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According to history, the word bracelet was originally derived from the Greek word, "brachile," which translates to "of the arm." Bracelets have been around since 7,500 BC and Egyptian times. Since that time, they have been worn in religious or traditional ceremonies, as well as being given as gifts, to show affection and love.
In particular, diamond bracelets have become popular as they are typically set in quality metals like yellow or white gold or platinum. They also feature exquisite designs with diamond studs that will make any outfit look more elegant.
Throughout history, different Royals have worn famous bracelets designed by famous designers like Cartier or Bvlgari. Some of these include the Bvlgari Emerald Suite diamond and emerald bracelet that Elizabeth Taylor owned. It featured 13 square and rectangular cut sparkling emeralds, intermingled by square diamonds. The Royals also owned some interesting and famous bracelets, such as the Duchess of Windsor's Onyx and Diamond Panther bracelet by Cartier. It was custom made and looked real.
Alternatively, Queen Mary prefers a more classic look with a single strand of pearl bracelet, finished with 2 fancy diamonds as clasps. While you may not be able to find replicas of these famous bracelets, you'll find plenty of stunning diamond bracelets online at Kalmar Antiques.

Different kinds of diamond bracelets

Depending on what kind you prefer, diamond bracelets may be worn individually or worn together with a few different kinds. Some look best as your main diamond accessory, where others do well with stacking them or wearing some on the other wrist. Still, it’s your call as to how you want to wear your bracelets. Play around with one and the other and see which goes well with what. For sure, there will be pairs (or even more) which will look gorgeous when worn together.
  • Diamond Tennis Bracelets-Also referred to as diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets feature thin, stylish bracelet. They come in different settings, ranging from a classic everyday setting with three or four prongs or an elegant bezel pattern to designer tennis bracelets with two-tone metals and intricate designs. Tennis bracelets are flexible and therefore, the length can be adjusted by removing or adding links though most range from six and a half to eight inches. The tennis bracelet changed names from the line bracelet in 1987 when tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open match. The clasp broke, and she stopped the match until it had been relocated.
  • Diamond Bangles-Bangles literally slip on your wrist and are meant to be worn loosely. Some, known as the incomplete bangle, feature a small opening on the underside of your wrist so you can slip on sideways instead. As these can't be adjusted select one that fits comfortably. The most common size is around seven inches. In addition, bangles vary in thickness--some are very thin and you may opt to layer several together, while others are thicker. These work well to compliment your everyday attire, and the diamonds cover the entire width of the band, showing plenty of sparkle.
  • Diamond and Gemstone Bracelets- These bracelets allow you to choose from many different styles, including exquisite vintage or designer diamond bracelets that add extra details. Supplementing a tennis bracelet with alternating colorful gemstones that add sparkle and pop of color to accessorize your apparel.
  • Diamond Charm Bracelets- The bracelet is comprised of metal links, such as white gold or platinum. Each charm is attached to a link around the circumference of the bracelet. Some charms have a family history or symbolism of a name, while other charms are presented for different milestones like 16th birthdays, graduation, or marriage. The charm may be completely created out of diamonds or the diamond may be a focal point like the center of a flower or the inside of a heart.

How to Accessorize with Diamond Bracelets

Now that you own a gorgeous tennis bracelet, you actually want to wear it, instead of having it sit in your jewellery box forever. If it's a designer one and fancier, it's best to wear it with formal wear to black-tie weddings or the theatre or movie premieres. You can pair your bracelet with simple diamond studs so it doesn't overpower the look and consider wearing an elegant diamond pendant. If you choose to wear more than one bracelet, feature your diamond tennis bracelet on one wrist and a few simple sterling silver or gold bangles on the other. Your opponents will get knocked out with your stunning collection and won’t be able to concentrate on the tennis balls.

Purchasing Diamond Bracelets

Are you in the market for a new diamond bracelet? Whether it's a vintage or antique one or a more contemporary style, in Sydney, you can purchase jewellery locally or buy jewellery online from Kalmar Antiques. They offer a variety of options, including an antique diamond and sapphire bracelet from the Edwardian era. Consisting of over 150 diamonds and weighing more than six carats, this piece is exquisite. They also carry an antique diamond and pearl bracelet, hand crafted out of platinum and yellow gold with fine intricate designs, consisting of 95 rose-shaped diamonds and multiple pearls.
If you prefer a more modern style, the antique store also sells those too, including a white gold and diamond tennis bracelet, with a scroll work setting throughout the bracelet. With over 100 diamonds, your wrist is sure to sparkle. And your friends will surely look with curiosity and envy.

No matter what type of diamond bracelet you're looking for, you'll find an extensive selection online, if you just look at the right places.


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