Sunday 25 May 2014


Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you all a few of my favourite things at the moment, it's all a bit random as it's clothes, jewellery, accessories, footwear and a little bit of beauty, but they all sort of fit the same theme so I figured it was acceptable to put them all in one post!

The first thing is something I picked up just today in TK Maxx and it's this gorgeous pink bralet, originally from Gilly Hicks, it was an absolute bargain at £9.99 and I'm super excited to wear it underneath some backless, or dropped arm tops. I think bras like this are a little more acceptable to be a bit more on show than regular bras, at least I think so anyway! Keeping in with the pink theme, how beautiful are these heels from New Look? They go perfectly with the coach handbag I got for my birthday and I just think they're the most perfect summer heels. They can be dressed up or down and are comfortable enough to wear all day long - perfect! Also from New Look, I couldn't resist this adorable 'Fashion Blogger' tee. How on earth could I turn this down? At only £7.99, I think we should all own one. New Look are absolutely on point at the moment and another thing I've been loving from there are these pretty Pointed Sandals. They're fab for days when you haven't painted your toenails (we've all been there), or if you just fancy a change from regular sandals. These are wide fit so they're super comfy too which is a bonus.

My love for Rose Gold has returned in a big way since discovering LVNDR, I've been pairing my beloved Marc by Marc Jacobs watch with the beautiful 'Love' Bracelet and dainty Heart Ring and 'XoXo' Ring. These were all less than £4 each, which is an amazing deal for such gorgeous jewellery. I'd totally recommend checking LVNDR out if you're after some cute, affordable jewellery on a budget.

I've mentioned in recent posts that I'm getting back into gel nails in a big way and this is my current fave combo, I love an accent nail as I think it just adds something a bit special. And of course, I had to do a pastel pink on the rest of my nails! Finally, I found this baby pink skater skirt in a local boutique type shop. It was only about £18 and The material and cut are just lovely. I've loved pairing this with the Fashion Blogger tee and think it looks fab with all the rose gold too.

What do you think? What have you been loving lately?



  1. I'm sooo jealous of that watch it's absolutely beautiful :-(
    Your blog's great! Check out mine:
    Mia :-) xxx

  2. Love the white shoes and pink :) need the fashion blogger t-shirt!


  3. The gilly hicks bralet is gorgeous! Very lucky to have found it for £9.99
    Everything looks so pretty :)


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