Friday 4 April 2014


Hey Beauts! So, the gorgeous Georgina from Georgina Does recently tagged me to do this post 'Clothes I Simply Can't Live Without', which is a fab idea for a post anyway, but when I got an email from Rare London letting me know that this was actually a competition with them, I knew I absolutely had to do this post! So, without going into my usual intro rambles, I'm going to share with you the items in my wardrobe that I absolutely can't live with out!

First up is an example of a style I can't live without, t-shirt shift dresses, these are my absolute favourite kind of dresses right now. They're the perfect choice when you're going on that kind of night out where you don't know if it's going to be a casual pub night out, or if you're gonna end up on the floor of a club. They're just the right amount of cute and sexy that you'll pretty much get away with it anywhere - perfect! Following from that, my cute little ankle boots are also perfect for the pub or club night out. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are literally the most comfortable heels I own.

And of course, what wardrobe is complete without a good leather jacket? This pretty baby from H&M has served me for about 4 years or more now and it just seems to get better with age. At least that's my excuse for wearing a beat up pleather jacket that I've had since I was 16! Perfect under the trusty old jacket, is my favourite t-shirt. T-shirts can be so blahh, but this beaut from SheInside is the ultimate tee, the length is perfect for wearing with leggings, but also looks amazing tucked into skirts. The 'Coco Made Me Do It' slogan adds just a touch of class, which makes you look a lot more 'put together' than if you just had a regular white tee on. This is my go to on the weekends and honestly, I am going to wear this baby to death.

Often paired with a cute tee like this one, are my beloved French Connection Skinny Jeans*, these are my absolute favourites and as much as I do love cheaper clothes, I think a good pair of jeans is so worth investing in as they're such a necessity. This pair (which I hope to feature in an OOTD soon, but you know how slow I am with those!!) are the 'Tiffany' pair and are a gorgeous mid/ dark blue colour, perfect for every day. These fit beautifully and are so so comfortable for jeans - obsessed!

We all know I love my high heels and mini skirts, but I have a secret for you all, I also have a serious weakness for a good pair of Nikes. Particularly a candy pink pair. I couldn't live without these because pretty workout gear seriously motivates me when it comes to fitness. Honestly, if I went to the gym in baggy joggers and a dodgy t-shirt, I'd probably last about 10 minutes before sulking into the wall to wall mirrors and going home. I don't care what people say, the gym is as much of a fashion show and the rest of the world, and I'm gonna rock some pretty clothes and cute trainers, even if my catwalk is a treadmill.

My leather mini skirt is my absolute go to for a night out. You know those nights where you don't really have time to put a lot of thought into your outfit, but want to look like you made a whole lotta effort? Well, my Coco tee, cut out boots and this leather skirt have been my saving grace many a time. Quick slick of red lippie (not too quick, you might get it on your teeth) and you're good to go. Funnily enough, despite basically not being a lot more than a black mini skirt, this draws a lot of compliments when I go out. It's edgy, it's fun and I love it to pieces.

As spring's coming up, I'm loving pastels, but sometimes it's difficult to find shoes to pair with pastels, step in (get it?) gorgeous nude wedges! These bad boys were from eBay and only set me back £15, whaaat? I have these in nude and black and again, they get worn to death and I love them dearly.

Finally, My Little Pony PJs. Because I can't live without PJs for a lazy day and these ones have My Little Ponies on them. This needs no further explanation.

What do you think of my picks? I'd love to know what clothes you couldn't live without, let me know in the comments!

I tag Ellie, Sophie and Becka to do this post!
Check out Rare London's Competition page here.



  1. a cool collection. and can I do this tag?

  2. Yay for my little pony PJ's! Haha, I have alice and wonderland PJ's and they're so comfy- love wearing them on a friday night whilst blogging! x

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  3. Oh this is such a clever tag! Some clothes I wouldn't be able to live without would have to be my pretty lingerie (being busty means underwire bras all the time!), black leggings, beat up pink converse and all of my cute pyjamas. Paris x

  4. I love those boots! When you click on the link it takes you to some different shoes though :( Do you have the link? I think they're gorgeous! Danielle xx

  5. I love this post! The boots are gorgeous too!
    Love From Sammie xx

  6. I love those boots <3 & you are so pretty <3

  7. I love your taste of shopping. I'm also a shopaholic :)

  8. I love this post, I have that Primark faux leather skirt as well and I agree, it's an absolute God send! xx


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