Wednesday 1 October 2014



Hi lovelies! I have a review for you all today from my absolute most favourite makeup brand ever, Benefit! Recently, I've had a bit of a thing for eyeshadows and while I've been loving the high street for bargain palettes lately, this little 'World Famous Neutrals' kit from Benefit has caught my eye several times, so I finally gave in and bought it. Best. Decision. Ever.

Honestly, I don't know how they do it but I have genuinely never tried a Product that I didn't actually like. So, when trying new things, the little kits like this one are fab as you get several products all in one, very cute, incredibly well presented package. More than the actual shadows themselves, I was super excited to try the little cream shadows that come in this kit, I love using cream shadows as a base for my regular eyeshadow and having always stuck with my MAC paint pots, (which don't get me wrong, still have a very special place in my heart!) I was ready for a change. 

All I can say is wow. The two 'creaseless cream eyeshadows', 'Birthday Suit'(brushed chrome) and 'My Two Cents' (polished copper), are absolutely stunning, you can see from the swatch above how gorgeously pigmented these are and they apply like a dream, super smooth and can be blended out for a more subtle look or built up for a richer, more pigmented finish. I am also pleased to report these can be worn alone or with eyeshadows over the top with absolutely no creasing all day long. The one teeny tiny little grumble I have about these is the size of the pots. I totally understand that they need to be small to fit inside the kit, but for someone with long nails like me, it's a bit of a nightmare to get your finger in there! I get around it by using a little brush though, which many people would probably do anyway, I just quite like apply cream shadows with my finger! That aside though, these really are fab products and I definitely want to add a few full sized versions to my collection in the near future.

As for the actual shadows themselves, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of them. Benefit isn't the first brand that tends to spring to mind when it comes to eyeshadow but let me tell you, these are incredible! The kit comes with four shades, 'Call My Buff' (pale shell), 'Kiss Me I'm Tipsy' (spiced brown), 'It's Complicated' (golden peach), 'Gilt-y Pleasure' (golden sand), these are all 'longwear' shadows, and when they say that, they're not joking! Applied over one of the cream shadows, these look as perfect at 8pm as they did when I applied them at 8am! The swatches above were done with just one fairly light touch of my finger, so you don't need a lot of product to get a rich, pigmented colour, making them great value for money too. 

All the shades in this palette compliment each other perfectly and it comes with a little book of tips and tricks and mirror in the lid of the box, making it fab for on the go, or as a palette for beginners, as you can create so many looks with the gorgeous shades provided and you can go from day to night all in one super handy little palette! 

As you can probably tell, I cannot say enough great things about this little beauty! The 'World Famous Neutrals' range has three variations, so if these shades aren't for you, I'm sure there will be one to suit you! These are available on the Benefit Cosmetics website, bonus, the 'Most Glamorous Nudes Ever' palette is the number one best selling eyeshadow item in the UK! This retails at £23.50, which for four good sized fab eyeshadows and two beautiful cream shadows, is pretty damn good if you ask me!

Let me know your thoughts! 
Have you tried any of the Benefit kits? What's your favourite?



  1. I have the easiest nudes palette, and I love it!!
    This one looks amazing aswell. :))

  2. I want this palette! The colours are perfect x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  3. The cream eyeshaddows sound absoloutley stunning and perfect for a base- and the shade selection of the powders is brilliant! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. Ahh Benefit cream eyeshadows are always gorgeous.

    Hannah Rose Williams

  5. I have this I adore the creamy ones but find I always go for Naked palettes over the powder shades :)

    This is a great idea!! Wish they did it at Mac :)

  6. These sound amazing, I always find Benefit products to be such good quality. I just adore their packaging too, I know packaging isn't everything but it's just so quirky and really cheers me up when I'm doing my make-up on an early morning! I love the names of the eyeshadows too :)
    Love Holly xx

  7. I have this and love it :) especially the cream shades x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // My Blog Giveaway

  8. I saw this on their counter last week and totally over looked it. So wish I hadn't now!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. Beautiful Palette! Benefit make stunning eyeshadows!

    Kirsty | KirstyLeigh


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