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Hi lovelies! Today, I wanted to do a post on how I am getting prepared for Christmas this year. Most years, I don't really even begin to think about Christmas at least until Halloween has been and gone, but this year I'm doing things a bit differently. I decided that this year I was going to get organised. By this, I don't mean have everything over and done with by 1st November, because I think getting too prepared too early can actually take the fun out of preparing for Christmas in December. However, I'm going to share a few of my tips for taking the stress out of the Christmas period, meaning you can enjoy the festive season without and worries!

Things To Get Done Now
These are all things that I think are good to start now, in late October/ early November and get out of the way. Some of these are the boring bits, or more stressful parts that take a lot of time and aren't as much fun, others are just to help spread out the cost of the holiday season!

Writing Your Own Christmas List
This is a great thing to do early, as you never know when friends and family will start asking you for gift ideas. Of course lots of people will want to surprise you, but I know that some of my family like me to give them ideas for gifts and almost every year I get in a mad panic and have literally no ideas. Writing up a wishlist of things you'd really like to receive is not only very helpful for friends and family, but it's pretty fun too!

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family
In the same way others need ideas for you, you may want to start thinking of pressie ideas for other too! I start by making a list of everyone I need to buy presents for, then brainstorm ideas for each person. If you're super organised, you can set a budget for each person too, then as you buy things, you can keep track of how much you've spent. It sounds a bit over the top, but when you're on a budget, this can be really useful.

Start Buying Presents
This is where the fun bit starts! Let's face it, Christmas is a bloody expensive time of year and starting your shopping now will spread out the cost. Even if you just pick up little bits here and there, they will start adding up and take the pressure off a little. I've bought a good few presents so far as it's already taking the stress off a little. As I usually shop only in November and December, that usually only gives two pay days to buy pressies and cover all the nights out, dinners and other costs that come with the Christmas season! Spreading it out over just one more month can help hugely money wise.

Write Your Christmas Card List
Writing a list of everyone you need to write a Christmas card for and making sure you have updated addresses can be a long and mundane task. Getting it out of the way in October means one of the more dull Christmas activities is out of the way!

Things To Get Done Later
These are things that I'm planning on doing around mid November and aim to have finished by December. This is again so the cost of Christmas is spread out and so that everything gets done in stages rather than all in one big rush.

Buy and Write Christmas Cards
I don't know about you guys, but I really don't enjoy writing cards. It's one festive thing that I just can't get into at all. This is something I'll try to get out of the way fairly early, but not too early, as I've written them in October before, then lost them. To this day, I have no idea where those cards went, but having to write them twice was soul destroying.

Buy Decorations, Wrapping Paper etc.
I like to buy wrapping paper and decorations and other Christmassy things in November, as the shops start to run out of the nicer things during December and that's rubbish. Wrapping presents is one of my favourite things and I like to have first pick of the pretty paper!

Finish Most Present Buying
By the end of November/ early December, I like to have the majority of my shopping done. I just leave a little bit of my Chrismas budget for cute little extra gifts and stocking fillers. This way, the stressful 'What the hell should I buy?!' part of Christmas is over, but there's still time for fun shopping in December.

Plan Christmas Events/ Parties/ Nights Out
If you're planning on going out a lot over the festive period, it's a good idea to start getting dates booked in fairly early. People are busy this time of year and you want to make sure you can fit everyone in and get tables booked without disappointment.

Things To Save For December
These are the super Christmassy things that wouldn't feel right if they were done at any other time of year! I'm saving these for December so that I can truly enjoy the Christmas period without the stresses of all the small stuff!

Buying The 'Little Extras'
As I said, I tend to save little extra gifts and stocking fillers until December when the shops are super christmassy, there are lights everywhere and festive songs playing over the speakers in all the shops. This bit is super fun.

Wrapping Presents
I always save wrapping presents for December, when I can sit down with a hot chocolate and put Elf or The Holiday on and wrap away. This always feels super festive and fun and I love to really take time to make my presents look really pretty. I like doing this later in the year because they can go straight under the tree once they're done!

Handing Out Christmas Cards
This is pretty obvious. but you'll look like a bit of a nutter if you give out cards before December. I like to get them out a little later in the month, so that if I've forgotten anyone who gives me a card - I've still got time to write them one!

Decorating the House
Duh! We always do this in the first couple of weeks of December and that's when it really starts to feel like Christmas.

Baking and Home Made Gifts
This is another festive thing that's best left until later on, as baking in particular needs to be saved! Making home made gifts feels really Christmassy and it's another 'in front of a Christmas movie' activity. I'm not one for home made gifts really, mostly because I don't have the time or patience and kind of slightly love shopping a teeny tiny bit too much, but the odd thing like putting together hampers and Christmas baskets is something I really enjoy.

What do you think? What are you favourite Christmas activities?
Are you getting started already or are you saving it until later?

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  1. totally agree with starting shopping now, I am doing my shopping within the next 2 weeks as I don't want ot be in a big rush :)

    Melissa || x x

  2. Love these little lists, really enjoyed reading them.

    Hannah Rose

  3. I know the feeling I've been getting ready for chirstmas mega early this year! I love it! x

    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin

  4. I forgot how much planning goes into Xmas, I'm bookmarking this page so I know! I haven't even written my own list yet x

  5. That's a fantastic to-do list of Christmas preparation that I never seem to get done in time. I haven't even gotten candy, a pumpkin or a costume for Halloween yet. I think it would be a good idea for me to start on that list. My favourite Christmas activity is relaxing and eating cookies while watching DVDs.

  6. The only thing I ever prepare for early is thinking of gift ideas since I always end up being a last minute shopper!


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