Friday, 25 July 2014


Hey lovelies! With just two days (eeeek!!) until my holiday, the packing panic is starting to kick in. I've been at work every day this week and will be today and tomorrow then on Sunday, I'm off! So, to avoid as much last minute stresses as possible, I created a check list of all the thing I need, in particular toiletries! I always find that once I get there I've forgotten something and the first day is spent trying to find the nearest supermarket and attempting to figure out foreign labels on various bath and body products! So, today I thought I'd share with you all my travel wash bag 'essentials' that will be coming away with me next week!

 As you can see, (almost) everything is going to be neatly tucked away into this gorgeous Catseye London Washbag*, I say almost everything as my shampoo and conditioner will be separate, as there's not quite enough room, but if you're not as product mad as me, you should have no problem with one of these washbags as they're a really good size. The fab thing about this bag in particular, is that it's waterproof inside and out, meaning if any spillage does happen, it can easily be wiped clean.

So, first up, face products! Let's face it, we don't always stick to a great skincare routine on a summer holiday, but that doesn't mean I can't go with good intentions! I'm bringing along my Body Shop Seaweed cleanser*, which is fab for the summer as it controls oil without being too drying. As well as this, I'm brining my Elemis Fresh Skin exfoliator* as it's lovely and gentle and won't scrub off my tan! I spoke about this Shiseido Facial Tanner/ SPF* in my last post, it's great because it's super light and doesn't clog the pores at all. As well as protecting from the sun, it also gives a light tan, which is perfect as we all know tans on the face don't last five minutes! Also from my last post, this EOS lip balm*, which is great for lips that get sore in the sun! Another item from the Body Shop, this Vitamin C moisturiser*, again, it's super light, which is good as I don't really need a heavy moisturiser at this time of year. Finally, I'm bringing along my lovely Eucerin Micellar Water* to take my makeup off at the end of the day - I will not succumb to lazy holiday face wipes!

For body (and uhh, teeth..) I'm not bringing too many products, as I just know I won't use them. However these few items are absolute essentials to me. First off, toothpaste - for obvious reasons! Then I'm bringing one of my fave summer scents, Victoria's Secret Love Spell, in perfume and shower gel form. This perfume is a fab size for travel as it's a nice small bottle, but still an amazing quality scent. For sun protection, I'm bringing my favourite ever aftersun, Malibu Miracle Tan, which promotes tanning and soothes skin after sun exposure and my fave sunscreen, Malibu Dry Oil spray, this is great because it makes the skin look glowy and helps you tan, but also protects perfectly. 

When it comes to holiday haircare, I do try to keep my hair in as good condition as I can, but with luggage restrictions, I've tried to keep haircare to a minimum as much as possible. So, on the shortlist we have Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defence, which I think is one of the best high street heat protection sprays out there, it keeps the hair soft and smooth and defends perfectly against blow dryers and straightners, which let's face it, are definitely going to be coming with me! I also got a mini bottle of Lee Stafford Protection spray, which protects against swimming pools and the sun's UV rays, perfect for a holiday! I then got the 'Bee Strong' Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner, as I think they're a great size, as travel sized shampoos can often be a bit too small for me. As your hair obviously gets oiler than usual in the hotter weather, dry shampoo is a must. This Floral Batiste one is my absolute favourite right now as it's such a gorgeous bottle and a really pretty smell. Finally, what's summer without some bright, 90s inspired scrunchies?

Finally the awkward essentials! Today, we find out I'm the type of blogger that puts pictures of tampons on her blog, but let's face it, the three things above that can seriously ruin a holiday, periods, hairy areas and dodgy sweaty smells! The tampons need no explanation, but the other two are my absolute faves right now. The Venus & Olay razors are amazing, as you don't need a shaving gel for them, so it's suitcase friendly and super easy to use. This Right Guard deodorant is great, as it's an antiperspirant that actually works so this is definitely coming with me to super sunny Spain!

What do you think of my picks? Have I forgotten anything important? Let me know! 

*Products marked with an astrix were gifted to me, all opinions are my own.



  1. I love your washbag! I think I need to try the Seaweed Cleanser, it sounds so good for my oily skin! :)
    Hope you have a lovely holiday!!

    Jess xo

  2. I love that it looks like a little baby satchel! Our hair products are almost identical, it was so strange to see!

  3. Victoria's Secret Love Spell is such a gorgeous scent! Such a great post, I love the wash bag too!! xx

  4. Lovet he makeup bag

  5. I love what is inside your blog. Esp the dry shampoo. it is my fave <3



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