Friday 7 November 2014


Hi lovelies! As many of you will already know, last month, I started a campaign called Bloggers Against Cancer, which you can check out here (there is also a page at the top of my blog where you can check out the full details of the campaign), as I think the Blogging community can really make a difference. A community as big as this one is powerful and if that power can be used for something as amazing as helping a cause as incredible as Cancer Research, then I think we should do so.

There's been a lot of support for the campaign so far, some very generous donations and lots of Shari on social media and I just wanted to do a quick post to say keep it up! Sharing the campIgn using the hashtag #BloggersAgainstCancer will help massively as it will help to spread awareness of he campaign, therefore bringing in even more donations, edging us one step closer to our £1000 goal every single day!

If each and every one of you reading this post donated just £2 and shared on your Facebook, twitter, insta grams etc, think how much of a difference that alone could make. Every single donation counts, no matter how big or small, every share counts, every time you let someone know about the campaign, we can make a difference bloggers, so let's show everyone what we can do!

Please share this post and the just giving page with your followers and even better if you'd like to write a blog post on the topic! I am also planning to do a #BloggersAgainstCancer fundraiser in the new year, so definitely share any ideas you have in the comments as I'd love to hear them! 

P.S. I am now selling small ad packages (details on my advertise page) for a donation of any amount to bloggers against cancer, so if this is something you're interested in, please get in touch on

Thank you! 


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