Monday 28 April 2014


Hi lovelies! For the first time in a long time, I made an e.l.f order! I haven't used any products from e.l.f for over a year or so, so I was really excited when I got an email newsletter from them saying they had 50% off everything for the bank holiday weekend! So of course, I had to make an order! As I hadn't ordered from e.l.f in a very long time, I wasn't really sure where to begin! The last order I made was back in the day where everything was £1.50 and while the prices have gone up, the product quality has also hugely improved and the range of products on offer is way bigger than it used to be!

Everything you see here ranged from £1.95 to £5, so still not breaking the bank, even before the amazing 50% discount! So, as I'm (kind of) new to e.l.f products, I decided to go for mostly lip and cheek products before I went for base products or eye products, because for some reason, I always lean more high end with foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras etc. However, after trying this lovely lot, I definitely think I'll be tempted to branch out a little more in my next order! And yes, there will definitely be a next order.

What I noticed first was the huge improvement in the packaging of the products. For such an inexpensive brand, the packaging is sturdy, sleek and classy. The simple matte black design most of their products have kind of reminds me of NARS, which is fab! As you can see, I picked out two cheek products, six lip products and some eyelashes. The lashes were a bargain at just under £1 after the discount and they were absolutely fab when I wore them on a night out on Saturday. As I needed a new bronzer anyway, I decided to try the 'St Lucia' Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo, which comes with a pretty, shimmery coral pink blush and light/ medium bronzer. The other cheek product is the Studio Blush in 'Twinkle Pink', which is a cute, light natural warm toned pink, perfect for every day. I will be reviewing both of these products as I've been very impressed so far! Both products come with a good sized mirror inside, which I love. I'm always disappointed when a compact doesn't have a mirror in it, just me?

As for the lip products, I'd heard great things about e.l.f's Studio Matte Lip Colour's, so at 50% off, I decided to pick up a few shades, as I was after some new nude shades, and I love a matte lip. I picked up the shades Coral, Natural and Nearly Nude, all of which are gorgeous neutrals. Again, I'll be reviewing these at some point, as they've quickly become my go to lippies for every day! Another product that I was intrigued to try was the Lip Stain in Heartbreaker, which is a neutral coral shade. This comes with a clear lipgloss, which honestly I probably won't use as gloss just isn't my thing! I haven't had a chance to give this a proper go yet, but will hopefully let you know my thoughts when I do! The other two lip products I picked out were Mineral Lipsticks in Runway Pink and Natural Nymph. I haven't tried these yet, but again, they're very pretty neutral shades. Did I mention I wanted some new nude shades?

Let me know if you'd like any individual reviews! What are your fave e.l.f products? Let me know, I'd love to try some of your recommendations!


Thursday 24 April 2014


Vera Wang Princess Night available on AllBeauty

Hey beauts! Guess who bought another perfume? Recently, when looking at my perfume collection, I realised I didn't really have a night time scent. So I went on a mission to find the perfect night time scent. As I already had the original Vera Wang Princess and Pink Princess, it seemed to make sense to get Princess Night, as I love those two scents. (I also picked up Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy as I loved the original so much, so let me know if you'd like a review of that!).

As with many perfumes, the bottle design helped my decision to buy this. The bottle is the usual 'Princess' heart shape, but this time covered completely in a very dark, almost black, purple glitter. Just like I said in my Pink Princess review, I have seen some people call this bottle tacky and while I understand why people have said that, I totally disagree! I think it's absolutely gorgeous and would look fab on anyone's perfume shelf! The little crown cap is just adorable, this time in silver with dark purple gems, which fits perfectly with the 'night' theme.

The scent itself is just my style, a sweet, fruity scent, but deeper and sexier and generally more night time appropriate. The notes in this perfume include wild berries, watermelon, raspberry, jasmine petals, spiced orange blossom, rose, crushed sugar, vanilla and musk. These notes make this a very deep and complex scent, which is perfect for nights out and dates. On first spray, I get an initial blast of sweet, fruity berries and a lot of the raspberry, which quickly dies down to a deeper fruity scent, with a lot of berries and the floral notes starting to come through. I don't really get much of the watermelon, but that could just be my skin! After an hour or so, the fruity floral seems to die down to a creamy, sweet vanilla musk, which lasts for a really long time, particularly when used with the matching body lotion (yes, I got the body lotion too, I may have a perfume problem).

So, if you're looking for a sweet, sexy night time scent, particularly if you enjoy fruity notes and a vanilla drydown. Also if you fancy a gorgeous glittery bottle on your perfume shelf!

Princess Night was actually a limited edition in 2012, but is still available in some places on online!


Monday 21 April 2014


Hiya Beauts! I recently re-discovered the I Heart Perfume Tag on youtube, originally created by 'Eleventhgorgeous' and decided to bring it to the bloggy world. (That is if no one's already done this as a blog post, which I'm sure someone has!!) But anyway, being absolutely perfume crazy it seemed like this tag was meant for me, so naturally I just had to do this post! If you love perfumes half as much as I do, I'd love to see you do this post, so if you do, leave me a comment on this post letting me know.

So, onto the questions!

1. What was the first perfume you ever purchased?
Body sprays and Claire's Accessories bubblegum perfume aside, the first 'Grown Up' perfume I ever bought with my own money and not received as a gift was 'Abercrombie 8' from Abercrombie & Fitch when I was in New York. I absolutely loved it at the time, which was a bit weird as I was about 16 years old and was used to Hollister Body Sprays and while 8 is slighty sweet with vanilla and citrus, it's also very musky and slightly heavy. It basically smells like an Abercrombie store. I don't have any of this left now obviously, but I adored it at the time and it made me feel super sophisticated wearing 'proper' perfume.

2. What's your signature perfume?
This is a toughie, as up until recently I'd have very quickly answered 'Victoria's Secret Bombshell', as it's probably my most worn and well loved perfume and have and people say the scent reminds them of me. However, I'd say despite only having had it for around a month, 'Vera Wang Princess' (full review) has quickly become my 'new' signature as I wear it most days and receive so many compliments on it. It works really well with my body chemistry and is my go to for every day now. So, if I'm allowed a 'new' signature scent, it's definitely Princess!

3. What's your most recent perfume purchase?
I most recently bought 'Vera Wang Princess Night', as I had Princess and Pink Princess (full review) already and wanted to give the night one a go. It's a limited edition from a year or two ago, so it's only available online and in a few shops here and there, so I managed to get it super discounted. I won't say too much as I do plan on a full review very soon.

4. What perfume would you wear at night time/date night?
I have two favourite night time scents, these being the one I just mentioned 'Princess Night' and Britney Spears 'Midnight Fantasy', the clue is in the name with these scents, as they're both created for night time. I wear these on nights out as they're slightly deeper and heavier than a lot of my other fragrances and both suited to night time. Although, for an actual date, i.e. if I was going out with Darren in the evening and wanted to wear something he loves, I'd probably go for something sweet like Katy Perry 'Meow', Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' or Britney Spears 'Fantasy', as he likes sweet scents, as I know a lot of guys generally do.

5. What's your favorite spring/summer perfume?
My favourite Spring/ Summer perfume of the moment is Katy Perry's 'Killer Queen Oh So Sheer' (full review), it's the sweeter, lighter, freshier, fruitier version of the original and I love it a lot. One of my all time faves though, was Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Oh So Fresh Sunshine' (full review), which sadly was limited edition and is very hard to find. It's just the prettiest fruity floral scent of all time and I absolutely wore it to death last summer. 

6. What's your favorite fall/winter perfume?
One scent that I particularly love in the fall/ winter time is Britney Spears Fantasy. I adore this perfume year round, but the yummy, super sweet, sugary cupcake scent just works so well in the winter for me. I think it works slightly better when the weather's cooler as it's not a particularly fresh fragrance, despite being sweet and fruity, but the sweet, candy like scent is just gorgeous and very appropriate for Winter and Christmas time.

7. What's your favorite scent category? (fruity, floral, fresh, oriental, woody)
I'd say my favourite types of scents are fruity/ sweet scents. I like a bit of floral, but I don't like it to be the main focus of the scent. I like a vanilla, caramel, chocolate dry down, you get the idea! However, I don't like anything too heavy sweet or cloying like Pink Sugar. I like sweet, but fruity and fresh at the same time. 

8. What perfume are you currently lusting after?
I'm not actually sure, as to be honest I've bought a few too many perfumes recently! One I do really want to try though is Juicy Couture's 'Viva La Juicy Noir', as I don't have too many night time scents in my collection and this is one that I think sounds absolutely perfect for me. The gorgeous bottle definitely helps too! If you have any perfume recommendations definitely leave them in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

9. What fragrance/cologne do you like on your significant other?
My favourite scent of all time on Darren is Paco Rabanne 'One Million', I was sent a huge bottle of it by Fragrance Direct last year and he absolutely loves it and so do I! To me, it's ultimate sexy man scent, spicy, citrusy and leathery. Very manly, and very sexy!

I'd love for you all to do this tag, as I love reading them, so feel free to do it and definitely let me know if you do!


Friday 18 April 2014


Hi lovelies! Following my post from last month 'My Perfect Red Lip', I thought I'd do another post, my perfect pink lip! I've mentioned several times that I'm not very brave with lip colours, it's nude or bright red usually and that's about it, however, on a shopping trip a few weeks ago, I bought Barry M's Shocking Pink on a total impulse and it started something. A brand new love for Barbie Pink lips. After testing the water with a cheap (but still fab!) lippie first, I decided to dip my toe into high end pinks!

So, with this in mind, I decided to head straight to Debenhams website to pick up the first lip colour I thought of when I thought of Barbie Pink and that was of course, Candy Yum Yum. Then, as I wanted a pink lip duo, I went on the hunt for what seemed to be a similar liner to go with it. After browsing through endless liners, I came across Illamasqua 'Indecent', which looked to be a perfect match. How right was I?! Indecent is identical to Candy Yum Yum swatched and on the lips. Both of these are bright, blue toned almost neon pink shades and absolutely not for the faint hearted.

When I wear a bright lip, I think a liner makes all the difference as it amplifies the colour and makes the lippie last much longer. 'Indecent' goes on really smoothly and could definitely be worn alone if you want a less vibrant colour, but still want the lasting power. However, with 'Candy Yum Yum' applied over the top the colours paired together really come alive. These two together create a true, bright, barbie pink. A fab alternative to my usual bright red on a night out. As the lip liner creates a matte effect and the lipstick itself is matte too, it's definitely a good idea to make sure your lips are moisturised and not at all flaky or dry when you wear these as they will cling like a b*tch. However it's nothing a bit of lip balm can't fix and the matte effect does make it super long lasting. If you're not one for matte lips, then you could always throw a gloss over the top anyway.

I've worn these together on a night out and they literally lasted the whole night and (as do most bright colours) left a stain on my lips even after removal! If you love a bold lip and fancy a long lasting, show stopping combo, I'd thoroughly recommend these two beauts!

Let me know what you think. Do you like bold lips for a night out, or do you prefer to keep things subtle?


Wednesday 16 April 2014


Killer Queen Oh So Sheer - Only £20 for 100ml at Superdrug!

Hi lovelies! Today, I have yet another perfume review for you all! We've all gathered by now that I love perfumes, so this probably won't come as a surprise to the more regular readers of my blog. Today, I wanted to review one of the most recent additions to my collection, 'Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer', which is the limited edition Spring/ Summer version of her Original 'Killer Queen' scent for 2014.

I've found Katy Perry perfumes a bit hit and miss so far, oddly enough her first fragrance 'Purr', was a bit 'meh', for me, but then the sweeter adaptation 'Meow' is one of my absolute favourites! Then when I tried the original Killer Queen, I liked it, but not quite enough to buy it, but then when I tried Oh So Sheer, it was literally love at first spray! The  notes of this scent are mulberry, elderberry, black current, plum, jasmine, freesia, red velvet flower, plumeria, kashmir wood, praline, caramel and patchouli.

Like the original Killer Queen, Oh So Sheer is a fruity, sweet, woody caramel scent, but fresher and less spicy than the original. So, if you tried that one but found it a bit too spicy for your taste, I'd definitely recommend trying this one instead. On the first spray, this scent is very strong and slightly sharp as you get a lot of the fruits, however this quickly calms down to a pretty fruity floral scent, with hints of the caramel beginning to come through right away. The fruity floral sticks around for a short while, perhaps an hour or so before settling down to a fruity, woody, caramel scent. It's a sweet drydown, but in no way sickly or overpowering. It's sweet and definitely a gourmand scent, but soft and pretty, hence 'sheer' I suppose!

The lasting power of this isn't best, but it certainly isn't the worst. I get a few hours out of this before it becomes undetectable to my nose, but still slightly noticeable to others. This is the kind of scent that sits close to your skin, so people will only smell it if they're fairly close to you. This makes it a great every day scent, particularly if you're at work, school or college and don't want to choke everyone in the room with your perfume! That said though, I have received a lot of compliments when wearing this, particularly if I've been in a car with someone or up close to them. It's soft and pretty and absolutely perfect for this time of year. If you've smelled 'Pink Friday' by Nicki Minaj, I would actually say it's fairy similar to that, but longer lasting and slightly more sophisticated. To be honest, if I'd tried this first, I probably wouldn't have bothered with Pink Friday.

I actually really like the bottle, the bottle itself is clear glass, with a light purple liquid, which looks really pretty placed next to my bottle of Vera Wang Princess on my shelf, silly I know!! I'm not exactly sure what the bottle is supposed to be, if it's actually supposed to be shaped like something, so if you do know, tell me in the comments as I have no idea! It is pretty though and it's very different from everything else I own as it's resting on its side rather than straight up, which I actually quite like. Being a bigger size, this really isn't very travel friendly, but that doesn't bother me as I tend to use my Travalo for that anyway!

So overall, if you like sweet, fruity, caramel scents and want one that's not too heavy for spring/ summer time then this will be absolutely perfect for you!

What's your go to summer scent? I'd love to know! Comment below and let me know!


Monday 14 April 2014


Sexy Pulp Mascara in Black available on

Hi lovelies! Being someone who is very fickle, but very fussy with mascaras, I am constantly on the hunt for 'the one'. I can honestly say I've only ever purchased about 3 mascaras more than once as I try new ones all the time and very rarely stick to one for very long. Recently, I was asked if I'd like to try the 'Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara', which apparently was raved about by Youtube sensation 'Zoella' and as I was beginning to run low on my current mascara, I decided now was as good a time as any to give a new one a go!

Yves Rocher is not a brand I'd had any experience with before and honestly, I hadn't heard a lot about their products at all. As first impressions go though, this definitely raised my expectations for other products from the brand! There are three main things I want from a mascara, length, volume and super black lashes. This mascara gave me all three! As you can see from the photo, the brush is kind of curvy, which, from trying similar shaped mascara brushes recently, has become my favourite kind of brush as it not only gives length and volume, it also adds a slight curl to the lashes without having to faff around with eyelash curlers (no fun at 6am), as it curves to fit the natural shape of the lashes.

In just one coat, this mascara separates, lengthens, adds volume and makes my lashes really black. This one isn't waterproof, but it doesn't move all day. It won't smudge under your eyes or flake off as some mascaras do. I won't bang on too much as I honestly think the picture speaks for itself. If you want a simple, no fuss all in one mascara that gives a false lash effect with just one or two coats this is definitely for you!

Let me know what you think. Have you tried Yves Rocher products before? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

*Mascara was sent to me for reviewing purposes, however this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


Thursday 10 April 2014


Hey Beauts! I wanted to do a quick wishlist post for you all today, as the weather has been beautiful here today and whenever we have lovely summer like weather, I find myself outfit planning! Somewhere that's surprisingly impressive with it's spring/ summer picks lately is George at ASDA. Whenever I go into Asda, I actually find myself browsing around the clothing section lately. People can be a bit funny about supermarket clothes, but they've seriously upped their game, so don't knock it!

This particular outfit I've put together is a bit different for me, as I don't usually go for Midi-Skirts, but this one really caught my eye. Perhaps it's because I'm an Essex girl I'm getting drawn to Leopard print!! I want to be a bit braver with fashion too, so maybe I'll give one a go.. let me know your thoughts! This skirt is only £10, which is incredible for such a gorgeous statement piece. I've put the skirt with neutral colours so that the main focus is on the skirt alone. The simple black cami is just £6 and would be great with this outfit and many others too, you really can never have too much black in your wardrobe in my opinion!

As for accessories, I chose a gorgeous gold statement necklace, which is a mere £6, some classy nude heels, only £16 and this stunning nude and black leather look bag. I think the bag may be my favourite part, it's so sophisticated and looks much more expensive than it's £14 (yes, you read that right!!) price tag.

So, George at Asda, I am well and truly impressed. Anyone fancy a trip to the Supermarket?


Wednesday 9 April 2014


Hi lovelies! If you know me at all, you'll know I love a night out, getting dressed up, high heels and lipstick etc, etc. And of course, on those occasions, I like to have a drink, or a few drinks, as I'm sure many of us do. Of course, we're all aware of the dangers of excessive alcohol, it's fair to say the odd night out once a week or so isn't going to do much harm. However, what about the alcohol we intake at home?

In all honesty, as much as I love a few cocktails on a night out, I'm not actually generally one for drinking at home. Whether it's a friends house, family members house or my own, unless it's a very special occasion, I rarely drink unless I'm actually out. However apparently, in a recent survey by they found that 6:52pm was the average time that Brits open a bottle of wine of an evening. The study also found that on average, people drink 2.7 glasses of wine per night, with an average of just two 'alcohol free' nights a week.

This information to me seems absolutely mad, possibly because I'm not a wine drinker, but the idea of drinking alcohol every night of the week seems crazy to me! Though saying that, I do know people who do it and I'm well aware that a glass of wine is how a lot of people like to end their day. One woman in the study actually said "There is something very special about the first glass of wine of the night. I only ever have one and a half glasses if I’m drinking in the week, but that is just enough for me.”And another said, “The first glass of wine signals the point when your day is officially over and you can enjoy your evening. For me it is usually around 7:15pm. By that time the children are in bed, the kitchen has been cleared after dinner, and my work phone is officially switched off, in fact there are some days when the weather is brilliant where all I can think about after 4pm is heading home and enjoying a chilled Chablis in the garden.”

I guess I just wanted to get a few opinions on this, because to me, this seems excessive, but I know to others it's the norm. So, let me know your thoughts, do you drink at home, or do you save the alcohol for a night out or special occasion? 

Let's get a discussion going in the comments!


Sunday 6 April 2014


Hey beauts! Guess what?! It's Chloe's Way 2nd Birthday!! Or 'Blogiversary' if you will. Two years has absolutely flown by since Chloe's Way was born and so much has happened in such a short time. I've been nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award, attended several different events, got a few freelancing jobs, had the chance to work with loads of amazing brands and met so many lovely people. Starting a blog has literally been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and I'm so glad that two years on, I'm still loving it just as much as I was at the beginning!

So, as a little thank you to those of you who have joined me on my blogging journey, be that from the beginning or just from today, I wanted to say a huge thank you. It's mega clichéd, but none of what I've been able to do through blogging would've been possible without those of you who comment or click the follow button. So, what better way to say thank you and Happy Blog Birthday to me, than a 'Chloe's Way' themed giveaway! I wanted to choose prizes that I thought you'd all love, but also kind of represented me and my blog. These prizes are special to me as I actually own each and every one myself, so we'll be matching! Of course, all the ones you'll win will be brand new and totally your own!!

With this in mind, I picked up another Barbie Catseye London makeup bag (as you all loved it the first time round!)and some Barbie socks, as I love a bit of Barbie and I'm sure you all do too! You'll also win my favourite Bomb Cosmetics Candle 'Love Rocks' along with a Rimmel Apocalips lip Lacquer in one of my favourite shades 'Luna', which is fab for Springtime! And last, but certainly not least, the gorgeous pastel statement necklace, also perfect for the time of year.

So, all that's left to do now is enter using the Rafflecopter form below, good luck!
P.S. This Giveaway is open internationally, so wherever you are in the world, get entering!

Photobucket a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday 5 April 2014


Paris... Who wouldn't love to visit the splendid City of Love? And of course, Paris is not just about the Eiffel Tower and Louvre... It is without any doubt also one of the world’s best shopping destinations. The chic French capital is home to a staggering number of elegant boutiques selling beautiful dresses, vintage clothing, one-of-a-kind accessories and on-trend cosmetics for the fashion-conscious consumer. Doesn't it all sound irresistibly? If you are currently thinking of a trip to Paris, you don't even have to worry to find high accommodation prices like in London, so luckily you will be able to spend more money on your shopping tours. Thanks to modern booking sites (see for example that permit you to find and book your accommodation in Paris ahead, the only thing you will have to think about is your itinerary! Ready for your next shopping trip? Here is a little guide to shopping locations you definitely cannot miss.

1) Come on Eileen
This splendid boutique may appear to be chaotic from the outside, but once inside you will have no problem finding fantastic designer pieces by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent at unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for a bargain, you will surely find something special here.
2) Ding Fring
This is one of Paris’ only charity shops, and behind its shabby façade Ding Fring is home to a goldmine of second-hand vintage and designer pieces at very affordable prices. The items are all colour coded making it easier to find what you are looking for.
3) Viseart
This fabulous make-up bar is a wonderful place to find reasonably priced quality cosmetics in Paris. The assistants are all fully-trained make-up artists and offer additional services including a forty-five minute makeover and a ninety minute make-up master class. 
4) Gaia
This quaint store is home to a great collection of woman’s clothing and accessories. The items on offer include both second-hand pieces and brand new garments at excellent prices. The store itself is elegantly furnished and clients even have to ring the shop doorbell for admittance.
5) André
This fashionable shoe shop boasts its own range of economically priced footwear alongside those by up-and-coming designers such as Bali Barret and Katherine Pradeau. André is the perfect place to shop if you are looking for en vogue shoes and bags without overspending.
6) Sessùn
This is a wonderful place to find boho chic clothing, accessories and homewears. In fact, the owner opened shop after an inspiring trip to South America and this travelling spirit can be seen in Sessùn’s collections displaying casual tassels, neat tailoring and natural fabrics.

You will no doubt find yourselves spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping in this fabulous city. For more information about Paris' amazing fashion shops, hair salons and much more, have a look at this website . Just remember to shop around in order to find the best bargains and one-off pieces hidden in Paris’ quaint and luxurious boutique stores.

*Post written by Mary, travel and lifestyle blogger.


Friday 4 April 2014


Hey Beauts! So, the gorgeous Georgina from Georgina Does recently tagged me to do this post 'Clothes I Simply Can't Live Without', which is a fab idea for a post anyway, but when I got an email from Rare London letting me know that this was actually a competition with them, I knew I absolutely had to do this post! So, without going into my usual intro rambles, I'm going to share with you the items in my wardrobe that I absolutely can't live with out!

First up is an example of a style I can't live without, t-shirt shift dresses, these are my absolute favourite kind of dresses right now. They're the perfect choice when you're going on that kind of night out where you don't know if it's going to be a casual pub night out, or if you're gonna end up on the floor of a club. They're just the right amount of cute and sexy that you'll pretty much get away with it anywhere - perfect! Following from that, my cute little ankle boots are also perfect for the pub or club night out. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are literally the most comfortable heels I own.

And of course, what wardrobe is complete without a good leather jacket? This pretty baby from H&M has served me for about 4 years or more now and it just seems to get better with age. At least that's my excuse for wearing a beat up pleather jacket that I've had since I was 16! Perfect under the trusty old jacket, is my favourite t-shirt. T-shirts can be so blahh, but this beaut from SheInside is the ultimate tee, the length is perfect for wearing with leggings, but also looks amazing tucked into skirts. The 'Coco Made Me Do It' slogan adds just a touch of class, which makes you look a lot more 'put together' than if you just had a regular white tee on. This is my go to on the weekends and honestly, I am going to wear this baby to death.

Often paired with a cute tee like this one, are my beloved French Connection Skinny Jeans*, these are my absolute favourites and as much as I do love cheaper clothes, I think a good pair of jeans is so worth investing in as they're such a necessity. This pair (which I hope to feature in an OOTD soon, but you know how slow I am with those!!) are the 'Tiffany' pair and are a gorgeous mid/ dark blue colour, perfect for every day. These fit beautifully and are so so comfortable for jeans - obsessed!

We all know I love my high heels and mini skirts, but I have a secret for you all, I also have a serious weakness for a good pair of Nikes. Particularly a candy pink pair. I couldn't live without these because pretty workout gear seriously motivates me when it comes to fitness. Honestly, if I went to the gym in baggy joggers and a dodgy t-shirt, I'd probably last about 10 minutes before sulking into the wall to wall mirrors and going home. I don't care what people say, the gym is as much of a fashion show and the rest of the world, and I'm gonna rock some pretty clothes and cute trainers, even if my catwalk is a treadmill.

My leather mini skirt is my absolute go to for a night out. You know those nights where you don't really have time to put a lot of thought into your outfit, but want to look like you made a whole lotta effort? Well, my Coco tee, cut out boots and this leather skirt have been my saving grace many a time. Quick slick of red lippie (not too quick, you might get it on your teeth) and you're good to go. Funnily enough, despite basically not being a lot more than a black mini skirt, this draws a lot of compliments when I go out. It's edgy, it's fun and I love it to pieces.

As spring's coming up, I'm loving pastels, but sometimes it's difficult to find shoes to pair with pastels, step in (get it?) gorgeous nude wedges! These bad boys were from eBay and only set me back £15, whaaat? I have these in nude and black and again, they get worn to death and I love them dearly.

Finally, My Little Pony PJs. Because I can't live without PJs for a lazy day and these ones have My Little Ponies on them. This needs no further explanation.

What do you think of my picks? I'd love to know what clothes you couldn't live without, let me know in the comments!

I tag Ellie, Sophie and Becka to do this post!
Check out Rare London's Competition page here.


Wednesday 2 April 2014


Hi lovelies! Surprise Surprise I have another fragrance review for you all today! I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love reading perfume posts, reviews, collections, favourites, if it's about perfume, I'll read it. (In fact, if you do have a recent perfume related post, definitely leave a link in the comments as I'd love to read it!). Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about Vera Wang Pink Princess. You may have seen my review of the original Vera Wang Princess, which I absolutely adore, so when I found the 'Pink Princess' version half price on Boots website, I was super excited!

Before we get into anything, we've got to discuss this bottle. I read a lot of reviews on this before I bought it and so many people complained about it. People were saying it was tacky and childish and to be honest, I was reading in disbelief. I don't know if it's because I am a little childish at heart, but I freaking LOVE this bottle! It's the same heart shape as the original Princess and also has the adorable little crown cap, but it's pink and it's covered in glitter. Honestly I don't see what's not to like, this looks amazing on my perfume shelf and it was given pride of place as soon as I look it out of it's (also gorgeous) box.

Pink glitzy packaging aside, the fragrance itself is exactly what you'd expect from such a pretty pink bottle. It almost smells like the colour pink. The top notes of this scent are grapefruit and raspberry, the middle notes are Hibiscus and Honeysuckle and the base is Marshmallow and Amber. So it's a fruity floral, with a slightly deeper, sweet base. On first spray, I get a slightly sharp raspberry and grapefruit scent, which after a few seconds develops into a much softer sweeter scent, with the raspberry sticking around while the floral notes come up. The floral notes are sweet florals, so it doesn't have that overly floral scent that some fragrances have. After around an hour or so, the fruity floral scent has settled down to a soft, marshmallow scent, with a little bit of depth from the amber.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love sweet scents, so this is a fab daytime scent for me, as it's fresh and fruity, but the marshmallow still gives it that sweet, gourmand type feel that I absolutely love. Many sweet fragrances have a vanilla drydown, which I do like, but I do know that sometimes vanilla or bakery scents can be a bit too much for some people. So, if you love sweet scents, but find vanilla or caramel notes too sickly or overpowering, this could definitely be a great option for you as the drydown of this is sweet and girly, but in a slightly less in your face way! I'd say this is quite a young scent, as it's pretty and playful, but it's not so sweet that you couldn't get away with it if you're more mature too. Although I believe anyone can wear any fragrance, I think I'll be wearing sweet scents when I'm in my 70s!

The lasting power of this isn't amazing on my skin, probably lasting 2 to 3 hours before I can no longer detect it, but I have had others compliment it after about 4-5 hours, so maybe it's just that I get used to the scent after a few hours, who knows! I have found that if I spray this on my hair or clothes, it seems to last a lot longer, so when I wear this, I always spray a little on my clothing too.

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend giving this perfume a try if you love sweet, girly scents. This fragrance was last years limited edition, but is still currently available in some Boots and Superdrug stores and online on Fragrance Direct (£19.95), Boots (£16.75) and Superdrug (£16.50), so if you like the sound of this, it's worth snapping it up as soon as you can!