Thursday, 31 July 2014


Thousands have lived without love, not one without water - W. H. Auden. Most of us are captivated by water. In fact, several scientific researchers have been conducted to identify people's fascination with the sea. A 2010 research conducted by Plymouth University in the UK found that most adults associate a positive mood with items representing on containing water. A gift that represents the ocean would be perfect for a loved one. The sea symbolizes endlessness, and we would want our relationships to be long-lasting. The ocean is mysteries and intriguing. It also symbolizes travel and adventure, with several famous voyages being recorded in history. Moreover, the ocean represents vastness, which is associated with generosity. So, if you're looking for a present, getting something from a nautical gifts and home décor shop may be just the right decision.

A Unique Gift is remembered

Wish to gift something that will become the talk of town? You can get something that represents the sea and travelling. Choose from a variety of nautical gifts from sites such as Premier Gifts and try to get something that has an antique touch it.
For instance, you could select a nautical compass in a brass case with a lid. It could be crafted in the 18th century style. This will not only represent travel and seafaring, but also have an old-world appeal. You may pick a compass crafted in the Victorian style or the Georgian style. Such items add to the elegance of any decor. There are compasses available that include a sundial. This could make a fascinating gifting idea that will be remembered for years to come.

From Sea to Space

The ocean as well as space depicts vastness. There is another connection between these two - both of them are associated with travel and even seafaring. Seafarers used the positioning of the stars in space for navigation - to determine the direction in which they need to travel. You could select a telescope on a stand for people who are fascinated by both water and space. You can be sure that the receiver will spend hours gazing at the stars and the moon and remain mesmerized with the gift for years. Such nautical presents are ideal for men and women. If a telescope is too large, you can opt for a pocket sextant. This historical instrument allows you to calculate the angle of the sun and stars. Such presents are great as decorative pieces, while also being intriguing to use by the recipient.

Other Ideas

Among the other ideas for nautical gifts are hourglass, calling bells, magnifying glass, signal flags (with flags of different countries on a string) and microscope. If it has a vintage touch and is from a reputed nautical gifts and home décor shop, you are sure to have won your friend over. Whatever you choose, ensure that you plan ahead. This gives you the time to check out different options and spot amazing deals on them. Don't forget to write out a message telling the person your thoughts behind choosing this unique gift.


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