Friday, 17 April 2015


5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Better
Your bedroom is supposed to be a haven. The place where you recoup, recover and start the day afresh, whether that’s alone or with someone else. It should also be a place to express your style. So think about how hard it’s working for you, and take a look at these five ideas to make it better.
Get Rid of Your Bedside Table/s
It’s standard to have two bedside tables. They give your room symmetry and storage, etc. However, do you actually use them? Or are they just another place to harbour clutter and stuff you don’t need? Think about whether you would be better off with a small shelf or even just a wall mounted lamp. If you have them just for appearances sake, then you’re probably just making the room feel smaller.
Move Your Bed
How hard did you consider the placement of your bed in your bedroom? The ‘designy’ answer to where your bed should go is the opposite wall to the door. This is so that when you walk in, the bulkiest piece of furniture is visually the furthest away, expanding the space. However, moving your bed might not work for you, so you could consider getting a slighter smaller, or larger, bed to give yourself more placement options.
What’s The First Thing You See When You Wake Up?
This is something that almost no one considers, but it could make a difference to your day. The saying “got up on the wrong side of the bed” doesn’t count for nothing, you know. Lie down on your bed the way you normally sleep and look at what you can see. Is it laundry that needs doing? Or is it your favourite piece of art work? See what I mean? If you’re confronted with something good when you wake up, it could make your whole day better, let alone your bedroom.
Simplify the Space
Clear sleeping spaces mean clear sleep, so see if you can simplify your bedroom. Whether it’s getting rid of the laundry basket, or your bedside tables, as above, not only will the room feel less cluttered, it will be easier to clean, too. Move the things that you don’t actually need in your bedroom and you’ll find that your space is transformed.
Wardrobe Organisation
The wardrobe is a big part of your bedroom, so making sure that it is organised in a way that is working for you is really important. If you find yourself leaving clothes across your bedroom on a regular basis, then perhaps your wardrobe isn’t really doing the best it can. Take a long hard look at the way you’re organising your stuff and reconsider it so it works well for you.

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