Sunday 23 March 2014


Hi lovelies! If you saw my last post, this post won't come as any surprise to you! Recently I've added a few extras to my perfume collection and while I have no doubt I'll be adding to it again in the near future (perfume is the one thing I have zero willpower over), I decided to show it to you all as it is now as I feel like I've built up a collection that I'm pretty happy with.

Just so you all have an idea, I tend to go for what I'd say are very girly perfumes, not necessarily all alike, but you won't find anything too spicy, heavy or musky in my collection, so if you're more of a Chanel No5 girl, my collection may not be for you! I love a fresh, fruity floral but I also adore sweet, vanilla, candy scents, so if that sounds like your kinda thing, read on girls!

First up is a cult classic, 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs, this is the original Daisy and to be honest, until it was gifted to me by Fragrance Direct last year, I never really thought to buy it. However, this really is a beautiful scent, it lives up to it's name as it definitely is a floral scent, with notes of Violet and Jasmine, but it's quite a deep scent and how it develops will depend on the chemistry with your skin. On me personally, it opens up with a very obvious floral scent with a hint of citrus, then the dry down is a very slightly musky, fruity floral with a hint of woodsy notes. This is probably the most grown up perfume in my collection, so I tend to save this for days when I want to feel, well... grown up! Think afternoon tea or job interviews.

Next is my other Marc Jacobs perfume, 'Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine', it kills me that this has nearly run out as it was Limited Edition last spring and I was obsessed with it. If it wasn't getting so close to the end, I'd honestly still probably wear this almost every day. This is a classic fruity floral, very sweet with opening notes of strawberry and grapefruit that stick around for quite some time before drying down to a pretty floral, still with strong fruity notes, which is what I love about it. It's very fun, fresh and super girly. If I can get my hands on this, I'd definitely want to get another bottle. And speaking of the bottle, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong in my eyes, these bottles are beautiful and even if I didn't like the smell, they'd still have pride of place on my shelf!

Another brand that suck me in with the gorgeous bottles is Juicy Couture and after wanting to try one of their perfumes for the longest time, my Nan and Grandad got me 'Couture La La' for Christmas last year. Again, this is another fruity floral, very fresh and very light. This one is definitely a day time perfume as it is very light, but despite it being quite light, I have had quite a few compliments on this one as it is a very pretty scent. It's top notes are mandarin orange, green apple and red currant, with a more floral, slightly green dry down. However on me, a hint of the fruitiness sticks around, making it a pretty floral with just a hint of sweetness, absolutely perfect for day time.

Again, gorgeous pink bottle, Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell'. This is one fragrance that I will honestly repurchase again and again. This holds a very special place in my heart as I first smelled it in New York a few years ago, on my very first trip to Victoria's Secret. I absolutely fell in love with the scent, again a very sweet fruity floral, but more complex than some of my other scents. It's very fruity and sweet with grapefruit, orange, passionfruit, strawberry and pineapple, but also slightly woodsy and a tiny hint of musk, making it a deep, sexy fragrance, that still works in the day time, but is also perfect for a night out or a date (it's actually my boyfriend's favourite!). It's a toughie to describe, but if you like a sweet, fruity scent, I'd definitely recommend this one.

Guess 'Girl' was one of my Valentine's presents from Darren this year. I'd wanted to try it for a while as I'd heard it was similar to Bombshell. So I was really pleased when I smelled it to find out that it is infact very similar! It's like a slightly lighter version of Bombshell, perhaps slightly more youthful, which is fab as it makes it more suited to day time. It's not too in your face or overly sweet, but is definitely a very girly scent. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes a pretty, fruity scent that's easy to wear and not overly expensive. And of course, whose perfume shelf is really complete without a pretty pink flower shaped bottle?

Next is one of my oldest perfumes, that I should possibly get rid of but kind of don't want to, 'Tresor In Love' by Lancome. Again, this is fruity, but also with quite obvious rose notes. The fruit stops the rose being too overpowering and grannyish, but if you don't like rose, this won't be for you. Honestly, this isn't something I reach for now, but I used to wear this all the time when I first started seeing Darren, so the scent really takes me back to that time, which I love. I really do associate scents with memories so this is more of a memory in a bottle for me!

The cute little baby on the end is 'Babydoll' by YSL, similar to Tresor in Love, this is an unmistakably rosey scent. However it's also fruity, which tones this down slightly. This one isn't as sweet as some of my other perfumes and honestly, it isn't my favourite on it's own as it does stay quite rosey on the skin and the scent really sticks around for a long time. The reason I like this though is that it's a great layering scent. Sometimes I'll spritz a little of this on before a much sweeter perfume to develop a warmer, sweeter floral. You do have to be careful layering scents though because as I've learned in the past, sometimes this can really not go well! So perhaps experiment before showering if you fancy trying it out. Back to the scent though, if you're very into florals, you'll probably love this.

These next two perfumes are both EDTs from Victoria's Secret. These little 30ml bottles are always in Victoria's Secrets 5 for £30 deal in their bath and body section so I can never resist picking one or two up when I go in there. The ones I have on the go right now are 'Pure Daydream' and 'Pure Seduction', which are both very simple, sweet fruity florals. Pure Daydream is the fresher, lighter of the two with notes of pink currant and pearl orchid, where Pure Seduction lives up to it's name being a deeper, sexier scent with notes of red plum and sweet freesia. I love these as they're really easy to wear and for EDTs they last a fairly long time too. I think these are great for anyone who fancies an inexpensive scent, or if you're just getting started with perfumes. Victoria's Secret have a huge range so it's definitely worth checking it out if you're on the hunt for a new scent!

These next two are probably my two cheapest perfumes, but both are surprisingly lovely. The first one is 'Secret Fantasy Star' from Avon, which my boyfriend's mum gave to me when she used to be an Avon rep. I'd never tried an Avon perfume before so wasn't too sure what to expect but this is actually really nice. It's a sweet, fruity scent with citrussy notes, which dries down to a light fruity floral with woodsy notes. I actually really like this one for every day. As I have so many other perfumes, I don't reach for this as much as I used to, but it really is a lovely scent. I think this would make a great first proper fragrance for a younger girl as it's sweet, but also slightly more grown up than a body splash or hello kitty scent from Claire's!

Another one that surprised me was 'White Musk Sun Glow' from the Body Shop. This one was actually my sisters, but as she moved to Uni, a few of her things slowly made their way to my room and this was one of the them! The word 'musk' initially put me off, but this scent is different, because while it does open up slightly musky, the dry down is a very fresh, clean citrussy floral. A hint of musk does stick around, but it doesn't sit too close to the skin and isn't a heavy granny musk scent. Again, not one I reach for too often, but still a nice scent for the right occasion. I'd say this is a good scent for evenings on holiday, it's summery, but also more of an evening scent.

Onto my celeb fragrances, as I said in my Perfume Wishlist post, I think celeb perfumes get a bad rap, but pick the right ones and they really can be pretty amazing! The cute little blue bottle is Britney Spears 'Circus Fantasy', which is a slightly lighter, slightly fresher version of the original Fantasy. As with all the Fantasy scents, this is a very sweet fragrance, but it's more fruity and more floral than the original Fantasy, which is much sweeter and more vanilla scented, but this still has the sweet, fun feel of the original, just perhaps more suitable for every day wear.

Speaking of which, I finally got another bottle of Britney Spears 'Fantasy'! I actually got this one just today as it was only £19.99 for 100ml bottle in The Perfume Shop - amazing! I think it's some sort of Mother's Day deal so if you fancy it I'd grab it while you can! This is my favourite of the Britney perfumes and while I love Circus Fantasy, this one will always win for me. It's a very sweet fruity scent, on me, it literally smells like white chocolate, cupcakes and fruit. So, if very sweet sugary scents aren't for you, you will not like this. However, if you want to smell good enough to eat, you need this in your life.

Another celeb perfume that has become a firm favourite in my collection and actually my current 'go to' for every day is Katy Perry's 'Meow'. You can see in the photo of my shelf that I actually have two bottles of this. I ordered the 30ml on AllBeauty for around £8, but then today, found it for £19.99 for 100ml along with Fantasy in The Perfume Shop, so I couldn't resist stocking up! Plus, having a mummy cat and baby cat on my perfume shelf pleases me immensely. This is like a slightly softer version of Fantasy, it's fruity and sweet with soft vanilla notes. It's got more floral in it than Fantasy, but still remains a lovely sweet scent. If you like sweeter perfumes, but don't want to smell like a bakery, you will love this one.

Finally, after one of my absolute favourite bottles, comes the absolute worst. This tacky little so and so is Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday'. Despite the creepy looking bottle, the scent inside is beautiful. It actually reminds me a lot of my beloved 'Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine', as it's a pretty, fruity floral, but also has sweet caramel notes, making it a super sweet girly scent. I cannot describe this any other way than it literally smells like the colour pink. Go give it a sniff, you'll see what I mean. The scent is so beautiful that I can forgive the ugly bottle, we don't wear bottles do we?!

Phew! What do you think? Are there any perfumes you think my collection needs? I'd love to know!
P.S. if you'd like to see the other products on my shelf, i.e. body sprays and perfumed lotions, let me know in the comments.



  1. You have an amazing collection. I must admit when it comes to perfume shopping I'm swayed way too much by the bottle! I love Britney's fragrances, I also recently was gifted Taylor Swift's perfume and was pleasantly surprised, it was quite a grown up floral scent. Daisy sounds lush :)

  2. Lovely collection, I love the Meow bottle, it's just adorable :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. We have such similar tastes in perfume - this could definitely be my wishlist! I'm a particular lover of Marc Jacobs - I've not found one I don't like the smell of and their bottles are beautiful. I'm looking forward to trying their newest, limited edition, Daisy Delight!

    Jenny xx

  4. Love your collection! You have loads here I really want to try, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Britney Spears original Fantasy are next on my list to buy I think :) x

  5. Loved reading this post, you can't beat a good perfume!

    I have a sample of Marc Jacobs Daisy I keep meaning to try!

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  6. I just love the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes!

  7. Very jealous of all of your VS scents, they're so lush ! xx

  8. Hi! How cool that we have the same taste in perfumes!! I recently added Victoria by Victoria Secret to my collection. It's soooooo nice. I think you would like it too. :)

  9. Ohh you have to try Daisy Delight if you're a fan of the Daisy line! I used up my bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine last year and loved it. So I bought the Daisy Delight and found I love it. Not being a huge fan of the original Daisy I thought this one wouldn't be fantastic but I suprisingly love it. Definately worth taking a look into to. Love the pastel flower bottle as well!
    Love Paris

  10. amazing collection you have :)

  11. Such a lovely perfume collection! I love Marc Jacobs perfumes, haven't used Britney Spears fragrances in such a long time, always used to get compliments when I wore them though...might need to make a cheeky purchase come pay day! x

    Sarah @ xx

  12. Nice article, thanks for sharing.


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