Monday 9 June 2014


Hey lovelies! This is going to be the first in a new series that I'm going to do on my blog called #BlondeProblems, all about caring for (not so natural) blonde hair. This series will be perfect for you if you, like me, have highlighted blonde hair, or bleached blonde, dyed blonde etc etc. However some of these may also be useful for you if you have naturally blonde hair and don't dye it, or if you aren't blonde at all just want some tips on damaged or coloured hair! So, this first post is going to be about

To give you a bit of background, my hair is naturally a light brown colour, it was very blonde when I was younger, but darkened as I got older and then I got bored of the dull brown and used to dye my hair red, purple, dark brown etc and it just wasn't good. But then when I was 15 or 16, I decided I wanted to go blonde again. Knowing absolutely nothing about hair, I decided to pick up a box of champagne blonde hairdye and pop it on my brown/ red purple washed out hair. I repeated this process over and over and over over a few months, and after a hideous orange blonde stage, I eventually got to a somewhat normal looking blonde.

Since then, I'd always dyed my hair myself using box dyes, never straight up bleach, but box dyes like nice n easy, garnier etc. For a while, this worked for me, however, recently after stopping wearing extensions for a few months, my hair has finally grown to a decent length, but grows really fast so that means dark roots very often. So, as I was dying my hair so often, I found it hard to keep it even. Getting hairdye even by yourself is very difficult as it is, so I was always using toning shampoos, so the top was getting very silvery, while the underneath remained a darker, very brassy blonde colour, as you can see above. For a while, it didn't bother me too much, but I got into a bit of a rut with toners as I felt like my hair looked awful when I didn't use one, but when I did, it built up so much that I ended up with a silver blonde tone on top, with a lot of awkward banding where I put different dyes on my roots all the time - not good!

So, to the salon I went! Finally. And as you can see above, I stuck with some honey blonde and golden tones, as my skin tone is warm and my natural hair leans warmer rather than ash, so anything more ashy would probably have washed me out and looked kind of grey, which is exactly what I wanted to get away from! My hair isn't styled at all in the photos above, so it's not looking its best, but I'm so pleased with the colour, as it feels much more natural and even, while still leaving a multi tonal effect. You can see in the photo at the top, the salon gave me a big, curly blow dry, which I loved and would love to be able to recreate, but I think I'll have to head back to the salon for special events!

So, overall, I think if you're naturally blonde and would like to slightly lighten or darken your colour, you may be okay to do your colour at home, but if you have darker hair and want to lighten more than a couple of shades, the salon is definitely worth the extra pennies! Let me know what you think of these posts, as I'll definitely be doing another one soon! Hopefully some products reviews coming up soon, but let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see.



  1. I've always had my hair done by a hairdresser, but a couple of months ago I was trying to save myself some money & I tried to dye my roots myself, and it wasn't a disaster, but I wasn't happy with it at all! & I totally learnt my lesson! When it comes to blonde hair, it's worth the extra money it to get it done professionally!

  2. I've always died my hair at home with no problems, I pop a bit of conditioner on the ends to stop them going too light. Only negative where I'm naturally so dark now my roots come through every 5 weeks or so, so trips to the salon for me can work out pricy. Fortunately some roots growth seem acceptable these days thats my excuse for leaving it around 2 months between each dye job! :)

    I'm always mucking about with my hair, often spontaneously cutting a fringe in that I instantly regret!

    Jen xx

  3. Your hair is such a gorgeous blonde shade!

    Sophie x

  4. I have had my fair share of at home dying disasters so I always go to get it done professionally now haha. I used to have dark blonde but l like having highlights to brighten it up :) xx


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