Tuesday 17 June 2014


Aromatherapy is said to help battle the onset of psychological conditions including stress, depression, short term memory loss and insomnia. Although medical studies are limited, most medical professionals agree that relaxation is key to a good sleep pattern. Regular and prolonged sleep can lead to mental stability and support for the immune system, that fights disease.

Aromatherapy in combination with back or full body massage can be a wonder for management of stress but a considerable drain on finances. Worrying about your cash flow is not exactly relaxing. Explore with me the many cost effective “do it yourself” options, to use aromatherapy at home to melt away the hassles of day to day life and get some well deserved rest.
Essential oils.

Available in High street stores for a reasonable price Essential oils are the core of Aromatherapy. They are a distilled extract from raw plant materials with no added chemicals or ingredients. A pure essence of the plant or herb required.

My personal favourites.

Lavender: Soothing and relaxing, good for summer as its a natural insect repellent.

Eucalyptus: A natural disinfectant and cleansing oil great for reducing infection.

Rosewood: Skin care and detox.

Tsuga: Used to assist with respiratory problems and even Kidney ailments. This blood cleanser is a natural stimulant.

Yarrow: Used to combat joint pain.

Rose: Simply a pleasant fragrance ,often used as an after thought or warm down after other fragrances.
Methods of use.

The best method of application has to be the massage. This combines the healing skin contact and soothing smell with the muscle relaxation of the massage. I recommended recruiting your partner once in a while to help with this. Lay yourself face down on your Sleeptime stress free mattress after setting the lighting mood and maybe even some serene musical tones. The firm orthopaedic support of the bed should be the perfect support for a deep tissue massage.

Oil burners are used to vaporise the oils and allow you to causally breath them in. You could sit and read a book or play the crossword with your oil burner on in the room. You will feel the effects in no time without any effort. Just keep it topped up with water, or your nice new ornament will get burn marks.

Pop your essential oils into a hot bath for a double hit of medicinal help, the oils will effect your skin through direct contact through the water and you will breath the vapours in the form of steam. Just make sure everyone is out or has used the loo first, so you get some undisturbed time to soak.

Aromatherapy candles are an excellent option but are more limited then the other types of use. The candles are premixed with essential oils. This means you will have a very limited number of oil types or a shed load of candles. Good for a first time try or a one off. If you want choice and the same effect, invest in the burner.


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