Wednesday 16 April 2014


Killer Queen Oh So Sheer - Only £20 for 100ml at Superdrug!

Hi lovelies! Today, I have yet another perfume review for you all! We've all gathered by now that I love perfumes, so this probably won't come as a surprise to the more regular readers of my blog. Today, I wanted to review one of the most recent additions to my collection, 'Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer', which is the limited edition Spring/ Summer version of her Original 'Killer Queen' scent for 2014.

I've found Katy Perry perfumes a bit hit and miss so far, oddly enough her first fragrance 'Purr', was a bit 'meh', for me, but then the sweeter adaptation 'Meow' is one of my absolute favourites! Then when I tried the original Killer Queen, I liked it, but not quite enough to buy it, but then when I tried Oh So Sheer, it was literally love at first spray! The  notes of this scent are mulberry, elderberry, black current, plum, jasmine, freesia, red velvet flower, plumeria, kashmir wood, praline, caramel and patchouli.

Like the original Killer Queen, Oh So Sheer is a fruity, sweet, woody caramel scent, but fresher and less spicy than the original. So, if you tried that one but found it a bit too spicy for your taste, I'd definitely recommend trying this one instead. On the first spray, this scent is very strong and slightly sharp as you get a lot of the fruits, however this quickly calms down to a pretty fruity floral scent, with hints of the caramel beginning to come through right away. The fruity floral sticks around for a short while, perhaps an hour or so before settling down to a fruity, woody, caramel scent. It's a sweet drydown, but in no way sickly or overpowering. It's sweet and definitely a gourmand scent, but soft and pretty, hence 'sheer' I suppose!

The lasting power of this isn't best, but it certainly isn't the worst. I get a few hours out of this before it becomes undetectable to my nose, but still slightly noticeable to others. This is the kind of scent that sits close to your skin, so people will only smell it if they're fairly close to you. This makes it a great every day scent, particularly if you're at work, school or college and don't want to choke everyone in the room with your perfume! That said though, I have received a lot of compliments when wearing this, particularly if I've been in a car with someone or up close to them. It's soft and pretty and absolutely perfect for this time of year. If you've smelled 'Pink Friday' by Nicki Minaj, I would actually say it's fairy similar to that, but longer lasting and slightly more sophisticated. To be honest, if I'd tried this first, I probably wouldn't have bothered with Pink Friday.

I actually really like the bottle, the bottle itself is clear glass, with a light purple liquid, which looks really pretty placed next to my bottle of Vera Wang Princess on my shelf, silly I know!! I'm not exactly sure what the bottle is supposed to be, if it's actually supposed to be shaped like something, so if you do know, tell me in the comments as I have no idea! It is pretty though and it's very different from everything else I own as it's resting on its side rather than straight up, which I actually quite like. Being a bigger size, this really isn't very travel friendly, but that doesn't bother me as I tend to use my Travalo for that anyway!

So overall, if you like sweet, fruity, caramel scents and want one that's not too heavy for spring/ summer time then this will be absolutely perfect for you!

What's your go to summer scent? I'd love to know! Comment below and let me know!



  1. I'm partial to gucci perfume myself, but will definitely give this a try if I get the chance. Love your blog, would be great if you could check out mine,

  2. I adore Killer Queen - now I need this!


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