Monday 5 January 2015


Hi lovelies! Today, I have another review for you all and just for a change (ahem..), it's a Benefit product! This is the Sugarlicious kit, which I did get for Christmas, but it is available all year round. To start off, this kit is fab value, particularly for those who haven't tried the products inside before, or if you want a few products in one handy kit for travelling. This retails at £25.50 (and can sometimes be gotten even cheaper with feel unique, look fantastic and ASOS discount codes!) and contains deluxe miniatures of the Sugarbomb blush and lipgloss and Highbeam and Benetint. 

I love these little Benefit kits and have a lot of different ones myself, but is was my first lip and cheek kit, so I was excited to give the gloss a go, as I've never tried one of the Benefit 'Box O Powder' glosses (the glosses that have a corresponding blush or bronzer!). Not generally being a lipgloss girl myself, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Sugarbomb gloss. It's a slightly darker colour than I generally go for, but looks gorgeous over a nude lipstick. It glides on smoothly and evenly and isn't the slightest bit sticky, which is a massive plus point for me. Depsite not generally being a lipgloss wearer, this have definitely made me want to try more glosses from the range, I think Dandelion is next on my list! 

If you use Benefit blushes yourself, I won't need to tell you how amazing they are. I have loved every single Benefit Box O Powder I've tried and Sugarbomb is up there with my absolute favourites. As you can see from the photos, it contains four different warm toned pink and coral shades which all mix together to create the most stunning peachy pink colour with gold shimmer running through. This gives my cheeks a gorgeous healthy looking glowy colour and the shimmer is just beautiful. It catches the light and gives a candle lit glow without being too glitterball like on your face.

I've spoken before about Benetint in previous posts, but if you didn't catch that, I'll go over it again! Benetint is a bit of a love hate product for many people. Lots of people love it, lots of people don't. I however am definitely in the former group and think that when you get used to using Benetint, it is an absolute dream. Just a tiny amount blended over the cheeks gives a pretty flush of colour to your cheeks and worn under blush, it helps your colour last all day long. I don't generally use Benetint on. Y lips, as I prefer a stronger colour if I'm going for red, but I would recommend this for those who like their red lip to be a little more subtle. Once I have applied Benetint and the Sugarbomb blush, I dab a tiny amount of Highbeam to my cheekbones, just for a little bit of extra shimmer - I do love my highlighters as you can tell! This can be worn lightly or built up to suit the look you're going for. I think this is a fab product, as it gives a pretty pearlescent glow to your face without being overly shimmery. Sometimes I add a little Highbeam to my foundation if I want a more dewy look and it works beautifully. 

I think one of these little sets would be perfect for you both if you already love Benefit like me and want to try some more products, or if you're completely new to the brand and don't really know where to start. Every single thing in this kit is incredible quality and while it is miniature, the products are all very good sizes and will last a long time, particularly if you're anything like me and have a huge make-up collection to go through already!!

What do you think? Have you tried any Benefit products recently? What's your favourite?



  1. I love these little benefit kits, its a great way of trying out new products. Sugar bomb is one of my favourite blushes and I haven't tried any of their lip glosses before so this kit is right up my street.


  2. These kits are very cute but I just don't like the Benefit brand. It doesn't wow me. Maybe some day something will change my mind.

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s |

  3. I have a few of these kits and they are so nice for trying out Benefit's products to see if you want to buy any full size, shame the full sizes are so expensive though :( x

  4. I love the benefit minis :) I like the mixture of colours in the blusher

    Emma xx

  5. I saw this at Benefit and thought it was a cool kit to pick up. I might have a look again and put it in my basket next time.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. These kits are really good to receive as presents. They're a great way to try out some products without buying the full size x

  7. This would be so good for travelling, I've tried all the products in this and they're really lovely! xx


  8. I love the ideas of these kits but I definitely think they're overpriced. I bought the Rockitude one in late August/early September after going into Boots just to buy the Rockateur blush and was persuaded by the sales assistant to buy this instead. I don't use the Benetint and I very rarely use High Beam since I prefer the Glow cream highlight from Topshop so I'd have rather forked out for the full size blush. I do really like the lipgloss but I don't really wear lipgloss so I'd have never bought it separately myself. And the brush just isn't good. I can understand giving them to people who don't really 'know' or own makeup but I don't find them useful. And it's a shame because I do like a lot of Benefit products.

  9. I dunno if it counts but some time ago I used a lipstick of friend of mine and it was so nice!
    It's such long-lasting product! Totally loved it! I'm thinking about getting one... (emoji with monkey hiding it eyes)

  10. What a gorgeous little set! Benefit always come out with lovely ones!
    Just came across your blog and followed, i love your posts!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  11. I was wondering whether or not to get the high beam - thanks for the review :)

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture


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