Wednesday 25 June 2014


Hello lovelies! If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll know that recently, I received a very exciting surprise package from none other than Benefit Cosmetics! As it often is with Benefit, this package came with no warning whatsoever and the package itself was their most exciting one yet. If you seen any other bloggers raving about this particular press release, you'll already know that the package itself came with a video. Whaaaat? I was shocked when I opened the little booklet type thing (yes this is the technical term) and a little video started playing! They also included a hand USB lead, so said video is going to be at the bottom of this post, check it out - it's a good one!

First thing's first, I'm going to say now that I won't be reviewing the 'They're Real' mascara in this post, as I already reviewed it here. So you can check that one out if you'd like to! So this post is going to be about the fab new 'They're Real Push Up Liner' and 'They're Real Remover'.

I've always had a love hate relationship with gel liner, as I love how it looks as it's super black and very matte, but I hate how it usually smudges all over the place (for me at least!) and having to apply it with a brush. Well, Benefit, you have solved all my gel liner dramas with this one! The slogan 'Criminally Easy' is certainly not wrong! As you can see, this has a perfectly angled tip and you can turn the liner until just the right amount of gel has been pushed up, making it incredibly easy to draw the perfect cat eye along your eye. The line, once there seriously stays put too! It's very black, super matte and very long wearing. It doesn't move around as I've found with many gel liners in the past and stays seriously black all day long with no fading. If you love gel liner and want an easier option, this is definitely the way forward!

As for the remover, which you can see demonstrated above, it is amazing. Benefit are really clever for bringing out a matching remover because as the 'They're Real' mascara and liner duo are so long wearing, they're also a bit of a bugger to get off. However this smooth, gentle cream cleanser melts both away seriously easily. I put a little amount on my fingers then smooth it over my eyes with my fingers, which isn't the neatest way to do so, but it's what I find easiest! I then wipe it off with a damp cotton pad and my eye make up is all gone in just a few seconds! I've found the remover to be really gentle and as I'm not the most careful person with this sort of thing - oops! I have managed to get a fair amount in my eyes on occasion and I can report absolutely no sensitivity. Though of course, I don't recommend cleansing your eyeballs with the stuff any time soon, just in case.

I hope you liked this little peek into what's to come from Benefit. The liner will be available here on the Benefit website from June 27th, so if you fancy it, there's not too long to wait.

Until next time lovelies!



  1. I've seen these on blogs but I just didn't like the mascara and I'm terrible with eyeliner so I don't think I'd get on with these. I had an allergic reaction to the mascara :(

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  2. Great blog hun, and i really wanna try this! :) x

  3. Didnt like the liner but the eye make up remover looks good.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. Great post! Gonna try the mascara ;)

    xoxo Brie at

  5. These products look perfect - the idea of gel and pen being combined is perfect, and I had no idea the remover worked so well! These are definitely being added to the shopping list :)
    Mia xx

  6. Never seen the remover part of this, that does look amazing! Worth a go x

  7. I just can't seem to apply eyeliner at all, so i'm hoping this will be my saviour!
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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