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Eyelash enhancing compounds are of great help, if you are seeking quick enhancement in the length and volume of your eyelashes. It is important to choose them wisely, however. Considering that lash enhancing serums would be applied directly on your lashes, checking on the safety factor would be most important. To start with you check on the top 5 eyelash enhancer products on The article provides a short account of each, so that you can choose from an informed perspective.

Neulash Enhancement Serum

The Neulash lash enhancing serum is a nutrient rich formulation that provides comprehensive benefits, beyond conditioning. Armed with the Active Eyelash Technology, it helps in improving the length and volume of eyelashes within a matter of a month! It contains sodium hyaluronate, which is capable of holding about 1000 times its own weight in moisture. This saturates the lashes and hydrates them for a soft, elastic and shiny look. The formulation also contains Biotin, which is an essential vitamin along with bioengineered peptides for strengthening the lashes.

Lash Enhancement Serum my Marini

This formulation has been around since 2005 and has proved to be the trendsetting formulation in many ways. Marini Lash Factor was the first prostaglandin free eyelash enhancement compound which found favor among users. It has imparted sustained results over these years. Marini is largely free from side effects. However, basic usage norms need to be abided by. You should apply it like eyeliner close to the roots of eyelashes. Smudging should be avoided. It contains nourishing ingredients like tea leaf extracts and folic acid for nourishing the follicles and helping them grow.

Lash Factor by MD

The MD Lash Factor is a revolutionary formula that helps in achieving longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes within a month. The formulation successfully blends latest technologies with ingredients that are 100% safe. The cytokine complex present in this formulation helps in providing the eyelashes with adequate and essential nutrition that helps in fuelling the growth of health, thicker, and longer looking lashes. Thiotaine is a key ingredient of this formulation. It is a peptide derived from mushroom which helps in protecting and nourishing the eyelashes. It is prostaglandin free too.

ActivLash Eyelash Enhancement Serum

This is one of the simplest formulations that deliver strongly on its promises. It promises to improve the appearance of the most brittle and stubbly lashes. The product delivers on its promise of being gentle yet effective. It has passes the skin irritation study conducted by dermatologists and the potential eye irritant study conducted by ophthalmologists. It is cruelty free and fragrance free. Besides, it also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.


This formulation promises to provide visibly longer and voluminous eyelashes within a matter of 4 to 6 weeks and is paraben free. It is armed with a highly powerful peptide based formulation. It protects lashes and eyebrows against breakage as well.

Now that you are completely aware of the top 5 eyelash enhancer products, choosing would be simple. Make sure you check on trusted reviews before you choose.


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