Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hi lovelies! For a long time now, I've been in search of the perfect black bag. It sounds mad, as a black handbag is a huge staple in every girls wardrobe and while I did have one or two, I never had a 'go to' black bag for everyday. So, when payday rolled around last month, I made it my mission to go in search of the perfect black bag for everyday, as I think black is so much more practical as the Autumn/ Winter rolls around as it goes with absolutely everything.

So, I knew I wanted a decent sized bag, but not so big that I'd be tempted to carry a ton of unnecessary rubbish round with me like I usually do. I knew I wanted one with a long strap, but also with the option to carry on my arm if I wanted to as well - gotta have options! I also wanted a nice brand, i.e. no £20 New Look or H&M bag that would last one season then fall to bits, but not too expensive either. You would not believe how hard it was to find a bag that fit these specifications without spending a ton of money! So, after looking online and in stores for days, I'd almost given up hope and thought I was going to have to save up for a several hundred pound bag, when a Kurt Geiger ad popped up on facebook.Let me tell you, if you haven't thought of Kurt Geiger for bags before, (because let's face it, you think KG, you think shoes, right?) then think again!

I knew as soon as I saw the Alexandra Lock Bag by Carvela that it was definitely the one! It literally has everything I was looking for in my A/W arm candy. It's made from a sturdy faux leather material with both short handles, perfect for holding on your arm and a long strap, making it comfortable to wear on your shoulder too. It's a medium size, not so tiny you can't fit anything in there, but not so big that I'll be tempted to bring my whole house out with me every day. It comfortably fits my purse, small makeup bag, iPad mini, umbrella, diary, phone, iPod, keys etc.

At £75, I think this bag is a fab price for the quality and I honestly think it looks so much more expensive than it is. It feels super sturdy and it's incredibly well made too. The design of the bag is timeless and classic and should last me a long time and through several seasons as it's fab for this time of year as well as winter then through to spring. I do like to switch up my handbags, but I think having a classic black bag is perfect for everyday use and will go with almost every outfit, particularly during the A/W time.

You can purchase this bag on the Kurt Geiger website here. Also, if you use the code 'KGSEPT20', you can get 20% off!

What do you think? What's your favourite bag for A/W?



  1. That's a really great price for such a nice bag, I would have definitely thought it was over £75. I love it, the black makes it look so much more classy too. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. That's such a gorgeous bag and will go with everything! Accessorize bags are pretty good, I've had mine for a couple of years now and it's still going strong :D. You've made me want/need a black back now though haha xxx

    Sarah Speaks

  3. That bag is gorgeous, and so reasonably priced. That 20% code is deffo way too tempting...

    Sophie x

  4. This bag is so stunning and even more so considering the price!

  5. Oooh i love this... I too was after a great, black, classic bag and found mine last year...

    They are very similar ay.. Canni believe this one was only £75! Bargin!

    Polly xx

  6. Absolutely dying and going to heaven. This bag is so beautiful and the price is amazing. I'd never ever think of them for bags - they just don't really promote them enough to realise that they even sell them! x

  7. I was wondering whether it will fit a Macbook Air 13inch with a .05mm case, the bag looks lovely and I was just wondering before I buy the bag


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