Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Hi lovelies! Welcome to my final post of 2014! And what better final post than a haul from the post Christmas sales? So, I did that thing we all do after Christmas, we don't need to do it, we all regret it come January, but it's fun so we do it anyway. I went sale shopping. I understand that the last thing we all need after Christmas is more new stuff, but I just can't resist a bargain, so it happened and I'm not even sorry. So, I thought I'd share what I got with you all to maybe inspire you to go pick up a few bargains yourself before the shops get wiped out!

I'll start with these, as these weren't on sale, but they're from Primark, so they were mega cheap anyway, so it's cool. I absolutely could not resist these chihuahua pajamas for obvious reasons and when I saw that they were only £5, I won't lie, I was tempted to buy two sets. I didn't, as there's literally no logic to that whatsoever, but I did pick up this amazingly soft, cosy dressing gown, also from Primark for just £10! It's super thick and warm and has teddy bear ears on the hood, for £10, I think it's absolutely incredible, I might actually get another one of these, or at least another Primark dressing gown, as I like to wash mine often and don't like to be without one!

Staying on the bedtime theme, I also picked up this gorgeous super soft deer print throw from Primark for only £3.90. I love these and have had lots of them, but as my little Chi likes to steal these to sleep on (thanks Belle!), they do get grubby (and chewed) fairly quickly so I like to stock up and don't mind too much when they're as cheap as this! Browsing around in Dorothy Perkins, I spotted this adorable microwavable Unicorn down from £8 to £5 and I couldn't resist. I have a bit of a soft spot for all things Chihuahua or Unicorn themed right now, so this little cutie was definitely coming home with me. What shall I call her? Leave a name suggestion in the comments for me!

This beautiful bra was only £3 in Primark, which is just amazing. I think it looks so much more expensive than it is and similar bras in lingerie stores would easily cost you £20 plus, so for less than £5, I was seriously impressed by this. I'd definitely recommend looking in Primark if you're after some new undies, as they're mega cheap in the sale - provided you can find your size!

This Skinny Dip iPad mini case was another gorgeous bargain at just £10 from Dorothy Perkins. I'm forever changing my iPad case, but my favourite kinds are always the flip cases as they protect it while I'm carting it around in my handbag. Skinny Dip just do the most gorgeous cases and this is actually my second one. I used my first until it was literally falling to bits and I have no doubt this beauty will be the same. I think the silver with the pastel gems is just beautiful and it feels really sturdy so I know my iPad is safe.

I didn't find too many things in the clothing sales, but I did find this cute oversized jumper for £5 from Primark and cute tartan bodycon skirt for £9 from New Look. I love the jumper as it was be worn as a simple, cosy piece but I also wore it the other day with a big statement necklace to go out for a meal with friends and it looked fab dressed up too. I don't need to tell you why the skirt is amazing, Clueless anyone?

I was seriously chuffed with this find from Wilkos, it contains four miniature John Frieda Sheer Blonde products, a Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Spray and a sachet of Intensive Conditioner all for just £2.50!! Honestly I don't know why I didn't pick up more of these and if my local Wilkos has more when I next go back, I definitely will be picking up some more. I think they had these for Brunettes as well as the Frizz Ease range so it's worth checking your local store to see if they have one suited to your hair.

Finally, how could I not pick up a Soap and Glory set? I love the Sugar Crush range so this set was just perfect. As this was originally £18, it was only £9 in the 50% off sale and considering the Body Butter in here alone is worth £10.50, that's a pretty bloody fantastic deal! Again, sort of wishing I'd picked up another of these, but I have so many body lotions, shower gels and scrubs that I definitely don't need to buy more, but who could resist such a steal? If there are any of these sets left in your Boots, you should definitely grab it while you can.

Hope you enjoyed! What have you picked up in the sales?



  1. Love the PJs and cute teddy!

  2. Absolutely adore that tartan skirt! I love cosy dressing gowns so might have to visit primark soon. Such good bargains! Especially the soap and glory set!!

    Emma xx

  3. Oh you got some lovely things in the sales. Love that throw and the skirt. Gorgeous.
    Happy New Year!!

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  4. I love the microwavable heat bags, they are great for pamper nights :D

    Alice x

  5. All these things look lovely! I especially love that iPad case and tartan skirt! :)

    Millie x | Millies Wardrobe

  6. The chihuahua pajamas, deer print throw and the unicorn on it are all super cute and that bra is gorgeous. The iPad case and jumper are both pretty and I'm sure you'll look fabulous styling that New Look tartan bodycon skirt in some OOTDs. The hair products, soaps, body butter and wash in the Soap and Glory set all look like great bargains as well. You got some nice bargains on your Fbloggers Lbloggers Bbloggers haul!

  7. I do actually like Primark underwear, they do some lovely sets which are more than afforable and look & feel great! x


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