Saturday 4 October 2014


Hi lovelies! It's that time of year again! Well, okay, it isn't, it's October. However, due to the success of the #LDNXmasMeet blogger meetup last year, myself, Ellie and Perdi have decided to do it again! We are in the very first stages of organisation right now, so dates and venues are not yet confirmed, however the event will most likely be held on a weekend in mid December and will once again involve a meal and the chance to sit and chat to lots of lovely bloggers and we're in the process or scoring some fab goodies to give out to all of you on the day!

As I said, dates and venue are not yet confirmed and I will be checking in on Chloe's Way as well as on twitter @chloesway, every couple of weeks in the run up to the event to update you guys on what's going on. So first things first, we need to get a list of you lovely lot within the next few weeks to get a rough idea of how many people are interested so we can book a venue and get details sent over to you guys ASAP, giving you plenty of time to confirm whether or not we will be seeing your lovely face at the event!

For now, if you're interested in coming or just interested in getting further details before you decide, leave a comment below with your twitter handle, blog link and email address (twitter handles and blog links will be printed on the final guest list and given out on the day, so we can share your fab blogs with everyone who attends!) so I can get in touch with you with details. If you prefer, you can email me with these details on, with the subject #LDNXmasMeet.

Can't wait to hear from you!



  1. Looking forward to it xx

  2. I would love to be able to come, im a northern girl and would happily hop on the train down :)

    Kirsty | KirstyLeigh xx @kirstyleighx8

  3. I'm definitely interested in coming along!

    Twitter: @DippyWritesBlog

    x x

  4. I'm very interested!

  5. I'm definitely interested! I came last time and loved it! I would only be able to come on sundays though, as I work saturdays.


  6. Would love to attend this event.


  7. Oh i'm interested! Im on holiday until the 12th but if its after that I would love to go.

  8. I'd love to come!



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