Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hi lovelies! The wonderful people at PetPlan got in touch with me recently to inform me of their #MyJobYourJob campaign, which is adorable campaign all about your pet's job/ role in your household, all to raise awareness about responsible Pet Ownership. Getting Pet Insurance is hugely important as owning a pet can be very expensive if they get ill or injured, or need surgery and paying a small amount every month is definitely worth the peace of mind knowing your little cutie is covered in my opinion!

So, onto the Competition, Pet lovers, get excited! All you have to do, is tell me in the comments below what Belle is up to in the photo above. Provide a caption for the photo, giving Belle a 'role' or 'job' and my favourite caption/ job idea for Belle will win a £100 PetsPyjamas voucher! That's a lot of lovely pressies for your little darling! Pets Pyjamas has items for Dogs and Cats as well as Dog/ Cat Lovers Gifts for Humans - so if you're a pet lover without a pet, you can still enter!

Leave a comment below with your caption and either email address or twitter username so I can contact you if you win!

Good luck!



  1. Belle looks like a little puppy model, what a cutie <3 I think her role is to be cuddly and to make you laugh with her little antics xx


  2. "No honey, too much blush and not enough lip."

  3. Her job is a beauty blogger & make up advisor and she's saying "I promise, it all just fell into my basket, I had no choice" haha.
    She's so adorable by the way! Xxx

  4. Her face is gorgeous! She is saying 'you are pretty but I am beautiful!'

  5. She's clearly a makeup lover who was rifling through your stash while you were out and has been caught red handed! ;)



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