Thursday 1 January 2015


Hi lovelies! Happy New Year! Honestly, I'm not one for the whole 'New Year, New Me' thing, as I think if you really want to change that bad, you don't need a New Year to do that. However, I do like to think of the New Year as a new start. Everything's so up in the air at Christmas, we're off work for a while (if you're lucky!), the house is often disorganised after getting lots of lovely new things (if we're lucky!!) and come January 1st, it often feels like a good time to start getting yourself sorted. So, rather than go all deep and make lots of resolutions about changing my life (though 2015 is looking to be one hell of a year so watch this space!), I thought I'd do 5 manageable resolutions based around the two things I know best, Blogging and Beauty! Being a blogger and beauty therapist, I figured these resolutions are all very doable, so no excuses! So, let's get into it shall we?

Use up Products before buying new ones.
I am terrible for this. This Christmas, I received loads of new bath and body products, make up, skincare etc, then bought more in the sale and that on top of the collection I haven't already used, it's getting slightly ridiculous! Don't get me wrong, I love receiving these things as presents and I love buying them myself, but as it's a new year and I've decided I'm going to get as organised as possible, I'm going to use up as many as possible before repurchasing others. Obviously this doesn't count for new releases.. products I really want to try... okay, I'm probably going to buy new bits every now and then, but I've decided to hold off on buying anything new until I have at least 5 empties in my empty products box. This won't include things I need to replace, but anything I have more than one of, aka body butters, perfumes.. cannot  be bought until I have five empty products. To help me stick to this, I am hoping to do monthly empties posts this year, collecting all my empty products and reviewing them at the end of each month. This obviously depends on how many products I use up, but I guess only time will tell how well I do with this!

Write Blog Posts in advance,
As much as I love blogging in the moment, then posting right away, this just isn't always possible. So, on my days off, or where I just have a bit of spare time, I'm going to start photographing and writing posts to be saved in advance and posted when I need them. I like to read blogs that are updated regularly, so I want my blog to be the kind of blog that I like to read.

Stick to a good skincare routine.
To be honest, my skin is on the whole, pretty good and to be even more honest, I think I take advantage of that a bit too much. Being a beauty therapist, I know the importance of a good skincare routine, but don't always practise what I preach. So, this year, things are going to be different! I actually started this around Christmas time, properly double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturising etc and I've already noticed the difference in my skin. I've found that my make up sits better, my skin tone is more even (the one thing I struggle with is redness in the winter!) and my skin is a lot more normal than combination now! I've always taken my make up off at night and cleansed, but I'm not always the best at doing the full routine, so I'm determined to keep this up.

Throw out old Make up.
Generally I'm not too bad for this, but the one thing I definitely want to start doing is replacing things like mascara and eyeliner slightly more often, as I've been known to keep mascaras far longer than I should do! I also tend to hang onto products that I don't (and won't) use such as lipsticks that don't suit me, or foundations in the wrong shade, when I really could pass them onto friends and family, or even stick them in a blog sale rather than letting them sit in a drawer for goodness knows how long!

Follow and Comment on more blogs.
I already follow lots of lovely blogs, but I'm determined to find out about more, particularly fairly new blogs, through the blog chats every week. I also want to start to comment on more blogs, as I adore reading all the lovely comments on my posts, so I want to give that same feeling to others! I read a lot of blog posts, but don't always stop to comment, however this year, I'm determined to start doing just that. 

So that's it! My 5 Beauty and Blogging resolutions for 2015! Do you have any New Years resolutions? What are they?

Let me know!

P.S. If you want to help me towards another goal for the New Year, I'm taking part in the Dryathalon to raise money for Cancer Research and #BloggersAgainstCancer, you can click here to donate to #BloggersAgainstCancer - also tweet about the cause or share on your blog to raise awareness! Check out the page with full info here.



  1. All five of your resolutions are good ones.
    Unfortunately I myself have failed miserably at three out of five of those in the past. The ones I've failed at: I don't use old products before buying new ones; Skincare routine? Me? pffft. No wonder I'm looking like a fossil; Throw out old makeup? Me? I don't tthink I've ever thrown out the old ones (I still have some glitter eyeshadow from the year 1980 - including Stagelight glitter eyeshadow in peacock blue. Why do I get sentimental about old makeup? It's probably become toxic by now.
    Two of your resolutions I've made steps toward: pre-writing posts a little at a time; and following and commenting on more blogs (including your).
    Best of luck with your New Years Resolutions. They are all excellent ones.
    Have a healthy, happy and fashion-tastically beautiful year 2015!

  2. I wish you all the best of luck in 2015!
    A Skincare routine is a definite need with me right now, got so many lovely Skincare bits for Christmas but I now just need to put them to good use!
    Estelle -

  3. Im working on writing blog posts in advance too it makes life much easier!

  4. Lovely post Chloe :) I need to do all of these things too, particularly the not buying products until I've used some! My beauty collection is overflowing - I really don't need to buy more! I also want to comment on every post I ready from now on :) people don't comment on blogs enough these days! Xx.

  5. I need to do all these things - mainly buying no new things - beauty wise only - and I need to buy new clothes. Agree with the writing comments too. Not enough do it as Kayleigh said above :)

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  6. Definitely doable hun :) good luck with completing them all! One I really need to do is schedule in advance. It's so hard to keep on top of everything! xo

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  7. I may have to join you in bulk writing posts in advance. Would definitely help me balance working on assignments and my blog.

    Elesaurus | Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  8. I definitely need to write posts for later. With how busy college can be, it's definitely hard to run both my life and a blog. Also I just threw out my old makeup products, haha!

    Peace and love,

  9. Love reading your resolutions, it's like a wake up call for me too..
    My resolutions in 2015 are to be more humble and grateful each day, also to stop procrastinating because it is my worst habit that I couldn't get out of lol. I want to be able to manage time wisely and take blogging/vlogging more serious this year :)
    Anyways, Happy NewYear !!!!!!!


  10. I really need to do all of these things aswell, Writing blogs posts in advance will be hard for me.

    Nixie x

    Nixie - Pixie | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle

  11. I definitely need to start using products up before purchasing new ones! I've been writing, doing photographing and scheduling posts for the last month or so and it's made my life so much easier! Taking a day to sit and work at my posts really helps keep my blog updated and looking/feeling loved even when I'm off at work or doing other things :) x

  12. Writing blog posts in advance is something I NEED to start doing. I just find it hard to get outfit photos way in advance aha! Good luck with your aims!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  13. Use up products before buying new ones... That is my resolution for every single day....but it doesn't always work... oops!

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty Blog ~

  14. I need to use up products before I buy new ones too! And chuck out old products. These are all good resolutions :) Happy New Year!



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