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Buying diamonds can be an expensive affair. However, because diamonds are rare and in limited supply, you can rest assured about the return on your investment. Moreover, diamonds are a timeless favorite. No other stone can express your love like a diamond. Thankfully, there are ways to purchase these precious stones at discounted rates.
If you choose to buy online, you can get substantial discounts off the original price. Acclaimed online jewelry retailers like Union Diamond diamond jewelry at a lower rate. Moreover, some of these online stores also provide a mind boggling collection of gold and platinum jewelry in order to ensure that you can get everything from one store.
Tips on Buying Diamonds for Less

Just because you are shopping for a deal on diamonds does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality. Consider checking the four C’s of your diamond to be assured of itsquality. Here are some useful tips.
Consider the clarity grade  You can find out the clarity grade of any diamond by checking its diamond gradingcertificate. Diamonds with clarity grade lower than SI2 arecheaperAlthough these items have some inclusions, theycan look perfect with the naked eye. Nobody will be able to notice the blemishes, while you can enjoy a low price.

Consider weight  You can also save a lot by opting for aless than one carat diamond. If you opt for stone that weighs just shy of one carat, you can you can save a good amount of money. For instance, an 80 pt diamond would look almost as large a one carat. However, the difference in pricing would be considerable.

Avoid round shapes – Another way to save is by selecting a fancy shape diamond, such as an oval or marquise. These diamonds appear much larger than their carat weight and are frequently priced lower than round or princess cut diamonds.
Also note that your diamond jewelry could look bigger in certain designs and patterns. For instance, you can opt for Tulip orTiffany setting items to make the stone look larger.

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