Sunday 29 June 2014


Hi beauts! I hope you're all very good! A little while ago, I started a new series on my blog called #BlondeProblems, a series of posts about caring for blonde hair - or just haircare, for you non blondies! You can see my first post here, which was all about going blonde at home vs the salon. So, if you're interested in my long and tough journey to being a fully fledged blondie.

In this post, I'm going to be comparing two very similar product duos. If you're a not so natural blonde, you'll know that haircare is incredibly important. So, after being told by my hairdresser that too much toning shampoo can mess up the colour of your hair (guilty!) I decided to switch from using my Touch of Silver Shampoo every day to using one specifically for highlighted hair, along with the matching conditioner of course! The products in question are the L'Oreal Elvive Nourish and Shimmer Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner, which retail for £3.99 for 400ml, (working out to around £1 per 100ml) and John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, which retail for £5.59 for 250ml (£2.24 per 100ml). So, when you do the maths, the L'Oreal one works out less than half the price for the amount you get.

Both product duos have similar claims. Used as a duo, they are both supposed to put moisture back into blonde hair, bring out tones and highlights and give shine and softness to the hair. But the question is, do they work? And which is best? To be honest, I've always loved John Frieda products, so I was expecting these to shape up better than the cheaper alternative, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. With hair products in particular, I'd always assumed you got what you paid for, but maybe this isn't the case!

To properly compare, I used these products alternately for 1 week, then did a week with the John Frieda only and a week with L'Oreal only. At first, on the alternate week, I didn't notice too much of a difference between the two products. My hair felt soft and nourished and my highlights were definitely brightened after a few uses, but I had no way of knowing which product was doing the brightening. So then, in my week of John Frieda only, I noticed my highlights were still brightening up, but my hair wasn't quite as soft as it had been. While the products were fab, I found I had to use a lot of the conditioner to get a super soft feeling, making the product much less cost effective.

So on my week of L'Oreal, despite not being blown away by John Frieda's offerings, I still wasn't quite sure what to expect. However after the first wash, I instantly noticed that my hair felt softer and more manageable than it had done the previous week. My highlights were still bright and lovely and my hair had a shine that it hadn't had before. After the full week, I was seriously impressed by how soft and lovely my hair felt, particularly from such a cheap shampoo! (I got my two 200ml bottles on a 2 for £4 offer).

Overall, both of these products worked beautifully, they bought out the tones and highlights in my hair, but honestly? If you're going to go for one, I would say I actually preferred the L'Oreal. They both had a similar effect, but you don't need to use so much of the L'Oreal one and it smells of honey, which is lovely.

What do you think? Do you think you get what you pay for when it comes to hair, or do you love a cheap and cheerful product? Let me know some of your faves!


Saturday 28 June 2014


Photo courtesy by: Nurone Hakwak

Fashion Standards for Diamond Hoop Earrings

Love to wear hoop earrings? The size and style of the hoops matter because if you wear hoop earrings that are too small or too large for your face, it will give the wrong kind of statement. Follow these fashion tips for wearing hoop earrings correctly.

Pick the Proper Size and Consider your Facial Structure

While smaller hoops around 1.5 inches or so are more versatile; they should be level at the widest part of your face and extenuate your jaw line. On the other hand, large hoops that are too large don't look fashionable as they overpower your facial features. They’re also heavy, painful, and awkward to wear.
If you have an oval face shape, you're quite blessed as hoop earrings naturally go well with ovals. But the rest of us, we need to choose carefully. When selecting hoops, aim to find a pair that's longer than your jaw line but at least two inches shorter than your shoulders. Another tip is to choose earrings that are no bigger than your fist to flatter your jaw line without making it appear too large.
Round hoops are classic jewellery for everyone, but you might want to experiment on angular or triangular hoops for a new look.

Choose the Right Style for the Proper Occasion

Hoop earrings, along with fabulous art deco pendants, can be worn every day; but if you wear them to work, you need to be careful so they won't snag on things and become a safety hazard. In places where snagging is likely to happen, you can wear simple, small hoops. Simple, thin gold hoops are ideal.
Hoop earrings are also ideal jewellery to wear for a weekend party or date night. You'll want to wear a pair of larger hoops, perhaps some diamond hoop earrings for more formal occasions.  
Think about your lifestyle and your wardrobe. If you wear lots of trendy clothes from designer labels, indulge in at least one pair of larger hoops or glitzy diamond hoops.

The Techniques and Standards for Choosing Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are the epitome of fashion accessories. If you're going to splurge and buy diamond hoop earrings, you have a choice between round diamond studded hoops or simple gold hoops with a single diamond. Both feature elegant and classic styles. Just make sure that in choosing diamond hoops, pay attention to the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat size.
Silver and platinum are becoming the most popular metal for diamond hoops, but don't discount classic gold as it will always be in style. In fact, gold hoop earrings that are paired with fabulous art deco pendants can definitely make a statement. That combination can make you a real eye-turner, whether at work, in a formal event, or even in a casual place such as a shopping centre or a business district.
If you're going to showcase a pair of earrings like those, then let the earrings be your statement piece. Keep the rest of your jewelry and look classy and elegant, perhaps a simple chain with one of those fabulous art deco pendants.

Many say that hoop earrings are giving way to smaller, more dainty, and more contemporary designs. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Hoop earrings are here to stay! 


Work Wear Uniforms and Advertising

If you are a business owner and employ people to work for you, then you may wish to consider having standardised work wear uniforms for your members of staff. If you are in a business which involves facing the customers face to face, then it would a great idea to let them wear uniforms. Wearing one shows a level of professionalism and also helps for your workers to stand out from everybody else. You can also use the opportunity to advertise your company on the uniforms and help to create a brand identity for your business.

Work Wear for Any Industry

It really does not matter what industry that you are in; there is suitable work wear available which you can use as uniforms for your employees. There is just about every type of clothing that you can think of that would be used in a workplace such as:
Work Trousers
Hi Vis Jackets
Fleece Jackets
Sweatshirts and Hoodies
T-Shirts & Polo Shirts
Head Gear
Hi Vis Waistcoats
And much more!
You can choose to give your workers full uniforms and have them branded with your company logo and details, or you can choose to provide only a basic one such as jacket and trousers. Whatever you decide to use as your company uniform, you will need to make sure that you choose something which is practical, as well as durable.
The colour that you choose is also important, especially if your workers are liable to get dirty through their work. If you have a budget, you can produce this free of charge for your full time employees, or alternatively you can offer uniforms at a subsidised rate, so the company does not have to absorb the full cost of the uniforms. If you ask a lot of workers, especially if they tend to get dirty, they would most probably prefer to have uniforms even if it does cost them a small amount.

Advertising your Brand

As well as portraying a professional image of your company, you are also promoting your brand. If you provide vehicles for your workers, you will most likely use good-looking, tuned-up vehicles to promote your business and services that you offer. So why not do the same with your workers uniforms as well? The cost of embroidery or printing is pretty minimal when purchasing in bulk, so whatever kinds of clothes you are looking to supply to your workers, you can have them in your corporate colours, and promote your business to the public. This is a great form of advertising as your business is getting exposure where ever the uniform is worn, whether your workers are off duty or not! This does not mean that you should have a load and wacky uniforms to attract attention, remember you want your workers to want to wear the uniforms!
When it comes to work wear uniforms, tasteful and practical colours are required, as well as being comfortable for your employees to wear. There are lots of places that you can advertise your business discreetly, whilst still being tasteful. You can place a badge on Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets, hats, gloves, as well as lots more items, and a badge can be discreet as well as also advertise and promote your brand. The back of jackets is also a good spot for promoting your brand if your workers are outdoors a lot.

The list really is endless, but you do need to keep your ideas useful and tasteful. The last thing you want is a mutiny of your workers, who do not want to wear an embarrassing uniform.


Thursday 26 June 2014


Hi lovelies! Okay, so how amazing is the ASOS sale? I absolutely love all things bright, floral and super summery right now and this incredible sale seems to be full of it! As you'll likely already know (as I've mentioned it several times), I'm off on holiday next month and I'm in desperate need of some gorgeous new summer clothes!

As I'm already stocked up on bikinis (though who can really have too many, right?), I've been drooling over lots of pretty dresses and playsuits and I'm just in love with the three above. I adore bright, printed pieces, particularly when I go abroad as they make such a statement on their own, which is fab when you can't bring too many handbags/ shoes/ jewellery - damn baggage allowance! I think all of these would look great with a simple pair of sandals or wedges for day or evening out on holiday or at home. If you check out the link of the playsuit above, you'll see it has a gorgeous strappy back, making it super unique and perfect for hot weather.

Though I said you can't bring too many shoes or handbags, I think it's always a good idea to bring one statement bag and one statement pair of shoes, this way, you can easily spice up a simpler outfit. These floral wedges are just to die for! They're so my style, bright floral print and hot pink - can I just have them now please? Finally, I think this bright sequinned daisy clutch is possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen. It could double up as your toiletry bag while travelling (provided you're super careful to avoid spillages!!) then by night, it turns into the cutest clutch bag ever. Absolutely obsessed with this one!

What do you think of my picks? Will you be raiding the ASOS sale any time soon?


Wednesday 25 June 2014


Hello lovelies! If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll know that recently, I received a very exciting surprise package from none other than Benefit Cosmetics! As it often is with Benefit, this package came with no warning whatsoever and the package itself was their most exciting one yet. If you seen any other bloggers raving about this particular press release, you'll already know that the package itself came with a video. Whaaaat? I was shocked when I opened the little booklet type thing (yes this is the technical term) and a little video started playing! They also included a hand USB lead, so said video is going to be at the bottom of this post, check it out - it's a good one!

First thing's first, I'm going to say now that I won't be reviewing the 'They're Real' mascara in this post, as I already reviewed it here. So you can check that one out if you'd like to! So this post is going to be about the fab new 'They're Real Push Up Liner' and 'They're Real Remover'.

I've always had a love hate relationship with gel liner, as I love how it looks as it's super black and very matte, but I hate how it usually smudges all over the place (for me at least!) and having to apply it with a brush. Well, Benefit, you have solved all my gel liner dramas with this one! The slogan 'Criminally Easy' is certainly not wrong! As you can see, this has a perfectly angled tip and you can turn the liner until just the right amount of gel has been pushed up, making it incredibly easy to draw the perfect cat eye along your eye. The line, once there seriously stays put too! It's very black, super matte and very long wearing. It doesn't move around as I've found with many gel liners in the past and stays seriously black all day long with no fading. If you love gel liner and want an easier option, this is definitely the way forward!

As for the remover, which you can see demonstrated above, it is amazing. Benefit are really clever for bringing out a matching remover because as the 'They're Real' mascara and liner duo are so long wearing, they're also a bit of a bugger to get off. However this smooth, gentle cream cleanser melts both away seriously easily. I put a little amount on my fingers then smooth it over my eyes with my fingers, which isn't the neatest way to do so, but it's what I find easiest! I then wipe it off with a damp cotton pad and my eye make up is all gone in just a few seconds! I've found the remover to be really gentle and as I'm not the most careful person with this sort of thing - oops! I have managed to get a fair amount in my eyes on occasion and I can report absolutely no sensitivity. Though of course, I don't recommend cleansing your eyeballs with the stuff any time soon, just in case.

I hope you liked this little peek into what's to come from Benefit. The liner will be available here on the Benefit website from June 27th, so if you fancy it, there's not too long to wait.

Until next time lovelies!


Sunday 22 June 2014


Available on Click Fragrance at £29.95 for 100ml (RRP £42)

Hi lovelies! It feels like ages since I've posted (again!) I have several posts planned, a few of which were supposed to be up already, but it's been a seriously busy weekend this weekend, so that didn't happen! I had a party at my house on Friday night, followed by breakfast out and shopping followed by another night out yesterday and today I had a serious workout following all the drinks and have just got home from a BBQ! As lovely as it is to spend time with so many lovely people (and have lots of lovely cocktails) I'm very glad to be sitting in front of my laptop having a majorly chilled out blog writing/ reading sesh to end my weekend!

I'm actually really excited about this post, because as I'm sure you all know, I'm very slightly obsessed with perfume. This perfume though, is particularly exciting as I've come to the conclusion that I have finally found my 'Summer 2014' scent. Last year my absolute fave was Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine (phew!) and I was sure nothing would ever match up, but this little lovely absolutely has. In case you ignored the photos and title of this blog post, the scent in question is 'Bombshell Forever' by Victoria's Secret. As the original Bombshell is one of my all time favourites, I felt like I couldn't go wrong with this one.

First things first as always, let's talk about the beautiful bottle. Victoria's Secret really do know how to beautify your perfume shelf and this gorgeous bottle definitely does not let the side down. The bottle is reminiscent of the original Bombshell, with the classic 'Bombshell' bottle shape, 3D Victoria's Secret stripes, and pink ombre bottle design with black glass lid, this one looks so classy and elegant on my shelf with just the right amount of girliness, making it absolutely perfect for me!

'Bombshell Forever' is described as 'A bright, lush blend of boysenberry, lavender flower and pamplewood, this eau de parfum kisses skin with vibrant scent that lingers.' I definitely agree with the description as it is a 'bright and lush' fragrance for sure! The top notes are Boysenberry and Citrus, which I definitely get at the beginning. The citrus is what hits you first, then the berry notes a few minutes later when it's settled down a little. The middle notes are Lavender Flower and Ginger, both of which I do get, but the ginger is incredibly subtle on me and more sweet than spicy like you might expect. The base notes are pamplewood, amber and musk, all of which I do get, but the musk is very subtle and on me the drydown is like a woody berry scent, which is still gorgeously fruity and sweet and perfect for summer days and even better for summer nights! 

If you know and love the original Bombshell, you recognise the similarities in this, the super sweet, slightly sharp opening, the softer middle notes and then the subtle woody drydown. However I'd say that Bombshell Forever is slightly fruitier while Bombshell is more of a fresh, fruity floral. Both are gorgeous scents for summer, but I'd say if you wanted something slightly less sharp and more fruity, then Bombshell Forever will be more your thing. I love both equally, but Bombshell Forever is definitely my go to at the moment and I'll absolutely be wearing this beauty all summer long.

What do you think? What's your summer scent this year?

*This is not a sponsored post, however the fragrance was purchased using a voucher gifted to me by Click Fragrance.


Thursday 19 June 2014


Hi lovelies! I just wanted to do a super quick post to share this amazing offer with you all! I don't usually do mega quick posts like this and I promise, normal posting will resume very shortly, but this is something I don't want you guys to miss out on! Recently I've decided to start using Protein shakes either as meal replacements for breakfast, or as a pre/ post workout boost and I was introduced to the site 'Go Nutrition', after reading loads of hugely promising reviews, I placed my first order today and was given this code '9APYKZ', which entitles you guys to a 250g bag of FREE protein in a flavour of your choice. The protein you can get is the 'Go Whey Protein 80', which is a protein powder than you can mix with milk or water either as a meal replacement or a pre/ post workout booster to boost your protein intake (particularly f you don't get enough, like me!) and to help build lean muscle and promote fat loss.

Protein is really important if you're trying to get fit or lose weight and shakes are a healthy (and yummy!) way to get protein into your diet. Each shake works out to around 100 calories and in a 250g bag you get around 10 servings, which is fab for the £0 price tag! I think there is a minimum spend of £10 with the code, which you can use on anything in the store including diet protein, which is great if you're slimming for your summer hols!

Again, the code is '9APYKZ' Visit Go Nutrition here.

Let me know what you think of this kind of post, I'll definitely talk more about my Go Nutrition experience in the near future!


Tuesday 17 June 2014


Aromatherapy is said to help battle the onset of psychological conditions including stress, depression, short term memory loss and insomnia. Although medical studies are limited, most medical professionals agree that relaxation is key to a good sleep pattern. Regular and prolonged sleep can lead to mental stability and support for the immune system, that fights disease.

Aromatherapy in combination with back or full body massage can be a wonder for management of stress but a considerable drain on finances. Worrying about your cash flow is not exactly relaxing. Explore with me the many cost effective “do it yourself” options, to use aromatherapy at home to melt away the hassles of day to day life and get some well deserved rest.
Essential oils.

Available in High street stores for a reasonable price Essential oils are the core of Aromatherapy. They are a distilled extract from raw plant materials with no added chemicals or ingredients. A pure essence of the plant or herb required.

My personal favourites.

Lavender: Soothing and relaxing, good for summer as its a natural insect repellent.

Eucalyptus: A natural disinfectant and cleansing oil great for reducing infection.

Rosewood: Skin care and detox.

Tsuga: Used to assist with respiratory problems and even Kidney ailments. This blood cleanser is a natural stimulant.

Yarrow: Used to combat joint pain.

Rose: Simply a pleasant fragrance ,often used as an after thought or warm down after other fragrances.
Methods of use.

The best method of application has to be the massage. This combines the healing skin contact and soothing smell with the muscle relaxation of the massage. I recommended recruiting your partner once in a while to help with this. Lay yourself face down on your Sleeptime stress free mattress after setting the lighting mood and maybe even some serene musical tones. The firm orthopaedic support of the bed should be the perfect support for a deep tissue massage.

Oil burners are used to vaporise the oils and allow you to causally breath them in. You could sit and read a book or play the crossword with your oil burner on in the room. You will feel the effects in no time without any effort. Just keep it topped up with water, or your nice new ornament will get burn marks.

Pop your essential oils into a hot bath for a double hit of medicinal help, the oils will effect your skin through direct contact through the water and you will breath the vapours in the form of steam. Just make sure everyone is out or has used the loo first, so you get some undisturbed time to soak.

Aromatherapy candles are an excellent option but are more limited then the other types of use. The candles are premixed with essential oils. This means you will have a very limited number of oil types or a shed load of candles. Good for a first time try or a one off. If you want choice and the same effect, invest in the burner.


Monday 16 June 2014


Hey Beauts! I hope you all had a fab weekend! I'm not sure where the sun has disappeared to and it's Monday again, but I'm booking my summer holiday tonight and have a fab week planned, so I'm feeling very upbeat today! In this post, I'm going to be talking about scent layering. You may be thinking uhh, Chloe? What are you talking about but stay with me.

You all know I have a slight (huge) obsession with perfumes and while I love each of them dearly, it's inevitable that with a collection as ridiculous as mine, there may be a few scents that just don't last as long as you'd like. It may be that you went for a cheap fragrance that smells beautiful, but seems to disappear after a few hours, or perhaps a higher end scent that you wish just lasted that bit longer so you didn't have to touch up throughout the day, well all is not lost lovelies! There is a way to cheat your way to 'all day scent' without having to touch up all day long!

The secret to this, is 'scent layering'. This is something I try to do with all of my perfumes. To the point now, that 9 times out of 10, I'll buy any matching products that come with a fragrance, shower gels, body lotion, hair mist, I'm there! So, to do this you're going to need some matching products. A great way to do this is buying your fragrances as gift sets, it's often much better value and your scent will last much longer. One of my faves is the Britney Spears Fantasy Gift Set, it's a long lasting scent as it is, but when you apply the body lotion first, then the perfume, not only does the lotion give your skin a scent straight away, but your skin is softened, meaning any dead skin will be gone, therefore the scent is applied to fresh, soft skin, therefore helping it to 'cling' to your skin.

Better yet, a set like this Jimmy Choo Flash Gift Set come with both a shower gel and body lotion. This is a gorgeous scent, but as it is a very fresh scent, it's often not quite as long lasting as some heavier scents. Using a matching scented shower gel will give yet another layer of scent underneath the body lotion and perfume itself, meaning the scent will last much longer than if just worn alone. To get the most out of your perfume, it is best to use it on soft, exfoliated skin, so using a scented shower gel on a loofa to gently scrub the skin before application will ensure the scent lasts as long as possible.

If you fancy something a bit cheaper, or if you're young and want something fresh and girly, Victoria's Secret body products are a good way to go. Their EDTs worn along with a matching body lotion, shower gel and body spray on top, will give you a super girl scent that lasts all day long!

I hope some of you found this post useful! All of the perfumes mentioned in this post are available on Click Fragrance for a discounted price, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're on the hunt for a new scent!


Friday 13 June 2014


Hello lovelies! Sorry once again for not posting for a while, yet another very busy week! I very rarely do actual haul posts, as I'm very bad for getting photos of new things, so I decided to pull some photos from instagram of a few things I've been buying lately, just in case you missed them, or just fancy a nose! 
First up, I went to Topshop in Stratford Westfields, which is one of my favourite Topshop stores, and was thrilled to find that they stocked Orelia jewellery! I was then more thrilled to find they had a sale! I managed to pick up this super cute little rose gold horse shoe necklace for £2, down from £10 and this rose gold star friendship bracelet for £5 down from £15, bargain! On the topic of jewellery, how beautiful is this coral statement necklace from New Look? New Look are on point with their statement necklaces this season and this one was only £7.99, so they're super affordable too. Also from New Look, scrunchies! I'm obsessed with this cute little scrunchies that seem to be everywhere lately and at New Look, you can get a pack of two for only £2.99, which is fab if you ask me.

Next up are my two amazing eBay bargains. The first is this beautiful iPad mini case from this seller for only £3.95. It reminds me of the the Marc Jacobs perfume bottles and why on earth wouldn't you love that? It's not the greatest quality in the world, but it's good enough and for less than £4, I could not say no to this beauty. I also managed to pick up these sunglasses, which were from Topshop last year for less than a fiver. They were brand new with tags and never worn, so I was pretty chuffed with that find!

I've been doing a lot of summer shopping lately as I've finally confirmed that I will be going away to spain this summer, so lots of bright colours are slowly making their way into my summer wardrobe. Two particular favourites of mine are this beautiful floral missguided bag and Miss Selfridge dress. Neither of which I can find on their websites any more - typical! I've already worn the dress on a night out with black heels and a black bag, but think these will look fab paired together too, particularly on an evening out in the summer.

What do you think of my latest finds? Have you found any bargains lately?

Monday 9 June 2014


Hey lovelies! This is going to be the first in a new series that I'm going to do on my blog called #BlondeProblems, all about caring for (not so natural) blonde hair. This series will be perfect for you if you, like me, have highlighted blonde hair, or bleached blonde, dyed blonde etc etc. However some of these may also be useful for you if you have naturally blonde hair and don't dye it, or if you aren't blonde at all just want some tips on damaged or coloured hair! So, this first post is going to be about

To give you a bit of background, my hair is naturally a light brown colour, it was very blonde when I was younger, but darkened as I got older and then I got bored of the dull brown and used to dye my hair red, purple, dark brown etc and it just wasn't good. But then when I was 15 or 16, I decided I wanted to go blonde again. Knowing absolutely nothing about hair, I decided to pick up a box of champagne blonde hairdye and pop it on my brown/ red purple washed out hair. I repeated this process over and over and over over a few months, and after a hideous orange blonde stage, I eventually got to a somewhat normal looking blonde.

Since then, I'd always dyed my hair myself using box dyes, never straight up bleach, but box dyes like nice n easy, garnier etc. For a while, this worked for me, however, recently after stopping wearing extensions for a few months, my hair has finally grown to a decent length, but grows really fast so that means dark roots very often. So, as I was dying my hair so often, I found it hard to keep it even. Getting hairdye even by yourself is very difficult as it is, so I was always using toning shampoos, so the top was getting very silvery, while the underneath remained a darker, very brassy blonde colour, as you can see above. For a while, it didn't bother me too much, but I got into a bit of a rut with toners as I felt like my hair looked awful when I didn't use one, but when I did, it built up so much that I ended up with a silver blonde tone on top, with a lot of awkward banding where I put different dyes on my roots all the time - not good!

So, to the salon I went! Finally. And as you can see above, I stuck with some honey blonde and golden tones, as my skin tone is warm and my natural hair leans warmer rather than ash, so anything more ashy would probably have washed me out and looked kind of grey, which is exactly what I wanted to get away from! My hair isn't styled at all in the photos above, so it's not looking its best, but I'm so pleased with the colour, as it feels much more natural and even, while still leaving a multi tonal effect. You can see in the photo at the top, the salon gave me a big, curly blow dry, which I loved and would love to be able to recreate, but I think I'll have to head back to the salon for special events!

So, overall, I think if you're naturally blonde and would like to slightly lighten or darken your colour, you may be okay to do your colour at home, but if you have darker hair and want to lighten more than a couple of shades, the salon is definitely worth the extra pennies! Let me know what you think of these posts, as I'll definitely be doing another one soon! Hopefully some products reviews coming up soon, but let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see.


Friday 6 June 2014


12 Things Every Girl Must Have in Her Handbag
“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”
Lauren Hutton

Confidence comes from preparation. So prepare yourself well with all the essentials you require, before stepping out of the house.
The first thing to do is to choose a quality handbag that has enough space to keep all your essentials. You can consider buying Louis Vuitton handbag from a reputable website likeHigh Replica. This ensures that you will get cheap LV replica bags & wallets in the right cost and with perfect quality.
12 Essentials for Every Girls Handbag

Make sure you have these 12 essentials in your handbag before you step out of the house.
Identity Proof: It is important to keep an ID proof like a driving license or your employer’s details. It is advisable to carry the one which has your current address and telephone number, so that in case of any emergency, like say an accident, the other people can help you reach your home orcan call up your family member. If you fear losing the originals, you can carry a photocopy of the Id proof.

Important DocumentsEssential documents like the smart card or the documents of your car, address book containing the number of important people in your life is crucial.

Medicine KitMake sure you have medicine for the frequent medical problem that you suffer. For example if you are asthmatic, you must keep inhalers. Likewise you must ensure common drugs like painkillers, or medicine for vomiting, fever and Band-Aids.

Hand Sanitizer and Tissue PaperYou need a handsanitizer to keep infectious germs and virus at bay. Just make sure you apply it before you touch your face or you eat something. Tissue paper comes handy in many situations like cleaning your face, hand or for scribbling something. It’s a must for girls with oily or combination skin

Safety PinsIn an emergency situation, like fixing your top if you lose a button and for similar situation, keep safety pins handy.

CosmeticsA women can’t do without them. Make sure you keep your moisturizer, your favorite lip color, a concealer or compact powder, eye pencil and a small mirror to glam-up for any occasion. Remember you are carryingLouis Vuitton replica handbags, make sure your look match up to your branded purse

Cell phones and keys:  Make sure when you step out of house, you always have the keys of your car, house and the place you are heading to.  Leaving behind cell phone is not even a choice. So make sure you carry them in your clutch

Feminine hygiene productsEnsure that you always have 2 pair of sanitary pads in your bag to save yourself from any possible embarrassment.

Hair essentialsBased upon the length and texture of your hair, make sure you have some hair-clips, hair-bands (if you use) and some hairspray in case you have a frizzy hairs.

Sun protection itemsEnsure a proper protection from the harmful effects of the UVA radiationKeep a sun-block, a scarf to protect your hairs and face, an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water to protect yourself from dehydration.

Cash and CardsIt is the most essential item. Make sure you do not completely depend upon the cards. Keep a sufficient amount of cash and also carry your credit and debit card.

Stationery essentialsBased upon the nature of your work, carry essentials like a pen, a journal and a pair of reading glasses, if you need one and so on.
Once you know what all you need, arrange for them and choosegood Louis Vuitton handbags and flaunt it with style.

Thursday 5 June 2014


Hi lovelies! On my most recent trip to Stratford Westfield (a record four times in May), I tortured my poor boyfriend Darren by spending a seriously long time in 'Kiko', a makeup shop that I'd never actually been in before. I'd always walked past it and kind of ignored it when shopping in Westfield, but this time, I wandered in and instantly wondered why I'd bypassed it so many times.

Let me tell you, this shop is heaven on earth (not for boyfriends, but definitely for us ladies), they had a huge range of everything, eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, base products, nail polish, skincare etc etc etc. The colour ranges are huge and the best part? It's seriously reasonably priced! The prices ranged from £2.50 for a nail polish to around £19 for an anti-aging cream, with a lot of the makeup priced under £10. I could've picked up so many things, but I was very restrained as I hadn't tried the brand before so didn't really know what to expect.

So, after a lot of browsing, I finally decided on two lipsticks in the shades 900 and 910 and and a blush in the shade 109. The two 'Smart Lipsticks' were priced at £3.90, while the blush was £7.50, so all pretty reasonable as it all came to just over £15. One thing I don't love is the fact that the shades are all numbered and don't have names, I know it's not important and doesn't affect the quality in the slightest, it's just something I like! The website lists descriptions for the shade numbers but not actual names, so 900 is rosy beige, 910 is baby pink and the blush, 109 is candy rose.

When I swatched the lipsticks on the back of my hand in store, I was seriously impressed with the buttery texture and fab pigmentation for a product priced at less than £4. When I got them home and tried them on my lips, I was even more impressed! The quality is just incredible for the price, they're super soft and smooth on the lips and leave a satiny finish, not too glossy but not matte or drying either. The formula glides over the lips, leaving a smooth finish without clinging to any dry patches at all. While it looks like a slightly darker nude in the bullet, shade 900 is a gorgeous very slightly pink toned nude, perfect for everyday, or use with a darker lipstick. It reminds of a slightly less concealer lips version of 'Creme D'Nude' by MAC. The pink, '910' is a bright, but light barbie pink. It's light enough to wear during the day, but the brightness gives a statement effect, without going too mad! I can't wait to wear this on holiday with a tan!

The blush is called 'Soft Touch Blush' and it definitely fits the name! The formulation is so smooth and soft and not at all chalky, which can be a problem with a lot of lighter coloured powder blushes. There isn't a great deal of fallout and dustiness when you swirl your brush in the pan either which I like. Due to the softness of the product, the colour sticks to your setting powder or foundation and really sticks around all day long. '109' is a beautiful natural rosy pink. There isn't any shimmer to this blush, so it's perfect for if you want a natural look, but still want a rosy pink colour to your cheeks. This has become my go to blush as it's so easy to wear and perfect for everyday.

If you're interested in Kiko you can check out their website here. (No, this isn't a sponsored post, I was just seriously impressed with the brand!)

Let me know your thoughts! Have you tried anything from Kiko? What would you recommend?


Tuesday 3 June 2014


Hi lovelies! Hopefully, this week I shall be finally booking my summer holiday - eeek! I wasn't actually expecting to be able to have one this year due to a lot going on and lots of exciting things to be saving for, but as the summer creeps closer and closer, we've decided we can't go without one and should hopefully be jumping on the plane to spain sometime in August - yippee!! So, of course, that meant I was straight on the internet looking for bikinis, summer dresses, flip flops etc etc and both high street and high end have so many amazing pieces right now, I could literally spend a fortune! (But I won't, as I now have a holiday to pay for). However, I thought I'd share a few of my top picks with you all - a few of which will no doubt sneak into my online basket in the near future, don't you just hate it when that happens?

Of course, I had to add a Triangl Bikini! They have absolutely swarmed the blogosphere and I can see why! The style and fit of every single one is just beautiful. My absolute favourite has to be this bright pink one (surprise surprise), I think this colour is amazing with a tan so I'd loooove to be able to wear this beauty on the beach! With the beach in mind, I picked out this beautiful Ted Baker Shopper Bag, while it's probably too beautiful to actually use on the beach, it's definitely a very summery 'holiday bag'. I'd probably use this on days out and as my hand luggage on the plane, so I could feel super summery from the moment I hit the airport!

When it comes to sunglasses, I don't think you can beat a good pair of cat eyes and these white ones from River Island are just amazing! I think white is just that bit nicer than black for a holiday and as I tend to wear lots of bright colours, they're go with absolutely everything. They're super inexpensive too, so you wouldn't mind too much if they got sat on or lost at sea!! Speaking of bright colours, how amazing is this Topshop Necklace? If you know me at all you'll know I love a good statement necklace and this one is just incredible. With a plain white dress and some pretty sandals you'd be good for a night out in no time.

This tropical print Bodycon Dress is from Miss Selfridge and I am completely in love with it. It could be worn during the day with flip flops or dressed up at night with wedges or heels. I think the print is just stunning too, I may have to pick this one up very soon! Perfect to pair with this dress (and many other outfits!) are these white Ted Baker Flip Flops, I already have several pairs of these in other colours and in slightly different styles and they're my favourite flip flops ever. They're super comfy and really easy to clean, particularly if you go to a sandy beach.

What do you think of my picks? Is there anything you have your eye on for summer?


Monday 2 June 2014


Hi lovelies! A quick blogsale for you all, more to be added later! Payment to be made via paypal £3.50 shipping on all UK orders. Contact if you're interested in anything! x

Asos Size 4 Oversized Fox Print Dress: £7 // Miss Selfridge Size 6 Blue Lace Dress £8


Size Small Cat Print Dress: £5 // Size 6 H&M Polka Dot Dress: £7  

Size 6 Boohoo Floral Dress: £6 // New Look Size 6 Shift Dress: £6

F&F Size 6 Shift Dress: £6 // Mango Size XS Navy Shift Dress: £5