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Work Wear Uniforms and Advertising

If you are a business owner and employ people to work for you, then you may wish to consider having standardised work wear uniforms for your members of staff. If you are in a business which involves facing the customers face to face, then it would a great idea to let them wear uniforms. Wearing one shows a level of professionalism and also helps for your workers to stand out from everybody else. You can also use the opportunity to advertise your company on the uniforms and help to create a brand identity for your business.

Work Wear for Any Industry

It really does not matter what industry that you are in; there is suitable work wear available which you can use as uniforms for your employees. There is just about every type of clothing that you can think of that would be used in a workplace such as:
Work Trousers
Hi Vis Jackets
Fleece Jackets
Sweatshirts and Hoodies
T-Shirts & Polo Shirts
Head Gear
Hi Vis Waistcoats
And much more!
You can choose to give your workers full uniforms and have them branded with your company logo and details, or you can choose to provide only a basic one such as jacket and trousers. Whatever you decide to use as your company uniform, you will need to make sure that you choose something which is practical, as well as durable.
The colour that you choose is also important, especially if your workers are liable to get dirty through their work. If you have a budget, you can produce this free of charge for your full time employees, or alternatively you can offer uniforms at a subsidised rate, so the company does not have to absorb the full cost of the uniforms. If you ask a lot of workers, especially if they tend to get dirty, they would most probably prefer to have uniforms even if it does cost them a small amount.

Advertising your Brand

As well as portraying a professional image of your company, you are also promoting your brand. If you provide vehicles for your workers, you will most likely use good-looking, tuned-up vehicles to promote your business and services that you offer. So why not do the same with your workers uniforms as well? The cost of embroidery or printing is pretty minimal when purchasing in bulk, so whatever kinds of clothes you are looking to supply to your workers, you can have them in your corporate colours, and promote your business to the public. This is a great form of advertising as your business is getting exposure where ever the uniform is worn, whether your workers are off duty or not! This does not mean that you should have a load and wacky uniforms to attract attention, remember you want your workers to want to wear the uniforms!
When it comes to work wear uniforms, tasteful and practical colours are required, as well as being comfortable for your employees to wear. There are lots of places that you can advertise your business discreetly, whilst still being tasteful. You can place a badge on Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets, hats, gloves, as well as lots more items, and a badge can be discreet as well as also advertise and promote your brand. The back of jackets is also a good spot for promoting your brand if your workers are outdoors a lot.

The list really is endless, but you do need to keep your ideas useful and tasteful. The last thing you want is a mutiny of your workers, who do not want to wear an embarrassing uniform.



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