Wednesday 7 May 2014


Hey beauts! As many of you will already know through my constant tweets and instagram updates, yesterday was my 20th birthday! It was of course the Bank Holiday weekend this weekend, so I booked off half the day at work and had an (almost) four day weekend! On Saturday, I spent the day shopping in London with Darren, as he gave me some money for my birthday to treat myself with, boyfriend points! Then I saw some Family on Sunday and Monday and finally yesterday morning, I was sung happy birthday by all the kids at work and given a gorgeous card and gift vouchers from everyone at work (expect hauls!) before heading home, then going off to Canterbury where my sister lives for lunch and shopping, then spending the evening watching Frozen, of course. So, it's definitely been a busy few days! 
So, as I love these types of posts myself, I thought I'd share with you all a few of the lovely gifts I got for my Birthday! Of course, I'm in no way bragging, (I'm pretty sure all bloggers say this and you're probably bored of the speech, but I'd hate for anyone to think I was showing off!!), but all that aside, let's get into it!

As some of you will have see on instagram or twitter, my main present from my Mum and Dad this year was my first car! It's a super cute little Automatic Citroen C2 and I am in love with it. Myself and my twin sister are going to be sharing this when she finishes Uni, but as I'm the registered owner, guess who's getting a Baby Oleg Meerkat toy?! I shouldn't be as excited about this as I am. I've finally started learning to drive after being mega scared of it since I got my provisional license when I was 17 and this is exactly the kick up the bum I needed to finally get my license! So, I'm currently taking lessons and am hoping to pass some time this year, so fingers crossed!

As I'd gotten the car, I seriously wasn't expecting anything else from my parents, but my Dad had just returned from a business trip to LA and said he'd bought me and my sister 'a little something'. Well that little something turned out to be this gorgeous Coach handbag! I was so shocked and absolutely thrilled. It's a beautiful blush pink colour, which is perfect for me. It has three big sections and is made of gorgeous soft leather, making it super special, but casual enough to use all the time. I've never really had a 'proper' designer bag before, so I'm mega excited about this one!

As I said, Darren gave me some money to go shopping with, so these are a few of the bits and pieces I chose. I haven't spent it all yet, so expect some hauls and reviews very soon! However, as we were in London, I wanted to get a few bits from some shops and brands we don't have where I live. So, I finally picked up another bottle of Victoria's Secret Bombshell, along with this beautiful 'Love Spell' gift set. I also bought the gorgeous skort you see in the super posey photo, this was a bargain at £14.99 from Quiz. And as my local Boots doesn't stock Smashbox, I picked up a bronzer and foundation, both of which I'd never tried before but had heard fab things about so I will be reviewing very soon.
When we give one another money, or choose our own presents for Christmas or Birthdays, Darren and I always get each other a little surprise gift to open on the day. This time, Darren surprised me with my very own Minion! I may have turned 20, but I'm fairly sure I'll never be too old for a silly film or soft toy and the Minions are pretty much my favourite things in the whole world, so I was rather childishly thrilled with this cute little gift! 
From my sister, I got a few more gel colours to use with my UV lamp. I've started doing gel nails and beauty therapy at home a bit more, so this is a really useful gift (especially as I get to use them myself!!). She also bought me a little 'Fairy Dust' Lily Flame candle. These are my favourite candles ever so this was such a thoughtful gift.

You'll have seen the gorgeous Missguided Co-ords from one of my friends in my last post and the adorable little crystal butterfly necklace was a gift from another lovely friend.  It's such a sweet little necklace and absolutely perfect for every day, I like to wear it to work to give my rather plain work clothes a little bit more sparkle!
Finally, my Mum bought me my own Frozen DVD! I've seen this film a few times already, but didn't have the DVD. I was thrilled to bits, because it meant I could finally get Darren to watch it (can you believe he'd never seen it!?) as it was my birthday and he had to do what I say. He loved it though, I mean who wouldn't, right?

So that's pretty much everything I wanted to show you! As I said, I have a few gift cards and things from some very generous friends and family, so when I get out to do yet more shopping expect some hauls, outfit posts and product reviews!



  1. Glad you had such a lovely Birthday! I love the minion haha xx

  2. So many amazing beautiful things! I have to say it's so weird about the car. My first car was an automatic Citroen C2 which I shared with my twin sister haha. I just thought it was such a weird coincidence and had to say haha. They're cute little cars :D xxx

    Sarah Speaks

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a lovely day :) and your car is so cute!! xx

  4. Lovely gifts, i defiantly want a baby oleg too, he's so cute! Hope you had a lovely birthday!


  5. Hope you had an amazing birthday and all your gifts are gorgeous!

    Sophie xx

  6. Getting a car has to be the most exciting thing! I recently got mine, and I can't wait till i'm insured to drive it! Also learning to drive at the moment! Was so weird at first, kept thinking I shouldn't be driving, that's mums jobs! haha I really love it tho now, can't wait till I've passed! Good luck with yours! and enjoy it!
    and hope you had a lovely day/days, sounds like you did! :) xx

  7. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Bet you can't wait to start your driving lessons now you have a car! You got some gorgeous bits, adore that Miss Guided set! Beautiful!

  8. Sounds like you had a great day :) I have the exact same car as you and I love driving it very much, so much easier than Manual! x

  9. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your gifts. of course it is not show off! I like to read this kind of posts. so nice.
    ur car, the gift card and hand bag are perfect to be a birthday gift.
    Wish you the best.

  10. Such a good haul! Really jealous of your miss guided two piece and the minion! xo

    Hannah Rose// Blog

  11. just followed u on twitter, follow me back if u like :)
    good luck

  12. Happy belated birthday and good luck for driving, I'm sure you will pass first time.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

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