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12 Things Every Girl Must Have in Her Handbag
“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”
Lauren Hutton

Confidence comes from preparation. So prepare yourself well with all the essentials you require, before stepping out of the house.
The first thing to do is to choose a quality handbag that has enough space to keep all your essentials. You can consider buying Louis Vuitton handbag from a reputable website likeHigh Replica. This ensures that you will get cheap LV replica bags & wallets in the right cost and with perfect quality.
12 Essentials for Every Girls Handbag

Make sure you have these 12 essentials in your handbag before you step out of the house.
Identity Proof: It is important to keep an ID proof like a driving license or your employer’s details. It is advisable to carry the one which has your current address and telephone number, so that in case of any emergency, like say an accident, the other people can help you reach your home orcan call up your family member. If you fear losing the originals, you can carry a photocopy of the Id proof.

Important DocumentsEssential documents like the smart card or the documents of your car, address book containing the number of important people in your life is crucial.

Medicine KitMake sure you have medicine for the frequent medical problem that you suffer. For example if you are asthmatic, you must keep inhalers. Likewise you must ensure common drugs like painkillers, or medicine for vomiting, fever and Band-Aids.

Hand Sanitizer and Tissue PaperYou need a handsanitizer to keep infectious germs and virus at bay. Just make sure you apply it before you touch your face or you eat something. Tissue paper comes handy in many situations like cleaning your face, hand or for scribbling something. It’s a must for girls with oily or combination skin

Safety PinsIn an emergency situation, like fixing your top if you lose a button and for similar situation, keep safety pins handy.

CosmeticsA women can’t do without them. Make sure you keep your moisturizer, your favorite lip color, a concealer or compact powder, eye pencil and a small mirror to glam-up for any occasion. Remember you are carryingLouis Vuitton replica handbags, make sure your look match up to your branded purse

Cell phones and keys:  Make sure when you step out of house, you always have the keys of your car, house and the place you are heading to.  Leaving behind cell phone is not even a choice. So make sure you carry them in your clutch

Feminine hygiene productsEnsure that you always have 2 pair of sanitary pads in your bag to save yourself from any possible embarrassment.

Hair essentialsBased upon the length and texture of your hair, make sure you have some hair-clips, hair-bands (if you use) and some hairspray in case you have a frizzy hairs.

Sun protection itemsEnsure a proper protection from the harmful effects of the UVA radiationKeep a sun-block, a scarf to protect your hairs and face, an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water to protect yourself from dehydration.

Cash and CardsIt is the most essential item. Make sure you do not completely depend upon the cards. Keep a sufficient amount of cash and also carry your credit and debit card.

Stationery essentialsBased upon the nature of your work, carry essentials like a pen, a journal and a pair of reading glasses, if you need one and so on.
Once you know what all you need, arrange for them and choosegood Louis Vuitton handbags and flaunt it with style.

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