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Looking at some Melbourne venues for your wedding and hoping to incorporate some traditions or unusual ideas from around the world?
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Every bride-to-be should have the wedding of her dreams, including a stunning wedding venue, a beautiful gown, and incorporating different worldwide traditions to make your wedding unique.

Unusual Wedding traditions around the World

No matter what your heritage is, you'll likely want to tie in some of your family and cultural traditions into your big day. To help you, this is how several countries celebrate weddings:
  • Indian wedding celebrations last for several days from the Engagement Ceremony, where the couple exchanges rings and the families meet. During the Mehendi Ceremony, the attendants decorate the bride's hands, wrists, arms, as well as her legs, and feet in her family home before the actual ceremony.
  • Japanese weddings traditionally take place in Shinto Shrines. The bride is dressed in all white to symbolize purity, from a white kimono to elaborate headpiece to painting her entire body white. Brides wear the white headpiece to symbolize obedience and to start their union together, they take a drink of sake together.
  • Families start planning for German weddings at birth. If a couple has a daughter, they plant many trees in her honor to sell near her wedding date and be used for her dowry. The actual wedding is in three parts, including a civil ceremony at city hall, a party, where dishes are broken to symbolize good luck, and the formal wedding with a flower girl as the lone attendant.
  • Cuban weddings focus more on the gown and the party, as Communist rule says it can't be religious. Brides often choose extravagant stunning gowns made of silk or satin with ruffles or lace. As the weddings gets pricy, any man that dances with the bride during reception, pins some money to her gown.
  • American weddings are probably the most flexible but they have some of their own traditions, including the wedding party speeches and toasts to the happy couple, as well as the groom removing the bride's garter and throwing it to the single men. Americans also emphasize the first kiss between man and wife, and clinking on glasses to make the couple again during the reception.

Unusual Weddings around the world

You’ve got everything set up including choosing the right Aussie venues, particularly Melbourne venues and now you want to do something traditional. Consider making the big day your own like one of these couples did:

  • Get married underwater in an aquarium like Kathryn O' Connor and James Oliver exchanged vows at an aquatic ceremony at the London Aquarium in 2011 and Fran Calvo and Monica Fraile did in 2012 at the Sea Life Aquarium in Spain.
  • Exchange vows and your first kiss as a married couple high in the sky. In 1998, Christof Galuschka and Evelyn Neew kissed in a hot-air balloon near Berlin, and more recently Prasit Rangsiyawong kissed his new wife Varuttaon in a hang glider in East Bangkok in Thailand.
  • Instead of merely exchanging vows on the beach, consider speaking vows right in a body of water. That's what Gerhard and Jan Piper did in the English Bay, after participating in the annual Polar Bear Swim in British Columbia.
As you begin planning your perfect wedding day and look at different Melbourne venues, think about what's most important to you. Do you want one with old world charm that's romantic or do you prefer decor that's more modern and contemporary? Select one that will meet your decor needs and treat you like the princess you are on your special day.

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