Sunday, 23 November 2014


Hi lovelies! With just over a month to go until Christmas, I thought it'd be the perfect time to get started with some little countdown to Christmas giveaways! Last year, I did a few mini giveaways leading up to Christmas and they went down really well, so I've decided that this year, I'm definitely going to do it again! This giveaway will run for a week, followed by another giveaway next Sunday, then the next Sunday and so on, until the final Sunday before Christmas (December 21st).

For this giveaway, I wanted to give something that I really love. I was sent this gift set from Lanolips and thought it would be perfect for a giveaway as I have both of the products myself and absolutely love them, so I thought I'd do a little mini review of them both to let you all know how fab they are! I've already reviewed the Lanolips lipbalm here. so I won't go on and on, if you don't want to read the full review though, all you need to know is that it is incredible. It's honestly the most moisturising lip balm I've ever used, an absolute necessity in the winter, it's all natural and healing for chapped lips, amazing! The hand cream is just as fab and also all natural and medical grade and is incredibly soothing on sore, dry hands - which is always great in the cold weather.

So, you probably all want me to cut to the chase, how do you enter? Well, as usual, it's as easy as filling out the Rafflecopter form below (I do check that all entries are legit, so no being sneaky!!) Good luck!

If you think there's someone in your life who would love this set as a Christmas gift, you can view it online here!

CLOSED - WINNER @xxLadyLuck13xx



  1. The Lanolips beauty products sound wonderful and I love the look of the tubes and the pretty box that they come in!

  2. I loved the Lanolips lipbalm and I would love to own it. if you need more Christmas Special offers for beauty treatment product please click here.


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