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Hi lovelies! One thing I've never really done, or attempted and failed to do on my blog, is a monthly favourites post. This is purely because I have so many products and some months, I try so many different ones, that it's often difficult to choose a favourite. Other times, I'll stick to the same products for a longer period of time, then don't have enough different products to show you. So, today I'm going to be sharing my top 14 products of 2014. These aren't necessarily my newest products, or products I've used forever and ever, but rather products that stood out to me in 2014 alone, or ones that I discovered in 2014 and used over and over again throughout the month. So, let's get right into it!

Starting with body are type things, I have five things that I used over and over this year. First up is my beloved Cocoa brown tan, I was actually sent my first bottle of this as a PR sample and I must admit, I was skeptical, I'd only ever seen this tan before on a stand in my local Primark, so I must admit, I didn't have high hopes. Without looking at any reviews, I just took the plunge and used it one day on a whim and wow. I probably don't even need to tell you how fab this is as it's now a blogger favourite, but it genuinely is the loveliest, easy to use fake tan mousse I've ever used. It goes a stunning golden brown without a hint of orange and really does work in an hour. I sometimes apply this in the mornings an hour or two before I shower if I want a light tan, or in the evening to be showered off in the morning for a deeper colour. If you haven't tried this, I'd thoroughly recommend it as it's so inexpensive and works incredibly! 
The body lotion I've chosen is just a representation of all Victoria's Secret body lotions which were my absolute favourites for 2014. I've gone through countless bottles of it and still have several to get through as I always buy them on the 5 for £30 deal! I love these as they're perfect for use in the morning when you don't always want to use a thick body butter, as they sink in super fast and as an extra bonus, they all smell incredible and are even better when paired with the matching perfume or body spray.
Sticking with Victoria's Secret, the first of two favourite scents for 2014, this was my go to scent all summer 'Bombshell Forever', this is another version of their fragrance 'Bombshell' which is my signature scent! It was nice to use something a little different though, as this is reminiscent of the original, but is a little fruitier, perfect for summer.
I reviewed the Treacle Moon Shower gels a while ago and while I didn't use them through the whole of 2014, I certainly used them a lot! This is my third bottle of the stuff and they're very big bottles! For the price they are you really can't go wrong and while a shower gel may seem like a dull product to have in a yearly favourites, go to Tesco, give one of these a sniff and you'll understand.
The second of my two favourite perfumes of the year is Vera Wang princess. This one was my winter scent earlier in the year and I've been loving it again now it's colder. This is actually one I can't always wear in the summer as it settles down to a powdery cocoa type scent on me, which can be a bit much in the summer, but is lovely and soft in the winter. The reason I loved this so much is because it's probably the longest lasting perfume I've ever had, this honestly lasts all day on my skin, hair and clothes and I received so many compliments on it while I wore it.

Onto the face! As I said in my Beauty and Blogging resolutions post, I've not always been great at sticking to a skincare routine. I did however absolutely love these nose pore strips last year. I still buy them now and will do whenever I need to, but I just seriously love these. They can be a little controversial in the beauty world, but provided you properly cleanse and tone with them, you're fine and they really do work! It's kind of gross, but it's good to know you've got a nice clean and clear nose after use!!
You'll probably have noticed that I harped on about Benefit a lot in 2014. 2014 was the year of make up for me. I finally discovered my holy grail products, almost all of which were Benefit. It may not be for everyone but it is certainly a brand that works for me. Three favourites of mine were the Most Glamorous Nudes Ever palette, as the shadows were buttery soft and super pigmented and the cream shadows glide on and keep the powders in place all day, the PoreFessional primer, as it makes my skin look super smooth and flawless and keeps my foundation from budging for hours and finally,  cult favourite, They're Real Mascara. Never have I ever had so many questions about my mascara in my life. I constantly have people ask if I'm wearing lash extensions and I literally have to tell them no, they're real! 
I suffer badly with dry, sore lips at times, particularly in the colder weather, or if it's particularly hot and they get burnt. Lanolips has been my absolute life saver this year, the banana balm was my particular favourite purely as I love that artificial banana smell. Any lanolips balm is good though and I'd definitely recommend them if you suffer badly with sore lips.
Finally, I have secured my everyday go to lipstick and that is MAC's Pure Zen. I'm not sure when I first tried this, I just know that my first one was a present from my boyfriend Darren, (he actually chose it all by himself!) and this year I've gone through four of these! It's a gorgeous pinky nude colour, absolutely perfect for everyday and goes with every single makeup look - absolutely fool proof.

Finally, I have three haircare favourites for 2014. First up is my John Frieda Gleam Cream, this is just a leave in cream that smoothies flyaways an adds shine to your hair, which is always good for blondes, as fellow blondes will know, shiny blonde hair is not always easy to achieve! This makes my hair feel super soft and lovely after use and I just love it! I can't always find this is superdrug or boots so when I do I always make sure to snap it up.
A cheap and cheerful one, this Argan Oil heat defence spray is just £1 in Savers! I'm not sure if Savers is a shop they have all over the UK but there's definitely lots in Herts and Essex! This is amazing as it makes my hair feel nourished and soft and definitely protects it from the heat of the hair dryer, straighteners etc. I'm not sure how much actual Argan oil is really in this product, but it works well and only sets me back a mere £1 so I'm not complaining!
Finally, Batiste, how I love you. One of my resolutions for 2014 was to stop washing my hair every day and for the most part, I was pretty good at it. However I could never have stuck it out without the help of my trusty Batiste. My favourite for 2014 was this floral one as I think it smells lovely and fresh and just very clean, which is exactly what you want your hair to look feel and smell like! My hair doesn't always need washing every day or even every other day now, so with this I can sometimes stretch it out an extra day, which has done my hair a world of good, so I'm definitely going to be relying on my dry shampoo for 2015 too.

So, that's it! My best of the best beauty picks for 2014. 
What do you think? What were some of your favourite products last year? 



  1. I love Batiste can't live with out it! and I'm a blondie too so definitely going to have to try the John Frieda cream that looks right up my street! xxx


  2. Nice picks! I like Benefit Porefessional too! Infact this reminds me I need to buy some more.

    Kimberley x | Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  3. I loved Benefit's Porefessional, Most Glamorous Nudes and They're Real as well! They're definitely having a moment as a brand xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

  4. I adore Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan, one of the best finds I made last year. I also love Vera Wang perfumes, I have 3 of them :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. I know I was late on the bandwagon with Princess, but it was one of my best scent finds last year!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I love this time of year for the 2024 favourites posts! The argon oil range I so good for my hair it's unreal what a difference it has made :) Would anyone mind giving me some feedback on my blog? I'm trying to find my feet in the world of blogger so it would be really great xx

  7. Loving the pink theme in the first photo! :) I love the VS fragrance mists, but I've not tried the body lotions yet. Treacle Moon shower gels are great, too; my favourite is the cream soda one! xxx


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