Wednesday 9 April 2014


Hi lovelies! If you know me at all, you'll know I love a night out, getting dressed up, high heels and lipstick etc, etc. And of course, on those occasions, I like to have a drink, or a few drinks, as I'm sure many of us do. Of course, we're all aware of the dangers of excessive alcohol, it's fair to say the odd night out once a week or so isn't going to do much harm. However, what about the alcohol we intake at home?

In all honesty, as much as I love a few cocktails on a night out, I'm not actually generally one for drinking at home. Whether it's a friends house, family members house or my own, unless it's a very special occasion, I rarely drink unless I'm actually out. However apparently, in a recent survey by they found that 6:52pm was the average time that Brits open a bottle of wine of an evening. The study also found that on average, people drink 2.7 glasses of wine per night, with an average of just two 'alcohol free' nights a week.

This information to me seems absolutely mad, possibly because I'm not a wine drinker, but the idea of drinking alcohol every night of the week seems crazy to me! Though saying that, I do know people who do it and I'm well aware that a glass of wine is how a lot of people like to end their day. One woman in the study actually said "There is something very special about the first glass of wine of the night. I only ever have one and a half glasses if I’m drinking in the week, but that is just enough for me.”And another said, “The first glass of wine signals the point when your day is officially over and you can enjoy your evening. For me it is usually around 7:15pm. By that time the children are in bed, the kitchen has been cleared after dinner, and my work phone is officially switched off, in fact there are some days when the weather is brilliant where all I can think about after 4pm is heading home and enjoying a chilled Chablis in the garden.”

I guess I just wanted to get a few opinions on this, because to me, this seems excessive, but I know to others it's the norm. So, let me know your thoughts, do you drink at home, or do you save the alcohol for a night out or special occasion? 

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  1. I don't drink alcohol at all, so it does seem a bit absurd to me to discover just how much some people drink on a regular, daily, basis.

  2. I barely drink, but if I do it's when I'm out x

  3. I only drink on a night out, or if there's a birthday/Christmas I'll drink with others at a house xx



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