Wednesday, 22 April 2015


While to anyone else your nails are a subtle detail, to us fashionistas it can make or break an

outfit. We’ve gathered the five best nail trends that we can’t wait to wear this spring and


Negative Space Manis

Negative space manis are all the rage. This is when you leave space on your nail so you can

see nail underneath. It sounds like it might be hard to pull off, but in fact it’s easy as pie – it’s

all about deciding on the design!  Whether you go for something classy, like a lattice effect in

off-white or a half moon mani, or something playful and fun in bright colours, you must have

a go.


If you like to stick to the classics, then the nude nail is for you. Shades like dusky pink, taupe

and greys are sophisticated and understated. If you like the idea of a nude nail but it’s just

missing something for you, then you can upgrade it without losing the element of class. Add

a glitter polish on your ring finger, or an ombre effect in another shade.

Stripy Nails

Stripy nails are the epitome of fun. Choose two or three colours and some striping tape (and a

bit of practice) and you’re there. For summer, try stripes in blue for a nautical feel – you

could go in for a bit of playful nail art and add an anchor or a fish on one nail.

Go for one stripe in gold on white for a uber chic look.

Matte Nails

Matte texture is a trend that has slowly crept into the limelight, and it has lots of possibilities.

It looks rich, velvety and luxurious, whatever colour you choose. Pair a matte black with a

touch of silver for a cool, collected look, or match with a high shine gloss top coat, and create

designs on a matte base. Alternatively, create an ombre effect with another matte shade for

something really alluring.

Summery Colours

It wouldn’t be summer without a burst of colour, so I’m giving you permission to embrace all

the summer colours you can. Take a look at the Fun in the Sun collection from Attitude. All

the colours are inspired by summer, such as Summer Romance, Tranquil Waters and

Raspberry Sorbet. You’ll feel summery every time you catch a glimpse of your fingers – even

if the British summer doesn’t quite do what it’s supposed to (and it never does!)


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