

  5. This is such a very good post you have shared regarding online shopping.really very nice post.

  6. Sure everyone must be careful on these areas. One of my brother was cheated by Trendsmobitech Cheat company. So be aware.


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