Tuesday 2 December 2014


Hi lovelies! Puppies aside, I've always had a few OTT wishes at Christmas as this year is no different. There is no way I'd actually ask for/ get any of these, particularly as this year I actually have got a puppy for Christmas! But I thought I'd share a few things that I've been drooling over this year! The Chanel watch from Pragnell is just gorgeous, I'd absolutely treasure something like this, provided I was brave enough to actually wear it! I think the silver and rose gold together just look lovely and as I don't have a silver watch, I'd love one similar to this, if not this exact one! I'm sure every blogger out there will agree with me on the Charlotte Tilbury set, how beautiful is this?? This is over £200 in Selfridges, which is a bit much for makeup, but we can dream right?

Two things a luxury wishlist couldn't be without are a Mulbs and a pair of Louboutins and this Willow Tote and the Bianca Patent pumps are just incredible. I genuinely feel like my wardrobe would be forever complete with these in it. I can honestly say owning a Mulberry Bag and a Pair of Loubs is a life goal of mine!

What do you think? What's on your luxury wishlist?



  1. The Charlotte Tilbury gift set is beyond stunning!


  2. Awesome collection. Every item is just superb.
    But that wrist watch is my favorite.
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