Monday 1 September 2014


Hi lovelies! Happy September! I've said it before, I'll say it again, I love the Autumn, so as it is officially September, expect lots of posts on the subject! Though it's not officially Autumn yet, the British Weather begs to differ and so do I. As soon as August is over, I am officially in tights and boots mode and almost get a bit annoyed when we have a September heatwave! So, while it's still a bit grey out and I don't feel like a weirdo writing about coats and boots, I'm going to share my Autumn Staples for 2014.

The Denim Dress
I've been seeing denim dresses, particularly shift dresses like this one, absolutely everywhere lately. I love this one from Boohoo, as it looks fab both with or without tights, making it perfect for this time of year. The quality is fantastic and I love the cut and fit of the dress. This is actually on sale for only £12 right now too, so even better!

The Fluffy Jumper
Big fuzzy jumpers are always a favourite during the autumn and winter, but the fluffy texture seems to be creeping in everywhere at the moment. This particular one was a bargain at just £10 from Primark. They have it in store in loads of different colours so it's definitely worth a peek if you like the fluffy knitwear trend, but don't want to part with too much of your hard earned cash, Primark is definitely the way to go!

The Pink Coat
A fab, statement coat or jacket is always a favourite for A/W and this year, pink is back! Pink coats were huge in 2013, so if like me, you bought one last year, you can recycle this year! I'm not sure you can still get this exact one in stores, but they have it is a size 8 here and a size 12 here on ebay! Pink coats are everywhere right now so it won't be difficult to track one down if you didn't have one in your A/W 2013 wardrobe.

The Tartan Scarf
Again, another trend that's back from last year, the tartan scarf. Mine is from Boohoo and only cost £8, which is fab as they're usually much more expensive. Tartan seems to be really in this year, printed dresses, coats and skirts are all over the high street right now, but if you're a bit wary of the trend, a gorgeous statement scarf like this one is a fab way to wear the trend without going all out 'Clueless'.

 The Statement Bag
You've probably all seen this fab Follie Folli Bag* on my blog before, as I featured it in a summer post, however I think because of the colour, it's fab for Autumn too. This would go with so many gorgeous Autumn colours, but also is fab for brightening up a plainer outfit too - perfect!

The Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are easily my favourite style of boots, particularly military/ biker boots like these. I love shorter boots because they look fab with anything jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts etc, but they're also great because you can wear them with cute socks poking out too, which I think is super cute! Again, I think these are great for this time of year, as they're not too wintery that they look silly in the slightly warmer weather, but they're more suited to the unpredictable British weather than flip flops or flats!

What do you think of my picks? What are your favourite things to wear in the Autumn? 



  1. Definitely agree with the pink coat and fluffy jumper.. I'm patiently waiting for both of these to come in stock in Primark!xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. I have the same fluffy jumper but in cream/nude! They're so cosy! Love the scarf too!

  3. Absolutely lovely picks! I haven't looked on Boohoo in a while but I'm heading straight over now- the scarf is adorable. I really want to get black high waisted skinny jeans, chelsea boots and a cute coat for autumn.
    Julz Obsessions xx

  4. Lovely picks! x

  5. I love the pink coat and tartan scarf!

    Sophie x

  6. Totally in love with the bag and denim dress might have a nosey on boohoo!

  7. Ah I'm so in love with the tartan trend too and I constantly wear boots throughout the year, they're just so fab!

  8. I'm loving that denim dress! It's so hard to find one that isn't bright blue if you get what I mean and I love the colour of this one - looks like I'll be heading to boohoo next haha. Great post.

  9. I love what you picked up, especially the denim dress! It's super cute but also has an edge to it.

  10. Lovely staples! I love tartan at this time of year too, xx
    Jessie @ All Things Beautiful


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