Sunday 10 August 2014


Hey beauts! Before I went on holiday, I was sent an email by the lovely people at Bass Buds asking if I'd like to review a pair of their headphones. In all honesty, I'd never really bothered looking too much into getting 'proper' or 'decent' headphones, but as these ones were so pretty, I had to give it a go! Bass Buds are described as a 'high performance, luxury in ear headphones', this description is perfect for the headphones, as they're so cute! I know headphones are ultimately all about the sound, but looking cute at the same time can't be bad! The Bass Buds tagline is 'Your Colour, Your Style', as these little beauties, all complete with swarovski crystals, come in several colours, so you can choose your favourite and go with which one best suits your style.

With this in mind, I went for the white, as I've been wearing (and buying!) a lot of white clothes and accessories lately and the uniform in the salon I work in is all white, so I like my headphones to match my clothes on the way to work - bit sad, but true! Being a Fashion and Beauty blogger really does take over your life in that way! The headphones turned up super well packaged in a stylish looking box with a certificate of authenticity, a protective pouch and several sizes of their fab memory foam ear buds, which you can use on the headphones for extra comfort when wearing them for longer periods of time (these were fab on the plane when I went away!).

So, they look fab, they come in a cute box and there's a huge choice of different colours, but most importantly, how are they when it comes to actually listening to music? Well, I am pleased to report that they are fab! The sound quality is absolutely amazing, where I'd only had cheaper headphones before, I'd never really known what difference 'luxury' headphones could make. However I can definitely tell the difference, the sound is much clearer and when you're wearing them, literally all sound around you is completely blocked out - this comes in particularly handy on a plane or on the tube!!

Overall, I'm seriously impressed with my gorgeous new headphones and if you think fashion and music are the perfect pairing, definitely check out and check out their fab range of colours and styles and choose which one best suits your style!



  1. Aw! These are adorable - I love the little diamante studs!
    Beth x

  2. Those earphones are so girly, I want them! x


  3. I have always wanted sound blocking headphones but they're just too big to carry around and I never knew you could get them in ear bud form! I love that these come with different sized ear pieces because I find a lot of earbuds hurt my ears because they're too big.

  4. I have these in neon pink, I love them, amazing quality and so stylish! x


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