Friday 1 August 2014


In order to deal with loss of eye lashes, it is important to know howto grow longer eyelashes naturally, according to experts at Lash Serum Reviews who feature reviews for eyelash growth and enhancement products. But before you can start growing longer eye lashes we can have look at what the causes of loss of eye lashes are. The other concern is often for people to use eye lash products that help to grow better and longer eyelashes and how to judge them.

Causes of Loss of Eyelashes

There are numerous reasons that cause the loss of lashes. The most common cause can be the inflammation, injury or irritation in the eye caused by trauma bacterial infection or skin diseases. A lot of medications may cause loss of hair from the eyelids. For instance, chemotherapy can loss of hair. Other medical causes that may cause lash hair fall include increased body toxins and endocrine. There is also the psychiatric condition where the patient has the ill habit of plucking tweezing and pulling off his or her lashes. Another disorder to look out for when it comes to hair loss in patches is alopecia areata. Blepharitis is a condition which is the inflammation of the eyelids. After bacterial infection and abnormal oil production in the eyelid glands, this is also the most severe cause of the loss of eye lashes. This condition is mostly lead by conditions such as rosacea, acne, and even dandruff. Read to know how to grow longer lashes.

Tips to Grow Back Eye Lash Hair Naturally

Here are tips to not only prevent further loss of eyelashes but also to grow longer eyelashes naturally:
  • Once you are aware of root cause of the hair loss you can immediately put a stop to it from escalating further. Hair re-growth may happen naturally after that. However, if that does not happen you could opt for a beauty regime to grow longer eyelashes.
  • Stop using heavy eye cosmetics, including mascaras that are meant for heavier or to virtually make eyelashes look dense. Also, do not forget to remove eye-makeup before you go to sleep at night.
  • Add a lot of food that consists of Vitamin B complex that is a must for your solution on how to grow longer eyelashes naturally.
  • Moisturizing of the eye lashes is extremely important to prevent breakage and also nourishing the eye lashes roots at the same time. It is a similar concept to normal hair growth and nourishing the scalp. These moisturizers are available in drug stores as well as cosmetic stores.
  • However, if you want a complete product that is able to look after the nourishment, care and re-growth of your eyelashes naturally, serums made with herbal and natural extracts are a good way to start with.

The serums sometimes come with creams or supplements which are to be taken along with the serum application. They have mascara-like applicator which makes it easy to use and works wonders to grow longer eyelashes naturally.

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