Sunday 8 March 2015


Hi lovelies! Lately, I've been drooling over looking at lots of sites like Simon Wright Jewellery at very special pieces of jewellery, as my 21st Birthday is coming up and I'm still unsure of exactly what I want to ask for. One thing I was thinking of asking for was a piece of diamond jewellery. These exact pieces may be a bit of a dream due to the price tag, but a girl can dream right?

I absolutely love these simple Diamond Stud Earrings, I don't really do big earrings so simple studs like this are just perfect for me. I always wear little fairly plain studs so that they go with everything I wear, but these would just be that little bit more special than usual!This Solitaire Diamond Necklace is another super simple piece and I think it's beautiful. Again, this something you could wear every single day and it would just go with everything. 

This Diamond Line Bracelet seriously reminds me of something one of the 'Upper East Siders' would wear on Gossip Girl. It's like a super fancy version of those little stretchy crystal bracelets that were so cool in the naughties (who remembers?!), I'd literally never want to take this off if I owned it!! Finally, I am obsessed with this Halo Engagement Ring - no I'm not getting engaged and I'm aware that there's absolutely no need for me to have this, but how beautiful is it? For me, I actually wear more rose gold, so if I were to get engaged, I'd want a rose gold ring, but wouldn't it be fab to have a diamond right for no reason? 

What do you think? Do you dream of diamond jewellery like I do?


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