Wednesday 14 May 2014


Going out at the weekend is always great, but if you’re a long way from pay day, it can feel extravagant to go out too often. But then again, staying in watching the box has only limited appeal, unless there’s something on that you particularly want to watch.
For girls who want to spend time with their friends, but save on the amount of cash they’re spending, there is an alternative. Get everyone over to your place and play online bingo together! Now, if you’ve never played a game of bingo, you may be wondering – where’s the fun in that? – but online bingo is very different from the stereotype image you may have in your head of the traditional bingo hall. There’s no need to be quiet and well-behaved as you’d have to be at a bingo hall so that every player could hear the number calls. Online bingo is a similar game but it works quite differently.
Due to the fact that the software marks off matching numbers on your cards as the calls are made, there’s no need to be quiet and concentrate. That leaves you free to catch up with your mates as the games are being played – whether you’re all in the same room playing on tablets and mobiles, or whether you’re each in your own home logged into the same games.
There are so many bingo sites to choose from today that you should give a few of them a trial run before deciding where to deposit your money. At bgo, you can play for free in the free bingo rooms on the site like Fun-Free Bingo. Though the games cost nothing to play, they each have a fixed jackpot to play for and any player might be the lucky one to get bingo – there’s no level of skill involved in an online bingo game.
You can also play to beat the boss at bingo on bgo which means playing the new face of bgo – Verne Troy, the actor made famous by his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Power movie series. The bgo boss always has plenty of new promos for players to join in – check out the promotions tab to see what’s new.
The biggest difference between online bingo and the traditional land-based game is that you are positively encouraged to chat with online bingo. Playing a game gets you entry into one of the bingo chat rooms, so you can either arrange to meet up with your existing friends there by planning to play the same games, or you can make new connections with other players you meet in the chat rooms. Although you might never meet some of your new bingo friends anywhere but online, that doesn’t mean great friendships can’t be forged there.
And for a girly night in with your mates, an online bingo evening is hard to beat for value entertainment.

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