Friday 16 May 2014


Summer is around the corner, and that means it is also time to change your look by making some bold choices. When it comes to hair, everyone wants to break the rules, choosing “crazy” colours and different techniques, from highlights and ombré hair to dip-dye and hair chalk.
Rainbow hair is still one of the trends of this summer, because it’s a very bold style, mixing two or more colours. Bright, vibrant colours are a perfect match for cute outfits and fresh-faced makeup. However, you should try semipermanent coloring products before actually dyeing your hair, to avoid a disaster.
For those of you not bold enough to wear rainbow hair, pastel hair highlights are a much more tame version. Pastels look great on blondes, especially if the colour is more faded, but purple or blue hues are suitable for darker hair too, depending on the skin complexion.
Blonde hair is also one of the most common hair coloring options and platinum blondes, but highlights add dimension and structure to avoid the appearance of washed-out colour. If you don’t want to go blonde, warm red shades with golden highlights lighten-up your hair and make a pale complexion look brighter. The simplest way to update dark tresses is to add natural looking highlights, usually only one or two shades lighter.
If you want to emphasize facial features, a few highlights just around your face, either lighter or darker have a beautiful effect, complementing a sun-kissed look. For a diva-like appearance, mix up the hair colour, by layering different shades of both light and dark tones. Multidimensional hair colour is harder to achieve, but it looks spectacular on any shade, from light blonde to dark brown.

As far as hair colour goes, this summer is all about hair highlights in different shades, and the secret of perfect highlights lays is to obtain strand images that are of consistent quality. The new WEAVGO hair tool comes with 4 different attachments, which offer the possibility to create 7 different strand images. The strand images vary in thickness and space between strands, to create various types of foil highlights. This new hair tool is easy to use, making the entire highlighting process faster and easier. The WEAVGO is available by order in the UK, on .
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  1. Beautiful....I love the highlights in different shades....a great way to express yourself.
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