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Hi lovelies! Surprise Surprise I have another fragrance review for you all today! I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love reading perfume posts, reviews, collections, favourites, if it's about perfume, I'll read it. (In fact, if you do have a recent perfume related post, definitely leave a link in the comments as I'd love to read it!). Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about Vera Wang Pink Princess. You may have seen my review of the original Vera Wang Princess, which I absolutely adore, so when I found the 'Pink Princess' version half price on Boots website, I was super excited!

Before we get into anything, we've got to discuss this bottle. I read a lot of reviews on this before I bought it and so many people complained about it. People were saying it was tacky and childish and to be honest, I was reading in disbelief. I don't know if it's because I am a little childish at heart, but I freaking LOVE this bottle! It's the same heart shape as the original Princess and also has the adorable little crown cap, but it's pink and it's covered in glitter. Honestly I don't see what's not to like, this looks amazing on my perfume shelf and it was given pride of place as soon as I look it out of it's (also gorgeous) box.

Pink glitzy packaging aside, the fragrance itself is exactly what you'd expect from such a pretty pink bottle. It almost smells like the colour pink. The top notes of this scent are grapefruit and raspberry, the middle notes are Hibiscus and Honeysuckle and the base is Marshmallow and Amber. So it's a fruity floral, with a slightly deeper, sweet base. On first spray, I get a slightly sharp raspberry and grapefruit scent, which after a few seconds develops into a much softer sweeter scent, with the raspberry sticking around while the floral notes come up. The floral notes are sweet florals, so it doesn't have that overly floral scent that some fragrances have. After around an hour or so, the fruity floral scent has settled down to a soft, marshmallow scent, with a little bit of depth from the amber.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I love sweet scents, so this is a fab daytime scent for me, as it's fresh and fruity, but the marshmallow still gives it that sweet, gourmand type feel that I absolutely love. Many sweet fragrances have a vanilla drydown, which I do like, but I do know that sometimes vanilla or bakery scents can be a bit too much for some people. So, if you love sweet scents, but find vanilla or caramel notes too sickly or overpowering, this could definitely be a great option for you as the drydown of this is sweet and girly, but in a slightly less in your face way! I'd say this is quite a young scent, as it's pretty and playful, but it's not so sweet that you couldn't get away with it if you're more mature too. Although I believe anyone can wear any fragrance, I think I'll be wearing sweet scents when I'm in my 70s!

The lasting power of this isn't amazing on my skin, probably lasting 2 to 3 hours before I can no longer detect it, but I have had others compliment it after about 4-5 hours, so maybe it's just that I get used to the scent after a few hours, who knows! I have found that if I spray this on my hair or clothes, it seems to last a lot longer, so when I wear this, I always spray a little on my clothing too.

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend giving this perfume a try if you love sweet, girly scents. This fragrance was last years limited edition, but is still currently available in some Boots and Superdrug stores and online on Fragrance Direct (£19.95), Boots (£16.75) and Superdrug (£16.50), so if you like the sound of this, it's worth snapping it up as soon as you can!



  1. I just bought Princess based on your review, and I love it. But now I really want Pink Princess too!
    My Nana bought me Princess Night last year which is also amazingly girly - you'll have to try it next!

  2. I really need a new perfume! Great review! I can never smell perfume on myself after a couple of hours!
    Oh amazing is this bottle!


  3. You are literally me- I love sweet scents too! They're just so uplifting and girly! And thank you for the lovely review- will deffo have to check this out now! Xx

    Beauty Soup| UK Beauty Blog

  4. Your perfume/scent choice is the same as mine so I LOVE your fragrance posts especially ^_^
    (so bored of people saying 'i'm not into sickly sweet I like more musky tones' haha) The bottle is really cute, and I don't understand why people are putting it down so much, I mean its JUST a perfume bottle, you don't have to wear it around your neck haha, I've seen much more gaudier too! like Nikki Minaj's but I adore her scent so people really shouldn't judge ^_^ lovely review, and another scent added to the wish list!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  5. THE BOTTLE. It's actually a really good price aswell! Thankyou for answering my question on Twitter about it aswell!
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo

  6. I personally love the bottle and although I recently got treated to a new perfume I think I could easily treat myself to this as I love a good sweet scent! Perfect!


  7. I am addicted to perfumes too. it is an expensive addiction, I know ;) , but don't worry. it definitely worth it.

  8. LOVE this perfume bottle its so beautiful. never tried this one before though :) x


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