Saturday 24 May 2014


Summer is here which means just one thing, flat racing returns. If you have never been to the horse races then you really should. Imagine one of the fanciest balls you have ever been invited to and mix it with copious amounts of alcohol and you have Royal Ascot. Below is a fashion guide to the perfect horse racing etiquette.
Shoes may make a man but heels certainly make the woman, and you cannot go the races in anything less than four inches. In regards to logic, heels and the races makes no sense at all, but when did fashion listen to logic? If it did then certainly we would have no Vivienne Westwood, and what a shame that would be. Heels give you that additional bit of height which should improve your view of Betfair favourite Australia romp home. Be warned, it’s probably a decent idea to put a pair of dolly shoes in your clutch, six hours of standing and drinking in heels doesn’t always end well.
The races really are high fashion so it is definitely justifiable to splurge on a new dresses, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t. The current flavour of the month in terms of race-wear is unsurprisingly bold block primary colours, strapless and knee-length dresses. So far this year, floral prints have been a big no-no, whilst bow cuts are also becoming more and more commonplace. Delicate designs comprising of a melange of block colours should take precedent at this summer’s racing. They are eye-catching but not garish, which in the world of refined racing is a must. Don’t go too crazy on the colours but don’t be too prudish. Most importantly, make sure it matches with your hat – the most important piece of your outfit.
What would racing be without the incredible hats on show each year? Your hat is meant to be the showstopper, that element of your outfit that people cannot stop talking about. Get it right and you will make it into the daily newspaper, get it wrong and you’ll find yourself in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. Some courses have strict rules on headwear, like Ascot, which requires all females to wear hats which have a base of four inches or more. Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and that will explain some of the more nonsensical hats witnessed in the past. Big is not always best and that is certainly true with race-wear, too big and it could swamp your outfit, hide your face and look altogether ridiculous. You need something that shows off the natural contours of your face and compliments, not overpowers your outfit.
If you get the combination of all three elements spot on then you are practically evens with Betfair to look ravishing. The races really are high fashion, you do need to give your outfit serious consideration, especially if you’re single as you will be socialising with some of the most eligible bachelors in all of Britain.


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