Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hi lovelies! I don't know about you guys, but every single year as August slowly comes to an end, I find myself getting more and more excited for the autumn. Despite the inevitable freezing cold winter that will follow all too quickly, I've always loved the time of year between mid september and early November when the leaves start to turn and knitwear and boots weather is upon us. If you know me at all, you'll know I absolutely love the summer, but autumn is quite easily my favourite time of the year by far. So, if you're getting the late summer blues, here are a few reasons why you should get excited for autumn!

Cold Nights
Again, I love the summer, but what I do not love is hot, sticky, humid nights. I'm a naturally cold person but even I can't stand a thick duvet during the warmer months. In the autumn it's time for all of the blankets, cosy nights listening to the rain outside while you're snuggled up are the best kind of nights after all.

Pretty Days
There is literally no better sun than the autumn sun. When the rain subsides, (which admittedly isn't that often in England!) the autumn sun makes the red and orange leaves look so pretty. Suddenly the same streets you walk through every day look like something straight out of a story book!

Hot Drinks
As soon as the cooler weather hits, every coffee shop brings out brand new autumnul drinks to their menu. Spiced lattes and flavoured hot chocolate everywhere.

Yummy Food
Yes, you can eat nice food all year round, but when the weather gets colder, soups, stews and roast potatoes are suddenly much more appetizing than they are in the summer, when all you want is ice cream! I'm a bit of a 'healthy' soup obsessive, so if any of you guys would be interested in some recipes, let me know.

The best kind of clothing. Jumpers and cardis make up around 90% of my A/W wardrobe and I love them. Autumn is definitely my favourite time for fashion overall, as it's not so cold you're covering up in a huge coat every day, but not so hot that the idea of layers makes you want to crawl into a freezer in your bikini and stay there. Tights and boots, jumpers and shirts, I can see the outfit posts already...

On the topic of autumn fashion, it is also, in my opinion the number one accessory season. Lightweight scarves, patterened socks, jewellery over jumpers, wooly hats etc, it's the perfect time to layer them on and not worry about the hot weather making you want to tear them all off in a sweaty rage! Not to mention the fact that a beanie hides a multitude of sins when it comes to bad hair days.

Cosy Pjs
After weeks of struggling to wear just a t shirt in bed, you can once again snuggle up in full length my little pony bottoms and a cosy hoodie and fuzzy socks and it is fab. Not sexy, but definitely cosy and god damn adorable. That's my excuse anyway.

The X Factor
Pretty much a countdown to Christmas (there, I said it), you know the autumn is well and truly here when you're sat on your sofa cringing at hundreds of wannabes butchering 'My Heart Will Go On', it's a yes from me.

#SorryNotSorry. Like it or love it, it is the beggining of cuddle season, hot weather and too much contact with other human beings is not so fun, but getting cosy in the cooler weather is great, particularly if you're both wearing your comfys and have a fab film (or the X Factor) on. It doesn't just have to be your boyfriend either, your dog or cat make a great cuddle partner, or even spoon your best friend!

Because any excuse to dress in fancy dress is fine by me. Halloween also doubles as mine and Darren's unofficial anniversary, which makes it super special too!

Who doesn't love colourful explosions in the sky? Except most dogs of course. By even so, fireworks are fab and going to displays at the beginning of November is one of my absolute favourite things ever. 

An Extra Hour in Bed!
The clocks go back, which means less daylight, but an extra hour of sleep. It's not a long time and it's not a big deal, but when it's on a work night, it feels like such a luxury, though I always end up going to bed an hour later than usual, so it doesn't really count, but it still feels like a bonus!

So, what do you think? Have I got you excited for autumn yet? 
What's your favourite thing about the autumn?



  1. I think I love autumn because that is the perfect time to wear dark lipsticks. :)) and of course love autumn clothing pieces.


  2. Can't wait for Autumn, kinda feels like it already doesn't it :) btw that jacket is so pretty!

    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. That coat is beautiful! I'm really looking forward to autumn. I love the autumn/winter fashion. I've also recently bought MAC Rebel lipstick which I'm really looking forward to wearing, I think it could be my new favourite autumn lipstick xx


  4. Where is this coat from? I need it in my life! x

  5. Autumn is my favourite season! Where are the boots and jumper from? I love them both!

  6. Amen to all of these! Autumn really is the best season of them all!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  7. I love how you have described everything so well! I completely agree, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and I'm gettig super excited as it's started to get a little chilly! I really hope it snows this year too as we missed out last time!

    Ayesha xxx


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