Tuesday 21 October 2014


Hi lovelies! The other night on a night out with my friends, we were talking about how fun it would be to go to some sort of Casino night or somewhere similar one time, just for a different kind of night out. The closest thing we have in our home town is a slightly run down old Bingo hall full of little old dears, so we may have to venture out for that one! If venturing out isn't your thing, you could always play at home (or even from your phone!) on sites like CasinoMidas - all the fun of the Casino and you don't have to change out of your PJs!

Having my blogger brain on at all times, the Casino talk sparked an idea for a blog post, or perhaps series of blog posts 'What I'd Wear To...' where I think of various places I've never been to, or would like to go to and put together my dream outfit for that occasion! So perhaps what I'd wear to a Masked Ball, a Christmas Wedding... Leave any suggestions below, as my brain is still not fully functioning after being poorly all week last week!

So, when thinking about going to a super glam night in a Casino, my mind instantly turned to my new love, 'Style Me Celeb' and this gorgeous 'Diaz' Dress. It's a stunning light pink dress and I think it's very glamorous and would suit the Casino scene perfectly! With it, I think silver accessories like this fab Lulu Guinness clutch and Topshop heels would look amazing. I think the pink and silver would look absolutely gorgeous together - and let's face it, I was never going to go for a simple little black dress was I?!

Let me know what 'What I'd Wear To...' post I should do next, as I loved putting the outfit together for this one!



  1. Love the dress - the colours gorgeous x


  2. That pink Diaz dress is gorgeous! I love the design and that beautiful shade of pink. That Lulu Guinness lips clutch would be a lovely accessory when out at a casino.



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