Thursday, 27 November 2014


Hi lovelies! Today, I thought I'd do a Christmas gift guide for the whole family! As we definitely all know, Christmas is an expensive time and while we all want to make it special for those we love, those prices can seriously add up! So, as this post is pretty self explanatory, I won't go on and on too much, I'll just get right into it! These are four ideas for filling a stocking for just about anyone for less than £20, enjoy!

For Him
Stocking - Wilkos - £3
Mug - Wilkos - £2
Air Freshener - River Island - £2
Jelly Beans - River Island - £1.50
Book - ASOS - £4.99
Socks - River Island - £3
Catapult - Dotcomgiftshop - £2.95

For Her
Stocking - Wilkos - £3
Wash Bag - Wilkos - £3
Rimmel Apocalips - Fragrance Direct - £1.99
Ciate Polish - Fragrance Direct - £1.99
Bow Hair Clip - New Look - £3.99
Socks - Topshop - £3.50
Smarties - Wilkos - £1

For Kids
Stocking - Wilkos - £2
Frozen Loom Bands - Wilkos - £1
Minion Pencil Toppers - Toys R Us - £2.49
Naughts and Crosses Game - Dotcomgiftshop - £3.95
Wind Up Toy - Dotcomgiftshop - £1.95
Pascal Toy - Disney Store - £7

For Pets
Stocking - Wilkos - £1
Gingerbread Man Toy - PetPlanet - £4.99
Bandana - PetPlanet - £2.99
Christmas Turkey Treats - PetPlanet - 99p
Dog Bowl - Jollyes - £4
Kong Toy - Wilkos - £4.49

What do you think? Will you be doing a Christmas Stocking for someone this year?



  1. Aww I loved this! Gave me some great wee ideas :-)

    Rachael x
    November Storms | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. This was such a cute idea for a post! I really love that you included a pup option too!

  3. These are absolutely perfect ideas! I may have to invest in a few to give to my family! <3 xx

  4. This was really helpful! I just wish there was a wilkos near me!
    Nixie x


  5. These are all so cute! I'm getting so excited for christmas seeing all of these posts! // UK Fashion Blog

  6. Aw love everything you have picked! your new dog is sooo cute, men are also so hard to buy for find everyone else easy.


  7. Nice Idea!! Glad you put something in for the pup too. What about a chicken coop for Christmas this year ?


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